Naruto Shippuden Movie 4: The Lost Tower

Alt titles: Gekijouban Naruto Shippuuden: The Lost Tower


bocoom's avatar By on Jul 30, 2011

Story- do i really need to explain it here. this piece of horse shit is just the same naruto movie you seen before just with a new place and villan. and yet again naruto has to have a person of royalty with him and yes its a girl. gee most of the naruto movies involved him with a princess that does not like him at first then he goes through the whole movie doing that "DRAMATIC HERO SPEECH" to them over and over again. then they warm up 2 him. now as cliche as it sounds i would not care if they did it 1 time hell even 2. but they do it for EVERY movie it makes me want to facepalm. and of course the princess has a dead mother. but hey this is naruto every one has dead parents in here. those sick parent hateing fucks.......if i point out all the things this movie had in common with all the others we would be here all day. 6/10

Animation- animation is strange here the background and towers look AMAZING but the characters look to cartoony and not very detailed thus makeing it very messy.  even though they did do some short cuts here and there. and when the people all stand perfectly still while there mouths are moveing or it gets choppy at parts. but all in all it was nice to look at 7/10

sound- music was ok hell it was not even memorable. just sub par 5/10

characters- lets start out with the villan he is the most cliche villan you can think of. he was annoying also because most of his lines were the "you can escape my ultimate power" or the 'hahaaha you cant beat me in my ultimate form" or my favorite "time to use my super PWNSAUCE MOVE ON YOU MOTHER FUCKER!!!!" ha was bland stupid and just trash. naruto our hero seemed to lose all character developement and he is back to rushing into battle like a retard AND have people constantly same his little traffic cone  colored ass. sai he does nothing. just does 1 jutsu. sakura same thing as sonn as the whole time travel thing starts up her and sai are not there. so ya no point in those 2. yamato does nothing except till the end just so he could save naruto from death at the last second. and now the princes well she has little to know personality hell the brick walls had more character then her carrot top ass. 6/10

overall- i hated this movie. its like they didnt even try. same old formula as always. if they keep this princess saveing thing up naruto might as well be mario. oh and the one thing that pissed me off to no end was how they defeted the villan. ill give you a hint. like EVERY SINGLE VILLAN BEFORE HIM a out of the blue resengan. even funnier the scene was also the same damn thing as the other villans he charges them the villans like :you cant stop me in my ultimate form" instead of moveing out the way he just stands there picking his nose while he flies at them the villan shoots stuff at him and with the power of the shonen way his rasengan cuts through it like butter and kills the villan. so ya it was a big middle finger to the fan base in general. 6/10

6/10 story
7/10 animation
5/10 sound
6/10 characters
6/10 overall
roriconfan's avatar By on Apr 29, 2012

This is the seventh Naruto movie, made around the time the protagonist finds out who his parents are. The movie abuses the time travel gimmick to offer some silly fanfic situation where he can meet them while they are still alive. Other than that, the whole thing is made without much care or love. It’s like they animated it just for the fans who wanted to see all the adults of the series still as kids and Minato kicking ass with his super elite powers. And the problem is, they didn’t even offer that. Minato barely does something in this movie any ninja couldn’t do better.

So the generic villain of this movie tries to take advantage of a power source sealed by the fourth Hokage, which ends up throwing him and Naruto back in time (Yamato too but he doesn’t matter at all). Minato was at that moment trying to seal the power source for the first time. As cheesy as this sounds, they could have made something decent out of it if it had good directing. Yet every ten minutes you get a situation where nothing makes sense.
- Naruto is presented like a completely useless and oblivious idiot who just rushes into trouble without any plan at all. Although he acts like that in the main series as well, after all the things he has learned he should definitely not feel like a complete rookie.
- So he ends up in a room with a wall that blocks the exit. Instead of easily breaking through the wall and chasing the girl he found there, he instead jumps upwards. That makes him look like he can’t even break a simple wall, something that he should have done if he is indeed not thinking at all.
- He gets out in a city, which is completely empty of people when he needs to fight some puppet robots and then gets magically filled with people when the battle is over. Convenient?
- He then saves the exact same girl he met from before by accidentally finding her like a needle in a haystack in that huge city, and at the exact moment someone tries to kill her. How much must one bend his disbelief to swallow that?
- Other Konoha ninjas appear at that moment where in a most forced way explain to him that he is from the future, and anything he does could change the flow of time. Well if that is the case then why are they treating his wounds? And skip that; how the devil do they know he is from the future in the first place?
- Then they find out there are no actual people in town. Something that took them years to realize, even when you can clearly see they are all puppets. What the devil does that mean, that for so many years not a single peasant or ninja went in the city for any reason? How about all the robot security or the children yelling for their parents? Don’t all that feel suspicious at all to all the numerous ninja villages?
- Then we learn how the villain used the city’s population in order to create a puppet army and fooled the princess to think there were crowds who loved her. Because it would be too simple to just capture her and just use her power to keep the power flow going in any other way. Does he even know how much energy was wasted for so many years, just to maintain some dolls moving around?
- So the princess saves all the civilians of her city. All 20 of them. That’s right, a city of 10.000 huge buildings was inhabited by 20 people and a few kids. Which is also not suspicious for some reason.
- Afterwards we get the cliché final battle where Naruto just uses his Rasengan to save the day like he always does. And only then does Yamato appear to save them from falling to their doom. He was apparently sleeping all this time. So let me get this right, Yamato went back in time just for a few seconds of pitiful aid in the end? And Kakashi was important to this mission for placing a few explosives here and there? Did he even care that there were civilians trying to get to safety at that very moment?
- And then they decide to wipe out their memories of the event so they won’t affect history with whatever they learned or did all this time. Nice way to render the whole movie useless. Plus, they don’t even perform the amnesia on everyone, since the other two Konoha ninjas, as well as the whole population of the city are not even inside the spell’s radius. Nice going you idiots. Furthermore, when Naruto and Yamato return to the present, nobody wonders why are they covered in so many wounds aside from the ones they had a few seconds ago, or why some of them are already treated nicely.
- And the movie ends with a girl appearing out of nowhere which accidentally happened to be the daughter of the princess and gives Naruto the knife before leaving. Yeah, it’s not like they just destroyed half of your mother’s city right now. And all Sakura has to say about all that is that Naruto is a pervert. Ok…

The whole movie is one big pile of horse manure. And it is even worse for not even having amazing production values. Everything looks and feels run down, crude animation, boring fights, ugly doll monsters, lazy dialogues, and so on. Amongst the most pathetic films I have watched in my life.

1/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
1/10 characters
2.5/10 overall
Tinydestiny's avatar By on May 14, 2011

It feels like they just take for granted that Naruto being a worldwide known anime. They just think they can come up with anything, and trick tons of people into seeing the movie because it's a known franchise and they can exploit it. They need to stop making these shitty movies or they need to pull it together and create something worth being associated with the anime.

That was some serious trash. I wish I could have the minutes I spent watching this movie back. I mean, these movies are getting a little too ridiculous and stupid. The plots are all half-assed thought up stuff with no explanations at all.

It's next to impossible to get into it and get excited unless you have a mind of a 6 year old who only appreciates the animation. Not only is the plot half-assed, but the setup of all the movies are the same. A somewhat exciting opening, a sudden happening, loads of boring talking that's supposed to get you into the movie but fails everytime because they lack any sort of writing talent, loads of "cool" fighting, a final boss, a combination rasengan of some sorts, whether it be feelings or another rasengan or a rainbow, they never fail to use the same boring move to finish it off.

Then they end it with some serious half-assed ending that feels like they had a deadline to meet and they just wanted to finish it up and made an easy, "Oh hai, I kinda remember you but I don't." "Oh hai, this is the kunai you had and it was my moms treasure she got from a hero in a dream" "Oh, that makes perfect sense, feels like I've seen you somewhere, oh well bai bai." "Bai, I WILL INHERIT THE WILL OF MY MOTHER BLBALBLABLALBALBLAABL." One word. Inconceivably dumb. It was so stupid that I wrote two words instead of one. A lot of animes are dumb, but atleast their stories or characters can make up for the dumb shit. This is just bad.

1/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
1/10 characters
1/10 overall
CaseyJewels's avatar By on Jul 14, 2014

First off, let me just say that I loved this movie to pieces. Naruto and his father get some bonding time? Heck, yes! It really makes me wish this movie was canon, because this movie just drove home to me how sad it is that Naruto never got to know his dad.

I thought the music was quite beautiful as well, especially the song sung throughout, and the ending song.

This review feels like it's all over the place, but that's how I feel about the movie. I enjoyed it a ton, but it also has its flaws--one of those being a MAJOR plot hole. Before we get to the spoilery stuff, let me just say it was nice to see the past and I liked all of the characters introduced in this movie, but it also could be a little slow/repetitive at times (okay, VERY repetitive with the fighting). Still, it's definitely one of the better Naruto movies.


Okay, first let's tackle the major plot hole. So, the villain is able to go back in time with a power that was sealed. But in the past, the power is sealed because of him. In other words, if the power had never been sealed, the city would have prospered under the original ruler and the events of the movie wouldn't have happened. Sure, somebody else could have showed up and schemed to get the power, but then we would have a completely different movie. As the movie stands now, there is no event to get the ball rolling with the plot, and so really the events of this movie should not have happened.

Next, Kakashi. He seemed to be in the movie for no reason at all except for Naruto to meet him at the end. I don't felt like he contributed much to the mission, and he only got about five minutes of screen time.

Then there was Naruto near the end, when he was telling the 4th Hokage that he was completely out of chakra. I know Naruto is trying to rely less on the fox and whatnot, but... it seemed like he didn't use the fox's chakra just so he and his dad could do a cool move together.

This is a smaller nitpick, but when Saara decided to make her stand where she cut her clothes to pieces... That seemed really random and pointless. Why exactly did she cut her clothes up? I could understand if it was for better movement, but no reason was given, other than just shock value as it looks like she is stabbing herself.

To switch to something a little more positive, I love that moment at the end with Naruto and Minato, where they both kind of realize they might be father and son. It was so precious and I was sad they had to forget... I know this movie isn't canon and that's why, but I really wanted Naruto to remember that time with his father.

I loved that little glimpse at Konoha, and seeing all these characters we know going about their daily routines and growing into the characters and town we know in Naruto's time.

So, overall, while this movie definitely has its problems, there's so much I love about it that I just can't hate it.

5/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall