Night Raid 1931

Alt title: Senkou no Night Raid

TV (13 eps)
2.982 of 5 from 1,672 votes
Rank #3,745

Amidst the turbulent political climate following WWI and the first Sino-Japanese war, the Japanese are taking a rapidly-increasing economic and political interest in the northern Chinese region of Manchuria. Japan and its Kwangtung Army wish to take over the region from China in order to safeguard their interests from the imposing Soviet Union and the spread of communism. The members of the Sakurai Kikan, a special intelligence agency among the ranks of the Kwangtung Army, must overcome film theft, foreign espionage, the spread of Pan- Asianism, and their most testing trial of all - the Manchurian Incident.

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AirCommodore's avatar
AirCommodore Dec 29, 2010
Score 4.5/10

Senkou no Night Raid relies on the ‘random stories in the first half, actual plot in the second’ formula, which, in my opinion, hardly ever works. The whiplash-inducing tonal shifts usually do their series a disservice, and this one is no exception. The beginning section wastes time on inane plot points, such as... read more

AtmagyaS's avatar
AtmagyaS Jun 2, 2015
Score 10/10

I think Night Raid is a great show for people who liked Cowboy bebop. The story of night raid is pre world war 2 and has many character side storied which follow the main story, the character can span 1-3 epsodes which allows the viewer to understand character better. Although the main sow is small in has many specials which allow the viwer to under the story and plot better. I personaly think the show is... read more

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