Neo Angelique Abyss

Neo Angelique Abyss Episode 12 - Imprisonment of Angelique

Agelique was kidnapped by Jet. She was brought in the Artifact Building. She was being experimented on by Erenfried. Later, the Aube Hunter came to save her. They have fought the jinx but they didn't have enought power to defeat Jet. But hearing the voices of them, Angelique with her power help them to win. At last they won. They once united but suddenly Yorgo have a important talk to Rayne. Yorgo told him that Ange can save the world with her power. But Rayne was opposed of Yorgo. Angelique found Rayne and have a talk. Rayne was afraid that Angelique would not live but he let her decide if she wants to save the world with her power even it is exchange of her life. Agelique was able to decide she would do it even if she would die.

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