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Neon Genesis Evangelion

Alt titles: Evangelion

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4.195 out of 5 from 31,604 votes
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In the future, a devastating event known as Second Impact has destroyed Tokyo as we know it, giving rise to Tokyo III - a city under siege by mysterious lifeforms known only as Angels. Mankind's only line of defense are the Evangelions, a set man-made machines piloted by a trio of fourteen year-old teenagers, Rei, Shinji, and Asuka. The fate of Japan and the entire world now lie with these three children, though they might not have the power to save the most important thing of all: each other.

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Name Role
Yoshiyuki SADAMOTO Character Design
Hideaki ANNO Director
Yutaka SUGIYAMA Producer
Noriko KOBAYASHI Producer
Akiko ODAWARA Producer

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Ayato Kamina may seem like an average boy in a devastated world, but after being captured by TERRA, a military organization set on saving the world from the Mu, an alien race set on "tuning" the world, he realizes he is an instrument in deciding the fate of humanity and piloting RahXephon. Not only is Ayato the only person who can control the mecha, but he also has a terrible fate of his own. Holding onto memories of his old life and grasping to keep his own humanity, he must struggle in this new world and realize his true potential with RahXephon.

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Rahxephon, in terms of animation, music and most importantly the plot, is the closest anime series to  Evangelion. In fact, there are so many similarities that both series almost look like a copies of each other; both include a very nice style of animation for their time, an excellent plot and good music.

Alot of people call this an eva clone. While this isn't true it carries many similarities to evangelion but with it's very own and distinct flair. Some persosn says this Series si what Eva should have been. Other says it's a cloen that lacks eva's depth most like booth of them...
different storyline, but the big robots and battles are there
Some almost call it a "retelling" of Evangelion. Many think that this series is what everything Eva should have been.
If you like NGE, you'll like RahXephon. They are so similar it almost hurts the brain with enough differences to make it worth watching.
Probably the closest thing to Evangelion there is, but the characters aren't as whiney. All-in-all the series is VERY good. There are lots of big robots and strange alien things and revelations of the end of the world of course.
Huge mechas backed up by an excellent cast of characters and stunning artwork is how I would describe RahXephon, it's utterly stunning. A very loosley, similar based plot with Evangelion, using mecha to fight alien "invaders" although I felt that RahXephon took itself a lot more seriously and has a much better characterisation than Eva. But both series are a must watch.
You will find that both of these, while deemed mecha, have "robots" that are very organic both in design and in behaviour... behaviour you say? yes, and this really sets these two apart from a lot of the rest of this genre imho. If you liked ishitori from Rax, or the way unit 01 acts in NGE, then the other series will probably be rewarding for you in the same way
Huge robots and aliens trying to over take the world... a story left untold.... Just like Evangelion, RahXephon deals with a guy forced to become a pilot of a huge mysterious mecha. RahXephon deals with the same kind of problems and figths just like Evangelion. But this one is not as brain messed as Eva. This one has a really wonderful story and you will feel captured from the beginning to the end. You will love this one if you liked Evangelion.
RahXephon is usually mentioned as a lighter Evangelion. It has more development on the interaction with a core cast of characters more so then Evangelion. A great series that left me less confused and then Evangelion but no less of a great story.
Alot of people say that RahXephon is a Evangelion copy, in my opinion they are alot more different than other simmilar series out there. RahXephon's story is a bit more complex than NGE's, the episoeds are more interesting than the episodes of NGE but at a lager scale NGE wins. Alot of psycological stuff in both series.
Rahxephon and Eva both maintain a similar plot and where one contains an overabundance of Juddaic mythology the other replaces it with Sumerian.
Rahxephon is very similar to Evangelion, and in the beginning it might have been an evangelionclone, but it makes it better with animation and less whiney characters. Evangelion is a must-see for anime fans, and rahxephon is as good if not better. Go figure.
I'm one who loved Evangelion, so here is the next best thing : RahXephon. By many it is regarded as a clone of Evangelion (me included), you can't disregard that fact. Unstable main character, giant robots operated by chosen people, strange creatures attack human kind... it's in both of them, so go ahead already!
Very similar animes in terms of plot. The key differences between them are probably the more developed love story/stories in rahxephon and the differences in animation. Rahxephon is somewhat easier to understand, but both have very complicated plotlines full of unexpected twists and revelations. If you liked either of these animes for the winding plot or the semi-organic mech combat, you'll very likely enjoy the other.
Both are bellwether mecha shows. IMO, if you watch NGE first, you'll appreciate how well done RahXephon is. But I'd recommend watching both anyway.
These two series invite close comparison, since they both feature giant mecha fighting with neurotic teenage pilots and existential philosophy. Evangelion is one of the classic series that made anime popular in the US, and RahXephon is a newer release with high production values, including stunning music and gorgeous art.
The influences should be clear, but both are generally great and more complex takes on the basic giant robot genre. Great animation and directing, and some great ideas that you should definitely enjoy.
both are confuseing robot animes that you might find have hard to fallow plot themes.. mixed in with some kick ass fighting.
Although the end isn't as clear-cut as RahXephon's, you can tell that RahX was inspired from this series. It has many character and plot similarities, but with much less all-consuming angst.

If you liked Evangelion, you would like RahXephon because both have mecha and a very complicated, yet somewhat similar plot. Also, both emphasize a lot on character development, the psychology of the characters, and their relationships.


RahXephon is highly influenced by NGE, such as the mecha idea, similar characters, and even deja vu scenes. Now you may think RahXephon is a mindless Eva clone, but don't worry - it's not. It's brighter overall, with an important love theme. Though it isn't dark and psychedelic, like NGE, it has a very mysterious plot full of unknowns.


I will not refrain from saying that RahXephon did heavily borrow its inspiration from Neon Genesis Evangelion. They are both in a post apocalyptic setting where the future of the world is lying on a young boy's shoulder and both are in a way, also very beautifully done with interesting themes brought up and discussed as the story goes on.


Both Evangelion and RahXephon have similar storylines containing giant robots and an apocalyptic theme. Both contain a well drawn cast of characters. If you've watched one and enjoyed it, I highly suggest you watch the other.


Some say Rahxephon is and Eva clone, some say it's Eva done right. Either way, these two obviously have a whole lot in common. Mechs, foes they know almost nothing about, existential philosophy, corporate/governmental plots, and a young main character who has the world's future placed squarely on his shoulders. The list goes on. It's a bit quicker to list the few differences - Rahxphon doesn't really have the ecchi content Eva does, Ayato is a good bit more level-headed than Shinji, and Rahxephon uses a musical theme while Eva has its biblical allusions. If you liked either of these series, it should be worth your time to go watch the other.


Both anime are filled with giants, monsters, and robots which are controlled by teenagers who fight in them.  Both anime are aimed at thinkers, and climax at the end with THE robot (Unit 01 in Evangelion and RahXephon in well... RahXephon) in the first place.


If you liked watching NGE then you have to watch RahXephon (and vice versa) because they both are great anime with a lot of similarities in plot. And you must see both of them.


Using gamer terminology, these series have the same setting: huge anthropomorphic robots save the world (or try to destroy it, according to the point of view) with a little help of brave teenagers. The formula is completed by a mere alien per episode and a big boss in the end. As a set-off against Eva, RahXephon has a great love story. By all means, those who were excited about one series will enjoy watching the other.


RahXephon has a lot of the same characteristics that Evangelion has in plot line. The characters aren't nearly as well thought out in RahXephon. Whichever you see first, you'll feel as though the story line has been told to you before when watching the other. I personally recommend Evangelion far above the other however.


Both of these anime have a lot in common. In fact sometimes it's uncanny on how similar these two are. Emotionally unstable characters, giant Mechs, plot twists, and a lot of thinking required by the reader. Those are what make these anime great.Som if you like one, you are bound to enjoy the other.


Humanity's last hope lies in an angst up teenage boy. Both seem to revolve around this idea, but each seem to pull off an excelent story of their own. If you liked one, you'll enjoy the change of pace in the other.


Both series target a young protagonist. Although they are slightly different in character, they both go through a similar rite of age and grow up while bearing the epic apocalyptic conflicts the world experiences. Both involve a very exclusive organization and a quest to achieve salvation. It is important to note that they diverge greatly at one point in terms of atmosphere and theme. Also, BioMech combat is abundant though not the focus.


Both animes are about a guy who gets stuck piloting a robot they never wanted to in the first place. They both fight to protect what they love and both end up fighting against their parents. Both go through their own live experiences and live through extreem mind blowing events. They are both very similar almost like the same anime with different characters.


While RehXephon is considered a clone of NGE by many (I don't really think thats the case), it certainly contain great improvements. RahXephon's does make sense and not to mention the ending. Well, you can expect similar characters (most NGE characters have their counterparts here), mechas (not really mechas, but you know what I mean) and story, but the characters don't have f***ed up personalities like in NGE. One could write an essay on the subject, but I'll limit myself to the stuff mentioned above.

So, if you liked Evangelion, you could check out RahXephon, but if you didn't like NGE, then you definitely HAVE to watch RahXephon.


Both series are similar in many aspects. At first sight they are both about fighting against strange beings which appear on Earth, with the help of robotic humanoids..but if you try to think of it more, you find out that there are many philosophical questions in both series - about our existence, about human's emotions, about human's attitude to unknown..both series are very symbolic and therefore very difficult to understand..I am sure, that if you liked one, you would like the other.


NGE was certainly a hit when it first came to light and while the artistic aspect has unfortunately dated a bit, it still is a good series to watch. RahXephon while a lot newer than NGE breathes new animation and storyline into the Mecha series, creating a similiar although different story to NGE. Either way, if you like one of them, then you'll most certainly be able to sit through the other.


A clone/the predecessor? No, even though both series are somehow psychological, they are different: While NGE prefers an more open ending, RahXephon goes with closure. In the end, be sure to watch both or you missed something!


Both series are pretty similar, they're both about Mechs on a quest to save the world whilst being piloted by childish plebs. Whilst RahXephon focuses mainly on music and song, Evangelion is more centered around the human psyche. If you like one your bound to like the other.


Many people refer RahXephon as an Eva clone. It is true that they both have a lot of similarities but RahXephon takes its independance by its music and its poetry. There is a lot of phylosophy, a wonderful story, a lot of emotions. The plot is complex but a bit less confusing than NGE and makes it more understandable and enjoyable.

If you liked Evangelion, you will definately love RahXephon.


Both series feature teenaged powered giant robots in them fighting a mysterious alien force. They also raise many questions about why these battles are being fought and if they are right or wrong in doing so. I you liked either of these shows, I think you'll like this one too ;)


Quite frankly, RahXephon could be mistakenly subtitled 'A Neon Genesis Evangelion Tribute' and no one would question the statement's validity for a second.  There are some obvious parellels, perhaps even homages to NGE.  Both try to elevate the mecha series to something deeper than summer-action movie levels of depth, both sport pretty shocking style in doing so.  Ultimately, it is NGE that is more succesful in this endeavor, and far prior in doing so to boot, but RahXephon is still a good watch. 


RahXephon are very VERY simiar in terms of plot and also characters. I think that anyone who enjoys one would enjoy the other equally. I think the one of the only differences between the two is the influence is religion present in Evangelion


RahXephon contains everything good about the second half of Evangelion. Both contain beautiful art and music, and lovely character development. The symbolism makes you want to claw out your brain, but it's worth it. Though I found I was more emotionally invested in the characters from Evangelion than from RahXephon, I found RX to be a darker and sadder series (in a good way). If you enjoyed the thought-provoking nature of one, you'll definately enjoy the other.


The similarities are endless and there is also definitely some major differences biggest one of which being that the main theme of RahXephon is music and its power to change the world (tune the world). I think of RahXephon as being very similar to NGE (at least there seems to be slightly more similarities than differences) with a much less emo male lead and a watchable ending (more than watchable actually, compared to NGE's completely unwatchable and horrific last two episodes). RahXephon is what Evangelion should have been like. NGE has a lot more fans than RahXephon, although i can't possibly comprehend why aside from the fact that NGE came first.


On a more serious note, both stories are focused heavily on character development and feature plotlines that unravel slowly amid deep philosophical and psychological questions.  Most of the plot is muggy or doesn't make too much sense logically in each anime, but both are also driven by their characters and questions.  If you enjoy character development and good action, you'll certainly like the other. Oh, and both have ass-kicking giant robots that are decidedly organic in presentation relative to other series.

Overall, RahXephon is a graphically updated and less depressing version of Neon Genesis Evangelion.


These are two masterpieces that the mecha genre can proudly claim as their own. They are well-animated and they have good OSTs...but the real jewel here is the 2deep4u plot/story/character development/themes. Both are quite depressing, but you will be grateful to watch this treat. It's not often you see something that change the perception of the world...of hundreds of thousands of otakus!


Simply put these two animes share so many themes. I'm a huge fan of character development and challenging the notions of self-worth and individual power. The protagonists in these series are similar in the way that they feel displaced.. and the story for RahXephon has been clearly influenced by NGE. NGE is my number 1, and until view RahXephon I didn't think anything could come close. Well it did. It came close and then beat it within an inch of it's life. RahXephon and NGE are both fantastic anime series and I strongly recommend these two to anyone who loves a good Psychological anime. 


bouth anime are simullary in the plot and with the huge robots. and that ther are a young boy about 15-17 and he is  realy god at controling the robot.


Both mecha shows have a lot in common apart form their respective eponymous mecha. Both can be rather obdurant, making casual viewing a bit annoying, and there are conspiracies left and right, nebulous organisations and large casts full of people that really are too young to be in a military context. The mecha designs are rather similar, and the enemy designs are pretty out there.

There's a larger mystical theme (Christianity in EVA and musical terms in RahXephon) that serves to set them apart from a lot of other mecha anime — but obviously not each other. People that like one of these and want a similar viewing experience would do well to check the other one out.

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Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

One night, Madoka has a terrible nightmare – against the backdrop of a desolate landscape, she watches a magical girl battle a terrifying creature, and lose. The next day, the teen's dream becomes reality when the girl – Homura – arrives at Mitakihara Middle School as a transfer student, mysteriously warning Madoka to stay just the way she is. But when she and her best friend Miki are pulled into a twisted illusion world and meet a magical creature named Kyubey, the pair discovers that magical girls are real, and what's more, they can choose to become one. All they must do is sign a contract with Kyubey and agree to fight witches that spread despair to the human world, and in return they will be granted a single wish. However, as Homura's omen suggests, there's far more to becoming a magical girl than Madoka and Miki realize...

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Both of these series are deeply immersed in complex story elements and both are quite well versed in the amount of symbolism that is conveyed.


Both are deconstructions of their respective genres, with high levels of symbolism and intresting artistic direction


Visually stunning and totally different outlook on their respected genres both series are far more than watchable. Each with a complex story that starts out hard hitting and grabs you tightly until the very end.



The dream of every boy and girl, pilot a giant robot or become a magical girl.  But in these cases the dreams turn to nightmares of physical and emotional abuse.


Being a magical girl, transforming and using your powers to fight evil. Or pilot a giant mecha, protecting the Earth from an alien onslaught. Doesn't it sound like fun? Well, it's not really all that fun for the kids in these series. Both shows portray these genres in a much darker way than usual.

Shouldering a very heavy responsibility,  and the emotional trauma that can come from that; being different from the other children, and not necessarily in a good way; and how their newfound powers can affect the people around them: these  are some of the themes that are explored in these works. They both use plenty of symbolism, as well. If either show was interesting to you because of this you should try the other one.


Strangely enough, both series are incredibly similar putting a darker twist on mechs and magical girls. Sporting grotesque and sometimes shocking scenes, both animes do an excellent job at immersing the viewer within the world and making them empathetic towards the main character and their situation.

On a simpiler note, both animes also sport a main character who does not want to "pilot a mech"/ "be a magical girl."


Both series act as deconstructions, challenges to the conventions of the genre. While I found Madoka much more entertaining, both anime share the themes of cynical postmodern styles and characters who face this cruel reality of the world. They both make the viewer think deeply about what he's watching, something that few anime successfully accomplish.


Both shows are about what would really happen if the dreams that children have about fighting in a giant robot or becoming a magical girl and how horrible it would be if they came true. If you like one you should watch the other


While both series seem to be extremely different in their animation styles (NGE is a mecha series and Madoka is a magic girl series) they both explore the fundementals of human nature and whether humanity and dreams are worth sacrifice.


These series each take a genre- be it mechas or magical girls- and completely tear it apart. While completely redefining and unhinging the tropes of the genre, they leave the viewer guessing what will happen next in a very dark manner.


Evangelion is to Mecha what Madoka is to Magical Girls. Both series turn their respective genres on their head and twist them into something dark and sinister, both feature characters that have become seriously screwed up and have to fight against near impossible odds to stop the apocalypse. As NGE has gone down in history, so do I think Madoka will. Both are highly recommended.


These two series are, for their own genres, a must with an approach at the storyboard original and different from any other mecha (evangelion genre) or mahou shoujo (madoka magica's one) anime.

Any stereotype of the genre is delete in these series, and even if they both begin with a usual approach they'll make you undestrand soon that you are in front of something absolutely epic and even revolutionary from the usual style used in the other series of the genre.


Both Evangelion and Madoka Magica take the motif of the child soldier and apply it to a well versed genre. If dark, psychological dramas are you're thing, I suggest watching these. 


If magical girl or conversely mecha animes turn you off, it is important to note these two animes are only within their respective "genres" because they use these devices to tell a story; in other words, the "theme (magical girl/mecha)" is not the story in itself like most other animes that make up these genres.  Now that the biases are set aside, these two animes are simply amazing, and if you enjoyed one of these animes already, the other will be similar in grandeur, that you will not regret watching.


Both shows have a very smart sense of revelation. Each new twist in plot causes you to rethink all events up until the present. The shows are both very well written.


Both have characters that go crazy and both are awesome series. I know I am expressing myself poorly, but trust me, they are similar. And if you don't believe me, read the reviews of other people who agree.


Both of these shows are wonderful in their individual rights. They both start off slowly, but once the wheels turn, they both become psychologically intriguing with plots that make you think twice of classic genres (mechas and magical girls respectfully). Not only are they visually stunning, but the diverse characters and driving music further stimulate the viewer of both pieces. Both left me wanting to re-watch them again (which very few titles can accomplish for me) and even own in my library. Highly recommended for both newcomers and veterans of the anime genre as a whole.


Thye both were game-changers for their respective genres. At first, each seems like another magical girl/mecha show, but they each go deeper and have really deep characterization.


Thematically both are very similar, and are deconstructions of their own genre.

They both feature psychological/mental breakdowns.

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Serial Experiments Lain

Serial Experiments Lain

"I have only abandoned my body, I still live here" - are the words emailed to friends of Chisa, several days after her death by suicide. As Lain delves deeper into the world of the "Wired" (also known as the internet), the line between it and reality becomes more and more unclear. Close the world, open the nExt.

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Also can be a mind trip if one so desires. If ya want something like that. ^^
If the last episode of Evangelion made you grasp for meaning and more of it, then Lain is the series for you. You don't need to wait for the last episode to experience what Lain will give you from the get-go. Hardcore exsistence and societal questions permeate this series and it's hard to perceive Lain as anything but serious anime.
If you liked how NGE made you think you have to see Lain. This is also one of those animes that you have to concentrate while watching.
Both Serial Experiment Lain and the original ending to Evangelion do a pretty good job of messing with your noggin', and if you want something deep, you should see them both.
Lain is another series that questions the characters existance in the world. Another amazing story that has to be viewed in whole before you forget any parts.
Make sure you've recovered from Evangelion's mind trip, before you embark on Serial Experiments Lain. It's another fantastic series that leaves you questioning reality, and wondering if anything is really what it seems to be. Both of these series are exemplary, MUST-SEE animes.
On the surface, these seem like very different genres. However, both of these series require a large amount of deep thinking in order to have any idea of what is going on. Don't expect to understand everything on the first run through either, and be prepared to have to watch it with your full attention if you want to get the full effect.

On the surface, Lain and Evangelion appear to have very little in common. Neon Genesis is primarily focused on mecha and Lain on the life of an eighth-grade school girl. Yet they are related in a deeper context. Both anime deal with the nature and the existence of divinity.


The existential question of identity is the basic theme throughout Lain, though it follows it to a deeper level than Neon Genesis Evangelion. If you especially liked the latter half of Evangelion, or especially the last two episodes, then you will love Serial Experiments Lain.


Lain and Evangelion are intrinsically complex series. In both there is a strong presence of technology, which underlines the problematic relationship between individual existence and collective psychological archetypes of a symbolic order. These anime address topics such as the self, the body, the role of communication and the possibility of forging bonds. Lain is heavily intellectual from the outset and slow-paced through and through, while Eva only develops its conceptual core in the later episodes and is much more action-driven. Lain and Eva are prodigies of existential thought transmitted through a visual medium; and as such they go hand in hand.


If you liked the psychoanalysis of the last episodes of Evangelion, you would surely like Lain. Both series are about our possible future.There are similar philosophical questions in both series. Lain is all about it..Who am I? Who is God? What is reality?


Serial Experiment: Lain is an anime that plays with your mind. You watch it and have no idea what the hell is really going on - and even when you get the idea, you loose it a moment later. It also portrays very well psychological reaction to different situations.

Both of those statemenst can be said about NGE as well. In both series you are constantly suprised with direction the plot is taking.


Both of these series touch on similar topics, but they do it in subtly different ways.  Both animes refer to the unconscious and, to a certain extent, human evolution, but they tackle in through various mediums.  Evangelion takes a slightly more scientific and fictional approach, through the use of Angels as mediums.  Lain explores the same themes through examining the human relationship with the Wired and how that ultimately connects us.


On the surface, the two series don't seem to have much in common. However, they are both all about the psyche of the main character, and both become quite philosophical towards the end (especially if you're watching the original ending of NGE). They will both leave you with some material to think about.


Serial Experiments Lain and Neon Genesis Evangelion are both very similar in the deep philosphy that they end up communicating.  While NGE goes in a heavy sci-fi heavy direction, SEL also has a few elements of technology that are decidedly not in our present day.  Often times monloguing and metaphorical, they touch on a variety of different subjects but share a large similarity as they question the meaning and definition of existence itself.  SEL has less of straighforward plot but says many of the same things.  If you enjoyed the journey of one of them, you will certainly enjoy the other.


If you specifically enjoyed NGE ending then you will definitely love Lain. Also both anime have the same dark melancholic atmosphere that builds up the more you move into the series.

P.S. But in case you enjoyed NGE all way through and did not like the ending, then don't bother watching Lain


This series both toy with aspects of philisophy, psychology and even religion. While delving into questions of self, God, and reality, they progress the series in a way that can often be slightly hard to follow (the later parts of NGE are more like this than the start, though) and question the ideals and morals of the main character while coming very close to breaking them completely down.

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When a group of children discover a strange cave at the beach, their lives are forever changed. Inside they find a hide out filled with computers and a man named Kokopelli who gives them a curious offer: to participate in a special game in which they save Earth from fifteen giant monsters. To defeat the invaders, he will give them a powerful mecha of black armor. The children eagerly sign the contract, name their new weapon Zearth, and must now take turns to pilot it; but the 'game' is in fact all too real and the consequences of battle become the stuff of nightmares. With no option to cancel the contract, is there any way to stop the game before it is too late for all of them?

my list:

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Both anime are on the sinister side of the mecha genre; they're about how riding a giant robot into battle is not in the least bit cool, but has horrifying personal and psychological consequences. There are no heroes in either series - just children forced to save the Earth without anyone preparing them for it. Add to that a similar sort of set-up i.e. kids defending a city from consecutive enemies with unique designs, and plots that are driven by totally screwed-up characters, liking one is bound to mean you'll like the other.


Eva and Bokurano deconstruct the mecha genre by adding layers of extremely dark psychological content. Both are highly visceral, the action being centered around children who are forced into a conflict of literally cosmic proportions. In these series the nature of the enemy is ambiguous to the extreme, which makes the whole experience all the more poignant. Eva's latter episodes focus heavily on existential topics, which are replaced in Bokurano with a more psychological approach. The limitless situations the casts are subjected to and the depth of characterization makes these anime masterpieces, with an appeal that goes beyond the giant robot niche.


Bokurano and Neon Genesis Evangelion use giant robots to explore similar emotional reactions in characters - whether it's moral obligations about saving the world, or the mystery of the enemy (leading to be ultimately somewhat more human in the end than we first realise). Bokurano, in some ways, is an extension of themes touched upon by Evangelion; while Evangelion attempts a wider philosophy than Bokurano's "personal" philosophies.


Evangelion and Bokurano share some obvious similarities. Both have kids fighting in big robots, and both have a storyline that involves messing with the characters' heads. Whether it's psychological breakdowns or being a hero, everyone deals with the events in their own way while having to save the world. These are definitely very alike!


Neon Genesis Evangelion and Bokurano both have a similar plot. Enemies coming one by one and if you don't defeat them - bye bye to planet earth. The giant robots in both series are far more advanced than the world around them which creates a similar "all or nothing" atmosphere.


in both series we can see how the main characters , faces problems, which they must have very clear who they are and because they are there. overcoming problems unusual, and occasions doubt on if they are doing the right thing.


This has a very NGE feel about it, special children piloting giant robots, relationships between children and parent explored between fights and a fairly good ending, if somewhat abrupt. With the negative character coming out on top.The fight scenes can get a little repetative with the children finding a sure-fire way to always win...


The first and foremost similarity between Bokurano and NGE is obviously the Meccha tag both anime rightfully carry, they are after all both about huge fighting robots. It goes a bit further than that though. What links these two shows together, is both the psychology aspect they share, and the premise.

In both shows kids pilot these robots, constantly with their lives on the line. You are constantly confronted with the terrors they go through and how each kid deals with it differently.

Finally, in both shows the kids are forced to fight against an unknown enemy, one not from this world. They just appear out of nowhere and just have to be eliminated. Only later in the series you'll get to know what they actually are and what their reasons are.

If you liked one of these shows for the Meccha action, psychological factor or premise, don't miss out on the other.


If you like your giant robot shows angsty and/or disturbing, you'd like NGE and Bokurano. Both have a bunch of mecha battles, lead characters prone to fits of angst, and an unsettling plot.


Both in NGE and Bokurano you can see teenagers fighting against extrateresial enemy for "be or not to be" humankind. In both series there is also psychology of main characters as main topic.


Kids forced to fight in giant robot for Earth's survival against aliens.  That sums up the relation between Bokurano and Evangelion.  Psychological break downs of the main characters as the battle wears on becomes natural and young romance blooms during the heat of battle.  The fights are cool, the battles are weary, and the kids are screwed.  Enjoy the trip down mind games lane.


Both have very similar setup in which children fight in giant robots against the invaders to save the earth from oblivion. They feature a cast of screwed up kids with a massive responsibility unwontedly pinned on them, surreal dark psychological content and very similar grim atmosphere.  Every child is subjected to traumatizing events and they all have to deal with it in their own ways. They both massively differ from every other Mecha series with their different approach on piloting robots and with more attention given to depth of characterization and more mature themes. Which makes both of them extraordinary anime and must-watch material if you are at least familiar with one of them. 


Fucked up characters, check. Psychology, check. Deppression, check. Great plot, check. You should watch both.


Both of these animes are about kids controlling unique styled mechas against other mechas to save the world. These shows are about psychologial aspect of having the pressure of saving the world on a young character. Emo moments guaranteed in both.

Eureka Seven

Eureka Seven

Like most boys his age, the young Renton thinks of nothing but reffing – riding trapar waves on a board – and idolizes Holland, the leader of the renegade group of reffers named Gekko State. As an orphan of a famous hero, he lives a boring life with his grandfather until the beautiful Eureka crashes, literally, into his life. Now, with the help of his newfound friend and crush, Renton finds himself living amongst the crew of Gekko State. The errands are hard and the bullying is fierce, but with Eureka by his side, Renton just might find the courage to tough it out and even save the world!

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Eureka 7 has a similar feel to Evangelion: both deal with human psychology and touch on themes like action and romance to keep them accessible to a wider audience. Both have a great and frightening mystery lurking - something so frightening that the characters are torn between their choices. Will they collapse and have a nervous breakdown? Or will they harden themselves and see things through?


Eureka Seven and Evangelion are both anime about big robots and mysterious blue haired girls. Aside from that however, they both deal with the deep psychological issues of the protagonist. If you enjoyed one, you'd like the other.


Both series center around emotionally awkard children, giant mechs, their mission to save the world and crazy underlaying philosophical references. Watch them for their similarities or watch them for their differences, just watch them.


Teens piloting Mecha, a strong emotional story, and awsome battle really bring both these series to a level that not many anime reach. Truely fantasic.


The plot line of both stories are similar; a rather weak boy who had for some reason lost his parents, is drawn into a conflict he doesn't really understand.  Each has giant robots (mechs), strong female protectors, dubious male influences, and strange blue haired girls.

Think of Eureka 7 as a less psychologically twisted version of NGE.


Eureka Seven is what Evangelion should have been. They have a very similar plot, but Eureka 7 does a much better job building characters and explaining the plot. If you enjoyed this but are interested in more character interaction watch Eureka 7.


Eureka Seven has much lighter elements than Evangelion, but both explore the ideas around human psychology fairly thoroughly. Additionally, both have a protagonist drawn into a conflict he doesn't much understand, pilots mechs, and eventually gets into quite the mental mess.


Eureka Seven and NGE are both mecha series about a war against an unknown, "inhuman" enemy. One of the big questions in both series, is wherever the enemies they're fighting against actually are the ones being wrong and "evil", or if humanity is the one at fault. While they both have their moments of seriousness and comedy, Eureka Seven tends to be a bit comical and lighter, due to the occasional random comedy (and awesome rainbowexplosions).


These series both feature slightly non-traditional mechas along with a view of the universe that is very interesting. They both start off as a fairly down to earth series but slowly get more and more out there. While focusing on a world fighting for survival of the human race, a few kids come to the forfront and must take everything upon themselve.


Middle/high school kid pioliting a giant mecha that may just be humanity's final hope? Certianly sounds like either Evangelion, or Eureka 7. Both have a remarkably aggrivating personality, yet each show somehow lures you in to watching the next episode. Each are actually quite entertaining and have their own races of aliens, comedy and it's share of loveable (and not so lovable) characters.


Eureka Seven is one of those post-NGE mecha anime, that's why it shouldn't be a surprise that it contains some themes every NGE fan is familiar with. However the story unfolds differently in Eureka Seven than it does in other anime of this kind and even NGE itself. So, if you're familiar with NGE and its numerous offspring and you have thought that nothing fresh can be introduced in a post-NGE anime, then Eureka Seven might be a pleasant surprise.


Both Eureka Seven and Evangelion are about a young male character who suddenly finds himself in the middle of a war to save mankind. Both anime delve into human psychology, and so, the characters are flawed individuals with deep and intricate storylines. Both anime also take an interesting look at how the respective mecha is created/piloted. 


Both shows are remarkably similar. Kids piloting contraptions that they were pretty much forced to pilot, the dark plot development, a cast full of characters that vary greatly in personality and reasons for piloting, really slick animation physics. Both great shows that the viewer should watch if they enjoyed either one.


Both shows share many of the same major plot aspects. They revolve around boys and other who control mysterious robots that are linked to other beings that they fight. They both have lots of pyschological issues while the show deal with human origins. I would say Neon Genesis is more adult in feel compared to Eureka Seven. 

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