Naruto Shippuden


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  • Gangsta.
  • Psycho-Pass
  • My Love Story!!
  • Death Parade
  • Steins;Gate

Notable Mentions (Didn't make Top 10 but was close) by CranberryKrush

The Anime that just missed my Top 10, had potential or just dropped out :(

  • Bleach the Movie 4: Hell Verse
  • Bleach Movie 3: Fade to Black
  • Bleach Movie 2: The DiamondDust Rebellion
  • Bleach Movie 1: Memories of Nobody
  • Bleach

Huge Series by Bimpy

Series that are huge in number of episodes and movie(s) I think is Awesome ^^ Though it's not set up by numbers of how I love them :D

  • Fairy Tail
  • Gintama
  • Hunter x Hunter (2011)
  • Naruto Shippuden
  • One Piece

Top anime's ever i watched with long story by nasro49

that rank of anime based on a lot of reasons story events - characters - world (of anime) - and a lot more i will put them in reasons Down i am sorry if you don't like my top amine's leave a...

  • Naruto Shippuden
  • Fate/Zero
  • Fate/Zero 2
  • Hunter x Hunter (2011)
  • One Piece

Aksyon! by Gkun

Just good fights and AKSYON

  • Garo The Animation
  • Hellsing
  • Great Teacher Onizuka
  • Samurai Champloo
  • Baccano!

Anime Openings and Endings by Clinginggiant

A list containing some note worthy openings and endings.