Naruto Shippuden


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Emotions felt to the Max!!!!by Nasly

Anime that made me laugh, cry, smile uncontrollably, laugh and all that shizz..... Not in any specific order

,,ThE BesT oF tHe F*cK*nG AwESomE EpIc FigHt AnIMe"by YingYangPL

I didnt put DBZ here becouse this anime is to legendary for this :D! If you want to see blood sweat tears and sooo touching souls scenes check this list!!!! ( SORRY FOR THIS SHIEET ENGLISH!) girigirisama

A list of titles, that (in my opinion) are overrated / get more attention than they deserve.

Anime that have been English Dubbed Series Editionby Annie201

Anime Series that can be watched in English.