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Negi Springfield is a typical ten year-old Welsh boy -- except that he's a mage, and an English teacher at an all girls school in Japan! In order to become a full mage he has to prove himself as a teacher and find suitable partners to aid him; but above all, he has to make sure that no one discovers his secret. Much to his dismay his secret is discovered on the first day by one of his students, Asuna. To prevent Negi from being punished, Asuna agrees to become his partner -- however she isn't the only one to find out. As time goes by more of his students find out his secret. How long can he keep his powers hidden when little by little all of his students are becoming his partners?

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EHero09's avatar by EHero09 on Jun 22, 2013
Score 7.5/10

When I first watched this back in April 2012, I was relatively new to watching anime, so I didn't have many standards. I just wanted to watch something where I could kick back and enjoy myself with a decent story, entertaining characters and a bit of humour. The first time I watched Negima!?, it delivered. Sixteen months later... not so much. Story Negima!? essentially starts out exactly the... read more

pitythefool's avatar by pitythefool on Dec 8, 2011
Score 6.8/10

This is a decent series considering that the main character is 10 years old and he's the teacher of 31 highschool girls.
The only thing that really bothered me was the whole 'invoking contract, show me the power hidden within you' part. The sequence never got shorter. It was like a power rangers, its morphin time, not that its bad, but it could occur multiple times in an episode and could be downright... read more

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