Naruto Shippuden Movie 1

Movie (1 ep x 97 min)
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The soul of the demon Mouryou has been freed, and with it his ambition to take over the world and create a "Thousand Year Kingdom." However, he will first have to recover his body from where it was sealed by the priestess Miroku. The only threat to his plans is Miroku’s daughter Shion, the only one with the power to stop him – and it will be up to Naruto, Sakura, Lee and Neji to escort her safely to once more seal Mouryou's soul. However, things won't be easy for Naruto and the gang: Mouryou has control over an unstoppable ghost army and has sent four ninjas to kill Shion; even more alarming is Shion’s newest vision of an impending death… which involves Naruto himself.


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MordredMS's avatar by MordredMS on Feb 16, 2011
Score: 4.2/10

First Shippūden movie, and fourth Naruto movie overall. I always thought that movies from big shōnen franchises (like Naruto, but also Bleach, Dragonball...) have often been nothing more than a filler arc with a big budget; still, for some reason I always watch every single one of them, because I’ll admit that at times just unpretentious action is the kind of guilty pleasure I need to relieve... read more

Larkawolfgirl's avatar by Larkawolfgirl on Nov 8, 2009
Score: 9.5/10

This movie was really good. This is one of my favorite anime movies ever. It kept the characters in character and made very good characterisation to the new characters. The story was very good. Everything made sense and was displayed very well. The animation was good and the fighting scenes were great. There were no boring parts. You are hooked from the very begining because of the great catcher at the start... read more

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