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In the year 200X, World War III began. Special bombs destroyed parts of cities such as Tokyo, leaving decimation in their wake. Decades later, ground zero in Tokyo – an isolated section known as the Black Spot – remains an enigma. Its residents known as Needless possess strange powers such as the ability to control fire or telekinesis, and are constantly hunted down by Simeon, a large pharmaceutical company with sinister motives and Needless of their own to do their bidding. Young Cruz is part of a resistance to fight against Simeon and its Needless figurehead leader, Adam Arclight; but after the resistance is brutally killed by Simeon’s minions, he finds himself saved by a motley crew: Professor Gido, scantily-clad Eve and badass Blade. Together, the gang fends off Simeon’s attacks and tries to discover the truth behind the corporation’s actions. What is Simeon really after, and why do they desperately want to find Fragments?

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related anime

Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Needless: The Secret of Saint Lily Academy DVD Special 2009 TBD Omake released on the DVDs.

related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Needless 2004 Original Manga
Needless 0 2004 TBD
Name Role
Hiromi KATO Character Design
Masayuki SAKOI Director
Tatsuya KATOU Music
Masaaki IIZUKA Music
Kami IMAI Original Manga Creator

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Title Author Score Date
Needless Mageinta 4/10 Jul 2, 2014
Needless ratchet573 4/10 Sep 18, 2011
Needless Shadowfoot 2/10 Jul 14, 2011
Koning removed the Needless anime from their anime list
Zackheart wants to watch Needless
assfish is watching Needless
silakka watched Needless at 24 of 24 episodes
BBaker70014 rated the Needless anime 3.5/5 stars

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To Aru Majutsu no Index II

To Aru Majutsu no Index II

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Do you like guys who overcome ridiculous odds in ridiculous ways alongside frequently naked lolis? What?

Both needless and TAMnI II and needless have that, a lot of that. Needless is more over the top with both ridiculous odds and ridiculous ecchi, but TAMnI II isn’t against pitting Touma against scary guys while forcing its titular character into her birthday suit.

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Zettai Karen Children

Zettai Karen Children

In the future, select humans have begun to evolve and acquire special ESP powers – powers that the rest of the populace fear and detest. While some ESPers are harmless, others desire to use their powers for their own personal gain. In order to suppress this threat, identify new ESPers and protect those with powers from the public, the B.A.B.E.L. organization is founded. At its helm are three ten-year-old ESPers: Kaoru, Aoi and Shiho. Together, they will put a stop to crime and attempt to gain the trust of the public; but can their guardian, Kouichi Minamoto, manage to help the girls mature enough so their selfish actions will stop hurting the world around them?

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Both are shounen action comedies that take place in the future with the theme of human evolution and people with special abilities. Both also have a wide cast of cute girls, but Needless is much more ecchi.

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