New Cutey Honey

Alt title: Shin Cutey Honey

OVA (8 eps)
2.68 of 5 from 428 votes
Rank #4,537

Cosplay City is in peril. With criminals running rampant, even normal folks have had to turn to crime to get by. A ‘hero' named Dolmeck has arrived to put a stop to these villains, but he's no hero - he's actually the Lord of Darkness himself! Only one woman can defy Dolmeck and finally bring peace to the city: Honey Kisaragi! A secretary by day, Honey is the keeper of tremendous powers that allow her to transform into Cutey Honey, the warrior of love! Sometimes a motorcycle prodigy, sometimes a warrior in white armor, and always a girl who's able to take down the bad guys with ease. With demons and foes at every turn, can Cutey Honey manage to succeed?

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RyomaGetter1's avatar
RyomaGetter1 Aug 25, 2015
Score 10/10

Fantastic Little sequel from the early 90s, the  closest to Go Nagai's sensibilities, or lack there of. An amazing love letter to the ecchi and ultra violence master, full of quotables. The animation is  just unbeliavble, the full frontal nude transformations, are crafted with love and hardons. The show is full of cameos of other Go Nagai characters, some genderbent, some straight up. A must... read more

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