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In the streets of Tokyo, the nightbreed walk as humans, preying on innocent lives and feasting on innocent blood. There is one man who would put a stop to this: Shido, the Night Walker, whose blood is made up of the very thing he aims to protect against: the nightbreed. Along with his co-worker Yayoi, a green fairy named Guni and a clever young secretary named Riho, Shido and his detective agency take cases that would be otherwise missed and forgotten, to seek out the nightbreed and send them from whence they came...

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sothis's avatar by sothis on Feb 6, 2005
Score: 5/10

NightWalker bears a striking resemblance to the Vampire Princess Miyu TV series, with only a few minor differences. First, there are more main characters in Night Walker. Second, NightWalker's arc sometimes end on a positive note, whereas Miyu's episodes almost entirely end in a depressing or solemn manner. Beyond that, however, the two are... read more

gekoladie's avatar by gekoladie on Apr 15, 2011
Score: 6/10

I initially watched this anime because it was about vampires. Then I caught onto the story line, and my inner yaoi fangirl squealed at all the hinted romantic history Shido and Cain, but I got very tired very quickly of Riho, who was very annoying. I didn't really like her character design either.   It's okay. Not a masterpiece, but I'd reccommend watching it if you like vampire anime. read more



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