Negima!? Natsu Special!?

Alt title: Negima!? Magister Negi Magi: Summer

OVA (1 ep x 28 min)
3.447 of 5 from 2,274 votes
Rank #2,434

Nodoka and Yue are reading a magic book from the library and come across a spell that shows the red string of fate of a person. One end is attached to the pinky finger of the person it was cast on, and the other end is tied to the pinky finger of their fated partner. Yue casts it on Nodoka and it turns out that the person on the other end of the string is none other than mage-turned-teacher Negi! Though elated at first, much to Nodoka's disappointment it turns out that the spell was just a prank, and the two of them aren't actually fated to be together. Until midnight Nodoka and Negi are stuck together, but Negi still has to take a bath so Nodoka has to tag along. Oh well, perhaps this experience will bring them closer together!

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FreddyCrab's avatar
FreddyCrab Nov 25, 2011
Score 6.5/10

Story: The story of Negima?! Natsu Special?! is more of a NegiXNadoka story than NegiXAsuna, so if you're looking for a romance story featuring Asuna and Negi getting it off then you'll be dissappointed-I'd suggest watching the Spring special for that. This OVA was actually quite interesting. Yue does a magic spell and it results in Nodoka getting tied up with Negi for a whole day, then OF COURSE Ayane opens... read more

Quizap's avatar
Quizap Aug 16, 2010
Score 6.5/10

Pretty much the same thing as the Haru special. Much, much better then the 26 episode series overall. read more

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