Alt title: Jikuu Tenshou Nazca

TV (12 eps)
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Kyoji Miura was a normal seventeen-year-old boy; he went to class like any other teenager, and was a member of the school's kendo club. However, when his kendo mentor revealed himself to be the reincarnated spirit of the ancient Incan warrior Yawaru, Kyoji's life changed forever. For it seems that Kyoji is none other than the reincarnated spirit of Bilka, Yawaru's sworn enemy, and it's up to him and his allies to save the world. Yawaru wishes to harness the mysterious and dangerous power of Iriyatesse, and only our heroes can stop him.

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RabidMonk Oct 2, 2010
Score 5/10

The short: better than you expected, but still probably not worth the time. Nazca. What a strange show.Positives: Ok, so Nazca isn't completely without value. It's close, but there's a chance you might be the sort of person who sees something worth watching in it. The story is strange, and sort of a weird mishmash of Native American mythology twisted under a weird bushido acid trip, but it's not wholly... read more

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Jikuu Tenshou Nazca
  • Vol: 2; Ch: 8
  • 1998



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