Net Ghost PiPoPa

Alt title: Web Ghosts PiPoPa

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Yuta is a Japanese boy who hates modern day technology outside of the cell phone. When his mom gets hired at the Dreamland Japan headquarters, he is forced to move. Unbeknown to him is a hidden land called Web World, the land connecting all computers, phones, televisions, and more. Yuta receives a mysterious message on his phone. When he touches the message, he is sent inside his cell phone to the Web World where he meets Web Ghosts Pit, Pat, and Pot, more commonly called PiPoPa. Together Yuta must team up with these Net Ghosts and new friends to save the Web World from the web ghosts themselves and outside forces which wish to use it to take over the entire world.

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  • Welcome @ Web World! image

    Episode 1

    Welcome @ Web World!

  • Want to Go Home @ Can’t Go Home image

    Episode 2

    Want to Go Home @ Can’t Go Home

  • Let’s Go To School image

    Episode 3

    Let’s Go To School

  • Hikaru, Pudding, Grandfather image

    Episode 4

    Hikaru, Pudding, Grandfather

  • BiBoBa @ Appear image

    Episode 5

    BiBoBa @ Appear

  • Channel Wars image

    Episode 6

    Channel Wars

  • Inn @ Yukitani’s image

    Episode 7

    Inn @ Yukitani’s

  • Yuta @ Company Visit image

    Episode 8

    Yuta @ Company Visit

  • Go and Work @ Aizawa image

    Episode 9

    Go and Work @ Aizawa

  • Mamoru and Yuta image

    Episode 10

    Mamoru and Yuta

  • Operation! PiPoPa! image

    Episode 11

    Operation! PiPoPa!

  • Web Surfer Yuta image

    Episode 12

    Web Surfer Yuta

  • Hikaru! Web Dive? image

    Episode 13

    Hikaru! Web Dive?

  • Star Festival! Version Up?! image

    Episode 14

    Star Festival! Version Up?!

  • Web Ghosts Large Gathering! image

    Episode 15

    Web Ghosts Large Gathering!

  • Hikaru, Promise, Summer Vacation image

    Episode 16

    Hikaru, Promise, Summer Vacation

  • I Love Darling Ju image

    Episode 17

    I Love Darling Ju

  • Mamoru image

    Episode 18


  • Kazushige, Mid-Summer Dream image

    Episode 19

    Kazushige, Mid-Summer Dream

  • Lost! Lost! Lost! image

    Episode 20

    Lost! Lost! Lost!

  • Sweeper, Hikaru image

    Episode 21

    Sweeper, Hikaru

  • Kazushige and BiBoBa's Situation image

    Episode 22

    Kazushige and BiBoBa's Situation

  • Pu, Siren? image

    Episode 23

    Pu, Siren?

  • Pu! Pu! Pu! image

    Episode 24

    Pu! Pu! Pu!

  • PiPoPa, PiPoPaPu! image

    Episode 25

    PiPoPa, PiPoPaPu!

  • I Like Everyone image

    Episode 26

    I Like Everyone

  • Web Ghosts PiPoPaPu? image

    Episode 27

    Web Ghosts PiPoPaPu?

  • Sayaka, Transfer Student image

    Episode 28

    Sayaka, Transfer Student

  • Want To Be A Web Idol image

    Episode 29

    Want To Be A Web Idol

  • Slump, Poem, Dynagon image

    Episode 30

    Slump, Poem, Dynagon

  • Calculation, Bam, Pat! image

    Episode 31

    Calculation, Bam, Pat!

  • Hop, Stamp, Level Up! image

    Episode 32

    Hop, Stamp, Level Up!

  • Giga Panic! image

    Episode 33

    Giga Panic!

  • Travel, Trouble, Love Love image

    Episode 34

    Travel, Trouble, Love Love

  • I Am Not Wrong image

    Episode 35

    I Am Not Wrong

  • Web Venus image

    Episode 36

    Web Venus

  • Mamoru, Yuta image

    Episode 37

    Mamoru, Yuta

  • Yuta... image

    Episode 38


  • Program Siren image

    Episode 39

    Program Siren

  • Together, Forever image

    Episode 40

    Together, Forever

  • Can't See You, Want to Meet You image

    Episode 41

    Can't See You, Want to Meet You

  • Legend Orichalcum image

    Episode 42

    Legend Orichalcum

  • Web Detectives image

    Episode 43

    Web Detectives

  • Divine, Labyrinth! image

    Episode 44

    Divine, Labyrinth!

  • Valentine Date image

    Episode 45

    Valentine Date

  • Karin @ What a Mysterious Country image

    Episode 46

    Karin @ What a Mysterious Country

  • Babbling @ PiPoPa image

    Episode 47

    Babbling @ PiPoPa

  • The Last @ Piece image

    Episode 48

    The Last @ Piece

  • Adults @ Children image

    Episode 49

    Adults @ Children

  • @Save image

    Episode 50


  • To the Web World @ With You image

    Episode 51

    To the Web World @ With You

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