Night Wizard

TV (13 eps)
2.969 out of 5 from 3,473 votes
Rank #3,158

All Renji Hiiragi wants to do is to go to school and life a normal life. However, because he is a wizard, he is forced by the elegant yet abusive protector of Earth, Anzelotte, into using his powers to fight against supernatural invaders called Emulators! Renji, along with his childhood friend Kureha and the serious Akari, are tasked with protecting Elis Shiho, who has been chosen to collect seven mystical jewels in order to protect the world against an imminent Emulator invasion. In the meantime, enemies act from the shadows in an effort to prevent them from succeeding. Can they strengthen themselves as a group enough to overcome the obstacles before them, so Renji can finally get back to his studies?

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cloudwolfe's avatar by cloudwolfe on Jun 1, 2010
Score: 7.5/10

In my opinion the anime was decent, not the best but not that bad either. I think it could've done better if they expanded more on the fight between the "emulators" and wizards.Story overall------The story was interesting when put to thought but lacked a bit in detail, as in it lacked the answers as to why the things were the way they were. For example, many of the characters had a lack of history or... read more

PlatapusSpasmAK47's avatar by PlatapusSpasmAK47 on Nov 22, 2009
Score: 2/10

Plot:I have forced myself to watch this anime, just so I could submit a review to tear this piece of crap apart. The plot, completely unoriginal. Mindless slashing, screaming, and shooting of demons basically sums up the entire plot. Even action junkies such as myself, will find the action sequences dull, cliche, and uninteresting. I think my IQ dropped 10 points after I finished this series.I generally watch... read more



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