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Naruto Uzumaki is a young ninja who bears a great power hidden inside him, a power that has isolated him from the rest of his village. As such, his only dream is to become the Hokage - the most powerful ninja, and leader of the village; but first he needs to graduate! With his inability to perform even the most basic ninja techniques, it seems that all Naruto has going for him is his determination to succeed no matter what. Teamed up with the genius Sasuke, book-smart Sakura, and their team leader Kakashi, Naruto embarks on his quest to become the Hokage. But with outside forces posing a threat to the entire Hidden Leaf village, Naruto discovers that he must become much stronger if he ever wants to realize his dream and protect the friendships he's forged.


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Name Role
Tetsuya NISHIO Character Design
Hirofumi SUZUKI Character Design
Hayato DATE Director
Toshio MASUDA Music
Masashi KISHIMOTO Original Manga Creator
Hiroshi HAGINO Producer
Noriko KOBAYASHI Producer
Tomoko GUSHIMA Producer

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Fifteen-year-old Ichigo Kurosaki is a typical teen with fighting skills, two caring sisters and a special trait: he can see ghosts. However, when Ichigo and his family find themselves under attack by a huge beast, Ichigo discovers that there’s more to the supernatural world than the everyday specter. Vengeful spirits known as Hollows roam the world in search of devouring souls, and Shinigami – soul reapers – work tirelessly to defeat them and guide normal ghosts into a place called Soul Society. Ichigo valiantly fights the Hollow that threatens his sisters, but on the verge of defeat a Shinigami named Rukia gives him her powers, turning him into a Shinigami himself. Ichigo must now adjust to his new life of both vanquishing and saving souls for the sake of Soul Society.

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Hardcore fights for everyone! Though with a story, enjoy! :D What I mean to say is that Bleach has everything Naruto has, and more. It's already a fact that everyone that watches one of these also watches the other, so don't be left out.

Do you like anime that contain some nice fighting scenes? Do you hate it when the fighting seems to become a purpose in itself, like in for instance DBZ? Do you like anime with well fleshed-out characters with plenty of personality? Do you like it when the physical fights are a reflection of the emotional and ideological struggles of said characters? If you found yourself answering "Yes" to most of these questions, then you're likely to enjoy both "Bleach" and "Naruto".
HIGH intense action, massive magical powers and wonderful art (most of the time...) both these series are masterful succesors to the Dragonball Z formula. Though these two series are extremely more intelligent and better written than DBZ. If you cant see a resemblance between Naruto and Ichigo... I give up.

Both are long running shows that contain ongoing plots with plenty of action scences. They both have their own humourous parts in addition to the more serious plot lines


These two anime at first may feel like they have nothing in common, with one being about ninjas and the other about shinigami, however the plot devices are very similar. Both Naruto and Bleach have a theme of betrayal interlaced with action and the occasional moment of comic relief.

Both anime can become very serious at times and seem that nothing is going right for the heroes. But then there is that spark that gives us the needed laugh, reminding us that we should enjoy watching and not become overly depressed about their troubles.


If you liked Naruto, you'll definitely like Bleach. Although Bleach has a much darker tone and is meant for an older audience due to its violence, language, and skepticism, you'll definitely enjoy watching it. If you compare Naruto and Bleach, you'll find many concepts and developments to be similar. These anime shows aren't exactly the same due to their different storylines, but don't forget to check out both!


Ichigo is a LOT like Naruto except he actually acts like he's got a chip on his shoulder, plus Ishida (Ichigo's rival/friend) has the same seiyuu as Sasuke. Bleach has a lot of cool fights, and everyone has their own special abilities and whatnot. Ichigo is also an imperfect hero, so he has to improve himself to become as good as his enemies.


In Naruto, you find coming of age teens of varying personalities with specialized techniques in their ninja skills. In Bleach, you find many shinigami of different ranks with unique types of Zanpakuto as well as magical powers. Both stories have complex and well developed plots. The main characters have a lot in common aside from the blonde hair and the stubborn attitude. The biggest ideal they both share is that they both fight for something they want to protect and live their life the way the intend it to, regardless of what others say, regardless of opposing forces, and will put their life at stake to uphold that ideal.


Bleach and Naruto are both action-based anime. They both also have a character or two that just make you laugh. For all of the loyal Naruto fans that have been watching every week for what seems like forever and are tired of the show not progressing, Bleach is for you. Bleach is also a more mature form of Naruto with more intense language and blood. You can also find a character you are drawn to in both shows and not everyone likes the same character like in many other anime.


Both Naruto and Bleach revolve around a central male protagonist with a hidden power that is unbelievably strong. They both also have supporting females that are headstrong. If you watched one, then you would definitely enjoy watching the other.


Both Naruto and Bleach are superpower shounen series with a progressive plot and viable bad guys. Following the day-to-day life of the male leads, both series show the development of the weak character into a strong and formidable force to face-off against their foes. Both series are also manga-based.


Bleach and Naruto worlds are different, but the plot is the same: a boy with a sad childhood wants to show that he's unique and special...


Both Bleach and Naruto contain a wide variety of lovable characters that you would surely get attached to. Both also contain awesome fights with a nice display of ninja moves and weapons. If you like intense plots, these both have them!


Both Naruto and Bleach have strong characters, action, and stories that have episodes that keep you coming back for more. If you like action anime with a great story and humor, these are two shows for you.


Both Bleach and Naruto devote a lot of time to fights/battles and just plain action. But, being female, I needed a little more out of my anime than some punching and slashing. When I first began watching these shows, I was so grateful to find that both of these anime have deep and complex stories that serve to hook you right from the start. Both shows also have a great deal of comedy and both Naruto (from Naruto) and Ichigo (from Bleach) share a common quality in that they are having to fight their own internal struggles (albeit Naruto's is more tangible= nine-tailed fox spirit) while trying to protect those dear to them. Both shows have also produced a large number of episodes (Naruto well above 200 and Bleach well above 130). After watching so many episodes, and traveling along with each main character on their respective journeys, you cannot help but become attached to them, to their cause, and to the worlds in which they reside.


Naruto and Bleach are awesome. They revolve around a young boy who must struggle with his losses and find a place for himself in the world. Both boys are clueless when it comes to love - each has a girl who likes them, but is too dense to notice! The stories do not revolve around love, but around the fight between good and evil. Each character must travel to keep his home and life safe, and fight for the greater good of humankind.


Bleach is another clear-cut Shounen-type anime you'll enjoy watching. Whereas Naruto is set using a ninja theme, Bleach is more oriented towards sword-wielding samurai. Both have a similar time setting of the present with "past" or "medieval" elements.

Both series have excellent fight scenes, and you'll end up rooting for one or more of the major characters. Bleach tends to follow the Dragon Ball Z level-up formula. However, both Naruto and Bleach have a wide array of characters, so there's no shortage to wanting to watch what each character can do.

The fight scenes are put against engaging story lines. The latter Bleach fillers add minor but interesting details to the story line.

If you like watching Naruto, you'll find the same action-packed fun in Bleach in a different setting.


Bleach and Naruto are more or less the same thing except instead of the soul reapers in Bleach it's ninjas in Naruto. Both anime are basically superpower and fighting type anime, with a main character who keeps getting stronger and stronger to persevere against all obstacles. Also, in both anime the main character has a close group of friends who usually come close but never surpass the main character in strength. So if you liked the action and story of one of them then the other is an obvious choice.


Both stories are packed full of action, suspense, and drama, drama, drama! Both Naruto and Ichigo are outsiders trying to do the very best they can to get stronger in order to protect their friends. If you LOVE Naruto then you will also LOVE Bleach!!!


Both Naruto and Bleach involve shounen powerups consisting of growth in ideals and techniques over time, to overcome stronger opponents. Many other similarities include style of music, the roles and attitudes of support characters, and the style of fighting - in terms of animation and visuals.


Both Naruto and Bleach share the same kind of feeling and have lots of action, and they both are top quality! And they have aired for a pretty long time, so there are many episodes too. :D


Both Naruto and Bleach are very exquisite; they both share the same spice, but in the end their background stories are totally different. Both have funny, dramatic and bloody parts (Naruto has less bloody parts). The characters in each anime are carved very well also, with their own little attitudes, dreams/goals, and way of thinking. You'll quickly pick a favorite. :)


If you liked Bleach or Naruto, you'd like the other. Both have a fair amount of fights, nice stories, many side characters, and my favorite: dramatic scenes. Also, you will see the similarity in Naruto and Ichigo's personalities.


Bleach is an amazing anime that is great to watch after Naruto. Both main characters face numerous trials where they are forced to get stronger. The interaction between the characters is always fun to watch and there's great music as well. Bleach will always have you looking forward to the next kick ass moment.


Bleach is somewhat similar to Naruto; good guys beat up bad guys, and there are many cool fighting scenes.  If you liked one, try out the other!


Both Bleach and Naruto are about a 'clumsy' underdog who rises up to protect his friends, and both anime have funny and serious sides to them.


Well, it's the same concept; Bleach is also an action/magic/history anime, just like Naruto. One difference between them is that instead of ninjas (Naruto) there are Shinigami (Bleach); also, Bleach is more mature and has a different animation style. The main characters are a bit different, but they both believe in their own ideals and have inner demons that they must learn to control.  Both anime have a lot of action and bloody battles, and the stories are explained in the beginning so they aren't confusing. If you like gore, you will like Bleach even more than Naruto.  


Bleach and Naruto are both long anime with a lot of action and comedy. Bleach has swords and Naruto has special techniques, but they both give you the same feeling. If you liked Bleach or Naruto then you'll also like the other one.


In Bleach, the main character (Ichigo) has a very similar "I'm here to help everyone" attitude to Naruto. Both series are action-packed and have a great story line. If you enjoyed Naruto, then Bleach is the anime for you!


Both Naruto and Bleach are large and popular mainstream shounen anime. They have lots of action, a unique idea, a cool wide range of characters, a bit of comedy mixed in, and the odd element of romance. They are always about saving the world, protecting this, proving that, fighting this, and training. If you liked one, you should give the other a shot.   


Both Naruto and Bleach share great fights with intriguing, genuine characters and fine animation. In addition to that, both share the same humor and provide enough episodes to ensure your addiction for a long time.


Ichigo and Naruto both have a burning passion to protect their dreams. In a way the two characters are very similar. The two anime are both very long and are still ongoing at the time of this recommendation (well, Naruto Shippuden is, not Naruto). Both have an obvious good and bad side but sometimes the line between good and evil gets smudged and it's up to the main characters of the series to reveal the line so that the other characters can see clearly what's going on.


Both Naruto and Bleach have wonderful animation, memorable characters, and some of the best fight scenes in anime. To top it off, both shows have the ability to make you cry and laugh.


Both have the same concept of training to increase strength and protect friends. Bleach has everything Naruto has, good story, good character development, all in all almost anybody who likes Naruto will like Bleach.


If streamline anime is something you enjoy, or if you're getting acquainted with anime in general than either of these series are good. Naruto centers around a cast of younger ninjas who all have different abilities, personalities, and strengths. One individual is particularly gifted or cursed, however one looks at it. This theme is mirrored in Bleach except the main characters are in high school. All of them have unique spiritual powers, and one individual, Ichigo, has hidden potential that can't be matched. Both Naruto and Bleach will provide humor and action along with monotonous moments and "filler" episodes, yet overall both are very good and you can witness the main characters grow throughout the episodes.


Naruto and Bleach are two vastly different animes, yet at the same time they are amazingly similar. Both series are about a boy with vast powers that at times they don't understand, looming in the background and threatening to overtake them if they don't gain control. Though the plots start a bit slow, each soon dives head first into action through story arcs that build and affect the character development. The characters are easy to relate to and very human, plus they all have emotions and their own uniqueness.

Another trait that both share is the comedic aspect that is often present. You can sometimes find yourself exhaling liquid because you took a drink at the wrong time. Both are serious at the right times and full of stunning plot twists and turns that will make you smile, scream, laugh, and cry. The fight scenes are amazing, full of action, and unique in every battle. If you enjoyed one, then you will most definitely enjoy the other.


Both Naruto and Ichigo have very agressive and courageous personalities and both anime have pretty intense action scenes, with humor intertwined.

However, Beware! If you loved Naruto's story but hated the fillers, Bleach is not much better. You will encounter a good number of filler episodes in the series.


If you like naruto u should check out bleach.Naruto is fun all around but bleach is funnier and more intesefying when it comes to battle.Bleach has a storyline that will keep u nailed to the serie begining till end.Naruto b4 shipuden was filled with nothing but fillers after lee was save by Garaa.


Both animes series are about power, friends, and the true meaning of life with betrayal of your bestfriend. With the one you love most dying, both protagnoist finds out what life really means.


Both series are fast-paced, action-packed and bursting with comedy. So if you like a good storyline, loveable characters and a good laugh, you'll definitely this show.


If you like Naruto you would definetly like Bleach because they both have a refreshing story line that gradully evolves in to something amazing that makes you want to continue watching. With lots of action and some very subtle romance they both have become a favorite for many anime fan.


Each series is a shonen anime, originally targeted towards a young male audience. Similar in many respects, the growth of both Naruto and Ichigo is constant yet filled with the occasional flux. Both are teenagers thrust into a world of super powered enemies that would see not only themselves, but all they love destroyed and reduced to nothing. Two young boys that fight for those they love against impossible odds.


Both series are shonen, with a young hero on an initiatic quest in a fantasy world. Both features lots of action and badass bad guys.


As Naruto, Bleach has good fighting scenes, comic details and interesting story. Also the animation of both anime was created by the same company - Studio Pierrot. So if you like Naruto, try Bleach too!


In both of these series, friendship plays a big role and there are a lot of situations with saving them. Both of the main characters are striving to become stronger to save them and are conflicted with similar problems.


These are two series that focus heavily on friendship, and involve main characters with incredible resolve.


Oh yes. The two anime have incredibly a lot in common. Starting by genre ( action, drama, fighting ) and ending with the looks and characters of main characters ( orange hair, never-give-up attitude). In both anime main characters try to overcome their weekneses to protect the one's they love. Both Ichigo and Naruto have monsters inside of them that occasionally take control of them. To sum if you enjoyed Naruto then you definitely won't be dissapointed with Bleach!


Both place alot on friendship been a key part in winning a fight. Both are action packed with the main person and their friends fighting to reach their goals.


Both are really good anime shows who have a bad ass main charachter that takes it upon himself to make sure that they save the day no matter what happens.


The main character in both series fight with everything they have to protect everyone they love. If you love lots of action with comedy, you will definitly love this.


Although it is of a totally different plot and storyline, Bleach's fight scenes are amazing, and the story is very interesting. One thing this anime lacks compared to Naruto is humor and strong characters. In Naruto, the characters are much more amusing and you can connect better with them. Overall, if you like Naruto, you will like Bleach. Almost everybody I know that watches Naruto watches Bleach also.


Naruto and Bleach are alike in multiple ways. Characterization is great, action is constant, storyline still exists, and the show goes on for a long time so you're sure to have something to watch for a long time. Bleach and Naruto share so much that the transition from one to the other will be easy. If you liked Bleach, you'd like Naruto. If you liked Naruto, you'd like Bleach.


Naruto and Bleach are action-based animes centered on a male lead and his friends. Ichigo and Naruto share determination and tenacity, and both take a while to get to their full power in battle. Both shows have long story arcs, including an overarching one spanning the entirety of both series. Despite the action and fighting premises of the shows, they both throw in some humorous scenes to lighten the mood.


Both being extremely popular shounen action series with the central themes of becoming stronger in order to be able to protect one's friends and the importance of inner strength, Naruto and Bleach are like two peas in a pod. Also, both shows offer frequent comical reliefs to make sure the atmosphere doesn't get dead-serious. It would be very surprising if you liked one but hated the other.


Both series are about boys that fights not only for themselves, but also for their friends. They start at the bottom and work upwards to the top. If you'd like one, you'd surely like the other.


They're two similiar anime series, both having hot-blooded characters and awesome fights. Everyone is watching one of this series, must watch the other one as well.


If you like Bleach... You like Naruto. They're the same. Both Ichigo and Naruto are willing to save friends and they never give up.

So try watching it! ;)


Although set in different words, those two stories are basically the same: group of friends (with obvious main character), who are some highly skilled fighters, have many troubles and work to do in order to protect themselves and those close to them. Many enemies will appears, many tears will be cried out of sadness or joy, while you will follow them in their every day life as well as important missions.


Naruto is about the boy who try to prove himself to his village and want to become stronger so he can become the hokage in his village.

And in Bleach you will find ichigo trying to be stronger to protect his friends and soul sociaty.

So you will love to watch Bleach


If you liked Bleach because of its violence and intriguing storyline, then I would like you to try out Naruto. It's a very nice anime.

The same goes for Bleach - if you liked Naruto because of the great characters and storyline, along with violece, then I encourage you to watch Bleach. I'm quite sure that you would like it.


there realy isnt very many simularitys but they have the same feel. the main charectors in both are confident and sometimes cocky but, they both manage to save the day when they are needed.

In naruto, they use special powers using their hands that show color. Well thats the same except better cause theres also swords. Not to mention the characters look more like teens and are really cute. There is just such a great essence added that naruto doesnt bring to the plait. But if you liked all the battling and fighting scenes i promis you you will like it and if you dont feel free to email me. seriously cause I cant find a single thing bad about this great anime.

Naruto and Bleach. Peanut Butter and Jelly. Those two pairs are one in the same. You simply can't watch One without the other. They're so similar, yet so alike. Both Naruto and Ichigo have that "I'm not givin up until I (insert goal here)" attitude. Both of these anime also tecach you valuble life lessons, which you may have noticed if you already watch one. The most important being "If you care about something/someone Protect it no matter what". Sentimental stuff aside, both shows are packed with action, though two different types of action, they balance eachother out nicely. Among the various action scenes in each series, there's some nice comedy threaded into both. They do have their differences, such as Naruto is a Ninja and Ichigo is a Shinigami leaning more towards the end of Samurai. Also, both anime have the same type of decisive conflicts involved to keep you on your toes as well as various story plots that are just long enough to get the point but not be bored. Honestly now, would you eat a Jelly Sandwich with no Peanut butter? Of corse not! Thats silly. The same goes for watching both Bleach and Naruto.


Both of the series contain a seemingly clueless hero. One has the dream of becoming stronger to protect his friends, and loved ones, the other has a dream of becoming the worlds greatest ninja. Little do they know, however, their journey has only just begun. After completeing part of their goals, and living a fraction of their dreams, the two must now defend the world that they have both come to know and live as a pair of menacing bad guys begin to wreak their towns, dreams, and utlimately, their bodies.


Both series have the typical brash, energetic and wild protagonist who get progressively insanely powerful and have to save the world from various maniacal villains.


Both Naruto and Bleach are shounen anime that focus on watching the central protagonist develop and become stronger. Both also feature a lot of action and fighting. If you liked one then it's worth checking out the other.


Both Naruto and Bleach are shounen anime with lots of action anf fightings and with very strong, impatient and hasty main heroes. Bleach and Naruto are so similar, that If you like the one you'll definitely fall in love with another.


both series is about talent and ability, both series are also adventure, action and much comedy but when it comes it will be really serious


Naruto and Bleach both have a sort of misfit/social outcast as a main character.  Ichigo, Bleach's lead, and Naruto are very straightforward, run n' gun type of guys that knock down buildings and ask questions later.  Despite being bullheaded, they can also be surprisingly clever when they put their mind to it.

Naruto and Bleach both touch on the similar message of gaining power to protect the people that one cares about and to gain acceptance in a sometimes cold world.  They have a similar story structure that involves the characters working hard to gain strength and become skilled fighters out of nessecity, as well as dealing with the responsibility that follows gaining such strength.

If you liked one, you will certainly like the other.


I think you'd like Bleach to because it's kind of a little bit the same with the fights and the other stuff


Both series provide you with similar characters, who start off as newbies and as they make friends, enemies and fight their ways through, they realize they have amazing potential and learn what friendship really means! In both Bleach and Naruto, you'll harness action till you drop and every time you are about to watch anime, you won't be able to choose between the two!


Bleach and Naruto both are about becoming stronger to protect the people that the main character cares about. Both series have a similar story that involves the protagonists working hard to gain power and become skilled shinigami or ninja, as well as taking responsibility of becoming so powerful. If you liked Bleach or Naruto, you'll surely like the other.


They both fight in squads, and they have the same action Scenes. Both Animes have AWESOME character. I personally love both.


Because ther both action orinted with good story and characters.Also they both have alot of funny moments


Naruto is actually the same as Bleach, both has somekind of "suberb" powers. And it usually is like that, that you watch Bleach or Naruto you are destined to watch the other.


These shounen animes have the same basic premis. A group of young specially skilled heroes in search of adventure and to defeat the evil that threatens the greater good around them. Great battles and comedy hijinks accompany them on there journeys. Whilst the theme changes slightly with each anime the engaging story, great characters, exciting fights and comedy are ever present.


Both anime involve fights, special powers, comedy and tons of action. If you liked Bleach give Naruto a try and of course also the other way around.


Both anime have characters with a strong personality. We find in both special powers, and a story very well developed and worked. We can see my style of fighting, and some comedy in history. They are one of the best anime action.


They both have main characters that'll crack you up eventually, and the main guy, the ladies love him :D

They're both great animes that'll have you hooked after the first few episodes!

Bleach is one of my all time favorites and i love Naruto also(:


Both anime's are about the main character who wants to complete his goal and has its own kind of way of making it. During that journey he makes new friends who will help to reach this goal. Also both anime's include good fighting scene's.


If you enjoy Bleach or Naruto then you'd enjoy the other because they are both fighting style anime. Both anime have characters that grow physically and emotionally.They also both have the characters fight stronger and stronger enemies with different abilities. You will become attached to the characters as they progress through their individual stories and attempt to fulfill their lifelong goals.


Come on both are action anime with a heavy emphasis on friendship and getting stronger to protect them. The people who dont like bleach that like naruto just feel like they arent being loyal to naruto, and vice versa. if you watched one and liked it, you will like the other


Both series are long running and meant for the same audience. Lackluster animations, entire seasons of fillers and drawn out battles is what you can expect from both. Although Bleach wins the battle simply because of Naruto the character...


Besides the fact that both of them are shounen and have been running for a long time now, both serieses have similar stories where both talk about abnormal powers and in both the main character is a "good for nothing but fights" idiot type of character who actually has a warm heart and keeps helping those in need. In addition, in both serieses the main character have great intolerable power hidden inside. With all these similarities I'm pretty sure that if you liked one of them you'll like the other ^^


a lot of action and conflicts and other stuff that's awesome. If you like bleach than you'll like naruto trust me and if you like naruto than you'll like bleach.


Despite the overall length of the series and the annoying, frequent filler the main stories of both are kind of interesting.  If you enjoy long series like these, but like them to stay strong with the central plot all the way through, I'd suggest Naruto over Bleach


both have similar story line with totally different stotylines , and both try to keep us on the edge of our seats while givin' us a good time too.


These two go hand and hand. There both cool and have different types of fighting but yet neither of them can be beat. there both on par with each other


They don't call either of these one of the BIG THREE for nothing! Both are standard shonen. Power-ups, calling out their attacks, different organizations threatening the main character and his loved ones because of their evil intentions. Both Naruto and Ichigo also have to combat with an inner evil inside them, and hopefully through training and perserverance, harness that evil energy and use it for good.Plus there's barrels-full of characters coming at you left and right, each with their own unique style, hairstyles, mannerisms, attacks, etc. Enough that you'll find at least one character to love and at least one to despise for some reason or another.If you like "never-give-up" and "believe-in-yourself-and-your-friends-to-make-it-to-the-end" mentality and code of honor schtick that comes with many shonen animes, then watch both.


Both main characters have power and a strong willed mind. Both seem to never give up no matter the circunstances and fight mainly for friends. Both develop their powers through out the anime as they keep training and fighting. One as a substitute shinigami and the other one as a ninja. 

However, I think Naruto develops more as a character than Ichigo.If you've watched one you must watch the other. 


both naruto and ichigo train hard to do better so that they can protect thier friends.they encounter many obstacles but manage to get past them with will power.


both are very similar in that the main characters overcome hard obstacles through will as well as amazing new powers everytime


Just like it, and just as good, if not better. They both have astounding action, a great plot, amazing character development throughout each series, and never dissapoint.


To make long story short they have the same feeling. Great animes both. If you've seen one, you cannot dislike the other.

Both main characters have a light hair color (blond (yellow) for Naruto, orange for Ichigo), even though the animes are not named each after the main character, they have similar construction of the story , they both involve a teenage boy which has great superpowers with which will save the world from threats; they both are accompanied by great friends which actually are secondary characters in the story, the plot is taking plot in fantastic worlds ( Soul Society - Bleach, Konoha and such - Naruto, even though there is the Kamakura town where a part of the story will take place in Bleach). Also the story involves conflicts which threatens the wolrd in which the main character lives and must defend. There are also humorous situations which will ease the developping plots.


Both anime are epic length action adventure stories with many episodes and multiple story arcs.  Some folks don't like the "filler" episodes between story arcs as they don't advance the plot but such fluff is inevitable when dealing with any series of this length, and much of it is fun pointlessness!

If you like following the growth of a hero and his friends, and love to share their journey and adventures along the way, these anime offer plenty of fighting action, friendship development and continuous storylines to help you bond with and get to know their characters and world.


Great characters, great stories! Naruto's world is definitely more massive than Bleach but both are cool. If you like great action scenes, awesome techniques, deep plots and main characters with guts and extraordinary power, give these a try!


Both animes have a main character that is constantly raising their power to fight a difficult enemy just to hit a wall again and have to go back to training. They both have hand to hand combat and a large ammount of battles. 


I'll say Naruto is one of the best animes of all time however Bleaches Manga based anime story is amazing filler episodesa are the only downfall of bleach. Naruto has its moments where its not amazing but its well worth watching all the way through excluding the fillers. In any case if you like Naruto then you'll like Bleach. Just as if you like Bleach you'll like Naruto.


If you like either Bleach or Naruto you will like the other because the main characters all have very passionate personalites and once they set their mind to something they will not change it no matter what. Also once they promise something to someone they will stick to that no matter what else happens. They also share some similarites in the story line of the animes.


Both Naruto and Bleach are your typical shounen series. With heavy doses of action, A mix of comedy and teaspoon of Romance.

The Main character in both series has large amounts of sleeping power in them which they are unable to use, untill the fated meetings which change their life. Read through as how they battle the Evil forces and protect their friends and world from the impending Doom


they both have a main character who you see build from the ground up in terms of power. they both win over allys through fighting them.


Battle anime with epic fights. There are many filler though, so you can skip those if you want.


I agree with this recommendation because they are both focused on a strong male fighting to protect the ones they love. Both animes have drama, action, comedy, and great animation.

Naruto has more tear-jerking moments but, in my opinion, Bleach has more intense fights. But, both animes have a share of both and are amazing pieces. 

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One Piece

One Piece
  • TV (641+ eps)
  • 1999 - ?

Long ago the infamous Gol D. Roger was the strongest and most powerful pirate on the seas. As he was about to be executed he revealed that he hid all of his wealth, including the legendary treasure known as One Piece, on an island at the end of the Grand Line - a treacherous and truly unpredictable sea. Monkey D. Luffy is a spirited, energetic and somewhat dim-witted young man with a very big dream: to find One Piece and become the Pirate King! However Luffy is no ordinary boy, as when he was younger he ate one of the Devil's Fruits and gained its power to become a Rubber Man. Now in this grand age of pirates Luffy sets out to gather a crew and sail to the most dangerous sea in the world so that he can fulfill his dream... and maybe even his appetite!

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If you liked the amount of action in One Piece, you'll enjoy this series. There's plenty of stealth ninja stuff (woo!) fighting and all that. Plus, it has plenty of comical scenes.
Ah yes, the bliss of enjoyable 100+ episode shounen. One piece and Luffy go hand in hand in terms of a boy realizing his dreams. While One Piece doesn't take itself too seriously most of the time Naruto is a bit more serious but doesn't pretend to be something it's not. You like Naruto? Then you like OP, it's as simple as that folks.
Both animes are mostly comedy and action. There are moments of darkness in each at points. The both feature DBZ-like hugely extended fight scenes and battles. And finally Naruto and Luffy have a lot in common.

I've found that a lot of people that like Naruto also like One Piece due to the numerous fight scenes in each. If you liked one, give the other a try!


If you have seen Naruto I can almost guarantee you will like One Piece, because Monkey D. Luff and Naruto are both the same kind of energetic boys and talk about friendship in the same way to "protect their friends". you can find many equal things in both anime, but the biggest equality is how they show their feelings for comrades. The difference between these series is that One Piece has pirates and Naruto has ninjas.


In both series, the main character is a comical, but enduring person. They differ in that Naruto only understands those that have experiences close to his own, while Luffy has a knack for understanding a situation before anyone else. Their core principals are remarkable similar: stand by your dream, no matter what. And in their pursue of their dreams, both make lasting friendships that they stand by no matter what. In the end, both shows attempt to make you feel like you can take on the world, which is rare these days.


Where Naruto keeps its story focused and centralized on its own village (or nearby villages), One Piece embarks on a grand, epic adventure out to the seas. One Piece is less action-oriented, with a heavier mix of comedy thrown in. But both series don't disappoint in their action, particularly fight scenes.

The main characters, Naruto (Naruto) and Luffy (One Piece) share similar traits -- dumb idiots, big hearts, and their never-give-up attitude. Both share the same philosophy for winning: all you have to do is beat down the other guy.

One Piece does have a funnier overtone, and unlike Naruto it isn't always action or about the next mission. But you'll find that as the story progresses, you'll be wanting for more pirate goodness.


Both Naruto and One Piece are leading shounen anime. Appealing to the same audience and both having a huge amount of followers should mean you can like both, right? After all, both contain the fights, adventurous stories and some humor on the side that is the typical mix.


I think One Piece and Naruto resemble each other in many ways. They both have action and comedy, they both have characters who fight with special (magic) powers, and these characters have a dream of becoming something and always want to protect their friends. A difference is the drawing style; if you've watched Naruto first, then you might have to get used to the drawing style of One Piece, but that'll probably happen quite fast. Anyways, I'm sure you'll like one, if you've liked the other.


Both One Piece and Naruto are funny, action-packed, long, have many fight scenes, and need to be watched; they are both classics, and can give you a good laugh.


One Piece is a hillarious anime! Well, so is Naruto. That might be the only reason for a one to wacth both of them! Luffy reminds me of Naruto sooo much (with the exception of Luffy being a bit smarter!!!). They both act stupid but are also very close to their nakama. Both Naruto and Luffy have a dream, that one might consider impossible, but their determination never stops them! They fights of the Naruto shinobi and the One Piece pirates are intense and enjoyable! Yes, if you've watched one of these 2 anime, you should defenitely watch the other!


Both place alot on friendship been a key part in winning a fight. Both are action packed with the main person and their friends fighting to reach their goals.


Naruto wish to become the Hokage, the best ninja in the village.

In One Piece Luffy wants to become the pirate king, both Naruto and One Piece is stories about people who are trying to make there dreams come true, they are full of exiting adventures and fighting scenes.


The main character for both series are comical yet a bit dull in the head. They are both strong people who value friendship and are ruled by instinct or emotion. Fighting scenes and excitment are evident in both of these stories.


Both Luffy of One Piece and Naruto of... well... Naruto are similar in character. They are both nobodies that dream of being the greatest they can become. Luffy as the Pirate King and Naruto as the Hokage. If you enjoy watching a person overcome any obstacles in their way in order to achive a desired goal and make tons of colorful freinds on the way then both Naruto and One Piece are for you.


Though the subject matter is very different, both One Piece and Naruto have strong central characters with an unwavering dream. If you liked the determination of the protagonists and the action packed aspect of one, then you may want to check out the other.


Naruto and One Piece's story seems to be alike. They have both goals to become the Hokage and the Pirate King. Both Naruto and Luffy are alike because of their attitude.


I know a long-standing hatred exist between pirates and ninjas, but it's hard to not recommend Naruto and One Piece together: The long, desperate fights; a huge cast of characters; familar themes; and more episodes than I would, or could, asorb in three months. The final word: watch the other if you liked either one, when you have the time.


Naruto and One Piece are very similar in in the story and the character structure.Luffy has the same funny crazy type of character as naruto and they are both unpredictable and determined.Also their goal is to become the best of the best and be recognized as leaders.If yopu liked the one you will definetely like the other!


Better action, more hits less talk in the battles, every character had their part on the history. More fun, characters had more personality at first had less special powers...In my opinion One Piece is better than Naruto


Naruto and One Piece both share the same type of Main Character. They both have goals to become someone special (Naruto wants to become a Hokage and Luffy wants to become a Pirate King). Both characters are alike because of attitude of not giving up and trying their best.


Well if you like one then you will like the other. That is that. They both have comedy, seriousness, fighting, everything. Even the two main characters go hand in hand, they both eat ALOT, want to make it to their dreams, king of the pirates and hokage. They are both hyperactive and everything you love about them. Plus both series are pretty long which gets you attatched to the characters. When i first started watching one piece, i got the feeling that these two shoes go hand in hand. The only difference? One is Pirates the other is Ninjas. So you WILL Like One if you liked the other. Just try it, what can it hurt....you may end up with a fave new anime! 


These shounen animes have the same basic premis. A group of young specially skilled heroes in search of adventure and to defeat the evil that threatens the greater good around them. Great battles and comedy hijinks accompany them on there journeys. Whilst the theme changes slightly with each anime the engaging story, great characters, exciting fights and comedy are ever present.


Both animes are primarley fighting animes with a lot of passionable scenes. Beside that they aren't that comparable, still I like them both a lot and I would recommend them.


Both anime's are about the main character who wants to complete his goal and has its own kind of way of making it. During that journey he makes new friends who will help to reach this goal. Also both anime's include good fighting scene's.


The thing that I most remembered from each was the stubbornness of the main character and him never letting down on his friends. For both the main characters their friends are the most important thing.If you like luffy I think you will like naruto and the other way.


both are 'AWESOME............'....

and both are funny,with morals and i love them..... :)

better watch both in parallel lines..... :)


Although the setting is very different, both of these shows are long-running popular action shounen series about a young man, his friends, and their adventures. They are made up of several story arcs, but each main character has a confident dream to be the best. Fans of one might like the other.


Both are long running animes with a lead character who has a dream of becoming the greatest. The action in these animes are really well made and if you enjoy laugh every now and then, then these are for you.


If you like anime with lots of action, you'll enjoy  One Piece and Naruto. 

Both animes are awesome have alot of Adventure , comedy and action. There are moments of Sadness and happiness in the two animes ,Naruto Uzumaki and Monkey D.Luffy have a lot in common, one wants to become the Hokage, the other the Pirate King they have both goals to become someone powerfull, they allways give the best to protect their friends. 

I'm sure if you like one, you will like the other.


comedy, action are likely, the basics of a mainstream shonen. If you like these you probably also like Bleach or something of the sort.


Both main protaganists of the series Luffy and Naruto are simple minded and have a huge goal they want to achieve.Luffy wants to be king of the pirates, while Naruto wants to become Hokage, both include their fair share of comedy(Naruto does get away from that towards the end and almost completely gone in Naruto Shippuden) and each have great action. A fan of One Piece will most likely be a fan of Naruto and vice versa. 


One piece and naruto have many similarities in them.

The main char in both is Idiot type character who is kind,pasionate, big eater and has goal he aims to achieve(Hokage for Naruto and Pirate King for Luffy). In their journey they meet many new friends and enemies, have some fun, some action and some tragedy.

If u liked one u would like other one aswell

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Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z

Five years have passed since Goku and his friends defeated Piccolo Jr. and restored peace to the planet. Gohan - Goku's son - and a variety of good, bad, and morally ambiguous characters are back, and perpetually not ready for action! Aliens, androids, and magicians all hatch evil plots to destroy the world and it's up to Goku to save the Earth once more - that is, once he and his comrades train plentifully in preparation.  Enemies will become friends and power levels will rise to unimaginable levels, but even with the help of the legendary Dragon Balls and Shen Long will it be enough to save Earth from ultimate destruction?

my list:

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Taking the title of biggest waste of time anime, if you like naruto's long flashbacks and explainations, then DBZ is for you. Although mostly a waste of time, it's a decent anime to start out with, and when they finally DO fight, it's pretty good.
For fans of Dragon Ball Z, Naruto is the next logical step. Both are based on a popular action manga, and both are series focused on hard-hitting action. However, Naruto has a far more developed sense of "cool," with its unique ninja techniques and stories with morals.
Fighting, fighting, fighting... both animes are based on that. You can find really nice action scenes in them. DBZ is much longer, so if Naruto wasn't enough for you, this is the right series for you.
Both serie shave the problem of having fight which are way to long. Som efights take up 10 eps or more. If you don't mind this and like to have some good fun, check out Naruto. If you are more fond of even longer fight and superpowers, check out Dragonball Z
Both shows suck. They drag out fights WAY too long, have totally unoriginal plots, and are just generally ridiculously childish. If you're into those kinds of things, then by all means watch both of these shows. (I'd personally STAY AWAY from both, but to each his/her own I suppose.)
Both of these long running series have a heavy emphasis on character development and interaction as a basis for continueing the story. Although each series DOES use epic battles to help the story move along Dragon Ball Z uses them more liberal and helps to give a slower feel to the seires makeing it perfect for those who felt that naruto moved a little too quick

Though a lot of people say Naruto and DBZ are alike, I feel they aren't as alike as most say. But who am I to say, Naruto was based on DBZ? There are quite a few similarities; the main difference is that Naruto has deeper characters. If you like either one, you just might like the other one too.

Regardless of what Naruto fanboys may tell you, Naruto DOES resemble DBZ. The style of fighting, the character setup, the long battles. Whish isn't entirely strange if you consider that the creator of Naruto worshipped Toriyama the author of DBZ when he was young. You'll find lot's of DBZ in Naruto and vice verca.

Like in Naruto, Dragon Ball Z has a lot of hand-to-hand combat and special powers for each individual. It's not based on a ninjas like Naruto, but it is still action-packed and the epic fights that the characters have with the evil villains are long and interesting. There are down episodes where nothing happens and they talk a lot but if you hang on long enough and see the crazy fights you will love watching all the fighting. Also if you like the episodes get the movies and watch them too; they're just as good as the episodes and the action happens quicker as well.

A lot of the feelings and relationships in Dragon Ball Z are close to the ones Naruto has (besides his loneliness), including all of the good feelings and the need to protect your friends. If you are into series that show the good guy winning and overcoming himself to crunch the crap out of the villains (ahhhhh, what a good feeling it is) then watch DBZ. It's a darn good show!


If you liked the fight scenes in Naruto you should also like the fighting in Dragon Ball Z as well.


I once heard Naruto being labelled as the 'new Dragon Ball Z', probably because of the similar action themes, and the lengths of the shows. It is relatively easy to see the similarities between them, anyway.


Naruto and DBZ are power up-oriented action shows where the hero changes or defeats everyone around them through sheer determination and an unreasonably optimistic mindset. They are light and entertaining.


It is series like these that end up being great 'gateway drug' for newcomers and anime junkies alike.

If you like episodic fights that keep you captivated and a lot of "cliff-hanger" episode endings that leave you wanting 'more'. This series is for you.


Dragon Ball Z is almost alike to Naruto in some ways but the main thing about them is that there botha non-stop action anime especially DB Z. Almost the whole series is just fighting, fighting and more fighting.


Because it has immersive Character development not too much and the fight scenes are long, witch can be good or bad, depends on your liking, I myself enjoy long fight scenes.Above all its a great recommendation


Action, Action, Action. If your looking for martial arts with superhuman abilities than these series are perfect. If you liked one, you'd surely like the other.


Ok, the creator of Naruto himself told us he loved how the story of DBZ was put in, especially the character that is Goku and all the secrets that surround him. And that's pretty easy to notice in how Naruto was done.

2 boys with low experience at first, but with a dark past, a secret one, even to the boys themselves, that finally is turned up as the series progress. And it is that link, between the 2 boys and their past, that moves the story.

Their powers soon grow up as they save their friends and go through a lot of adventures with a lot of other characters that do have a good charisma and always are related to the boy themselves, but never get the same attention as the 2 boys.

Is Naruto the new DBZ? No, DBZ is pretty unique, Naruto has his own story, and will be remembered as such, not as a story that was actually made up from DBZ. They are both great shows, not with a great story compared with other animes, but the rest makes up for it.


Fighting, talking about friendship, fighting, rescuing the village, fighting, rescuing the world, fighting. Yea that's about it in both shows. Well, ok there's a bit more but really nothing THAT good. I guess they both have the same kind of character development slow(200+ eps) but kinda effective (Gaara, Vegeta).


These series are filled with nonstop & intense action, that would make you keep on watching for hours. They also have a comedy side too.


Well this isnt something unexpected. These 2 anime are veeery similar, but i admit, not the same. First and foremost similarity is that they have almost the same number of series, both tending to end the serie at the most crucial moments so you have to wait for another week to see what will happen next only to find the next episode more interesting than the last, and of course, also ended at the most important moment. Iritating isnt it? Well, in these 2 cases (and of course, in my opinion) absolutely not! Both are about fighters using their inner power to overcome their rivals, to save the day,a friend or a lady. In both anime you get the feeling what most cherished charasteristics in Japans culture are - hard-work and determination over pure natural talent and vanity. Thats why i love them both. If you like Naruto, you may like Dragon Ball Z, if you like Dragon Ball Z you will love Naruto.


If you like action/adventure, and fighs that can take many eipsodes to finish the either of these will do for you! Both hero's must get stronger to protect others.

If you like action, adventure, hero's, and fighting then you will love this!


i think that if you like dbz u will like naruto, because to me they both are like the same show like fights are alot the same and ya


Both involve ultra-long winded fights with all the usual cliches.

Both start off very strong but both become over-come with stupid plot twists and endless filler later on. By that time you'll be hocked though. :P

Though if "fighting" seems even vaguely interesting you could do so much worse.

As a note, Naruto is heavier on filler and DBZ is heavier on dragging fights on.


Both have long and often drawn out fight scenes, that are sometimes amazing and sometimes tiresome! A lot of people will say that Naruto is an improved version of DBZ, personally I disagree! I love dragon ball Z and i DO think the characters have some depth to them. Possibly Naruto has more characters which can be related to more easily than DBZ but both shows are, in my opinion, wicked!


The main characters (Naruto and Goku) both are hot-headed. Like Naruto, Goku plans to be the strongest fighter and begins on his journey.. Both animes are based on training and fighting.

If you didn't like ''short'' Naruto battles, you gonna like full of action DBZ battles.


The plot elements and characters in Dragon Ball Z and Naruto are very similar, for example, Goku/Naruto is a boy who, at the beginning, have no knowledge of his origins, but as the series progresses, he meets many new friends along the way and slowly discover his past.

Also the fght scenes are very similar, mostly because they both envolve around martial arts but Naruto mixes it with ninjutsu and weapons, while Dragon Ball Z mixes it with mostly Ki.

Anyways, both series are worth watching


I started off watching all of the DBZ series. All the while telling myself that DBZ was a classic show not some creepy weird Japanese anime or whater. Then I found myself going straight for Naruto experiencing the best morals you could learn and it gives you more inspiration then DBZ. Dragon Ball was amazing I believe some of Naruto was mirrored off of Goku's innocent funny charactor. I'm now waiting for the newer episodes of Naruto Shippuden since by this time now I have become obbsessed with the anime along with others. Anime is a great! If you don't open up your mind to different things they be stuck with the same old stuff. Dragon Ball is an anime you should watch before you watch Naruto it will give some type of idea. Mind you that Naruto has alot more to it. More charactor development in every charactor then any other anime out there! I deffaintly recemend both!



If you like DBZ, You ll surely like Naruto and wise versa! Naruto is a true successor to Dragon Ball z


The creator of Naruto was inspired by Akira Toriyama's Dragonball, and it shows in his work. Both Goku and Naruto the protagonists of Dragonball and Naruto respectively have similar personalitys. Both care-free hardworking, love fighting, knuckleheads. The action in the two shows are also similar. Also, just to point this out, the main characters of both series's have the same color pattern. Goku wears orange and blue as does Naruto and Vegeta wears plain blue as does Sasuke. Overall these series are a perfect match for each other and, in my opinion, have alot more in common with each other then Bleach does.


The show is a Classic and anyone who has seen some anime has heard of this! Must watch show and it paved the way for stuff like bleach and Naruto


Naruto and Dragonball Z have to be my all time favorite anime series. I mean both have pretty good if not decent action scenes and many of the characters are all lovable and enjoyable even some of the villians X3 If there are Bleach or One Piece fans on here, then I think Naruto/DBZ is your kind of show.


Naruto and Dragonball Z both feature the same method of story telling. Lots of "charging up" and posturing and stare downs and talking instead of fighting and repeating the same lines and images over and over. All this aside, VERY ACTION PACKED. If this stuff tickles your fancy then there's probably none better

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Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter

Drawn to the mystique of the unknown, Hunters travel the world in search of terrifying creatures, incredible riches, and unexplored lands. Gon Freecss is a naive-yet-determined young boy who aspires to join the ranks of these individuals, in order to find his missing father Ging - a master of the profession himself. To reach his goal, he partakes in the formidable Hunter Exam, a series of tests that push the participants to their physical and mental limits, with a Hunter License as the prize. During the exam Gon befriends vengeful Kurapika, doctor-to-be Leorio, and skilled assassin Killua, who have entered for their own reasons. But with the sinister Hisoka standing in their way, will Gon and his friends be able to succeed in obtaining their reward, or even escaping with their lives?

my list:

not rated
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Young boy goes after his dream, makes some interesting friends and has to fight a lot in order to achieve his goal. The plot might not seem too original, but that doesn't mean it can't be done well. Nice fights, well portrayed charachters, and some nice drama are the trademarks of "Hunter X Hunter" as well as "Naruto".
Both of these series follow adolescents. The main characters both follow a set goal where each is trying to prove something to someone. The character development is superb and goes into exquisite detail for everyone. Both series have specific powers or abilities that each character maintains. Action scenes are also extremely intense and well animated.
though the premise of shinobi villages and hunter society differs, much of the rest of these is surprisingly similar, and i think you will get a very similar feel from these two. From the spiky headed main character, to the frequent battles against strong odds... the animation styles are not quite the same, with naruto feeling very polished and clean, and hxh a bit grittier, but this is a nice contrast, and makes it worth watching both.

Naruto and Hunter x Hunter are pretty similar. Both follow young main characters about to embark in rich worlds full of adventure. Naruto wants to become a ninja, Gon wants to become a hunter, and both must prove their worth in several exams.

If you liked Naruto, be prepared for another story with great character development, the same humor, and a cast of interesting and skilled characters, both good and evil!


Both Hunter X Hunter and Naruto are shounen power-based series, right down to chakra in the case of Naruto and nen in the case of Hunter X Hunter. Whereas Naruto loses its focus sometimes and then trails off with filler for the last 80 episodes or so, Hunter X Hunter (and the OVAs that follow) stays on target and really does continue the plot.

The character development stays consistently good throughout both anime. One word of warning: don't judge this show on the first 3 episodes. Keep watching and it'll pick up.


If you enjoyed the adventure and action in Naruto, you'll enjoy Hunter x Hunter's dose of action. The main characters are similar in their viewpoints on life, and personality (same voice actress too!). They both have cool 'examination periods' and a set of truly unique characters. Hunter x Hunter has a more well-pieced story. There are no fillers, and you don't get the stretched feeling from watching things like Naruto or Dragonball.


First of all, Gon and Naruto have the same seiyuu, that is important.

Both of the main characters, Gon and Naruto, are rather stupid young men who strive for an almost unobtainable goal. They are both optimistic, naive and carefree, but sometimes unexpectedly deep and focused. They want to live their own way, after their own rules instead of conforming themselves to the masses.

They both have an 'evil' best friend that they do not give up on no matter what. And if you like endlessly-long action anime with lots of special moves these anime are for you.


Both anime have a similiar feel to them. They are both coming of age type anime that take you through the growth and development of the main and supporting characters. Also, both anime make use of special character techniques that yield many interesting fights.

However, while Naruto takes the lighter approach, Hunter X Hunter is more on the dark side. And while both are fun to watch, Hunter X Hunter is more plot driven. Even after watching all of the TV series and the 3 OVA series, you'll still be yearning for more.


Gon is a lot like Naruto; he even has the same seiyuu. They're both really optimistic characters who see the best in everyone. Gon is completely determined to become a Hunter (ha, like Naruto wants to be the Hokage) and find his father. His friend Killua also brings in that rival/friendship. Killua has a very similar background to Sasuke, crazy brother and all, with a very prestigious assassin family. Also, Kurapica has a power similar to the sharingan. If Naruto is your favorite character, you will LOVE Gon.


Hunter X Hunter has a similar story and feel to Naruto. Both involve the training of the protagonist and the team formed that supports him, though they initially are much better than him in many skills. Both of the main characters in Hunter X Hunter and Naruto possess incredible endurance and great strength as their greatest assets, and will never give up. Both animes are good although Naruto slows down after a while. The manga of Hunter X Hunter is better than the anime.


The relationship (bond) between Naruto and Sasuke is taken to a deeper level in Hunter x Hunter with Gon and Killua. Naruto and Gon share the same outward goofy traits, and Sasuke and Killua share the same prodigy inheritance.

You'll enjoy the struggles and development the characters in Hunter X Hunter go through. The story-line is shorter and more focused, giving you more of the characters in each episode.


If you liked Naruto and want something very similar to it, then you can't go wrong with Hunter X Hunter. Not only does the latter have better pacing (not a filler to be found!), it has more profound characters that develop and grow as the series transpires, and a much more engaging plot that won't leave you in an apathetic state of mind as the former does.


This recommendation is based on a gut feeling. Both Naruto and HxH are hilarious, but also have some serious episodes. Above all, both share incredibly exciting fights. Besides that, both main characters are performed by the same voice actor.


Both anime are about young boys who want to achive something - one wants to become Hokage, while the other wants to gain the title of Hunter. Watching these shows you'll get the feeling that the main characters are almost the same - they're cheerful, friendly and a little dumb ;)


The story of young Gon is very similiar the the story of Goku from DB and Naruto from eee well Naruto. It's a story of a young boy trying to be the best Hunter in the world and finding his dad, a very famous and powerfull Hunter. It's a story about friendship and overcoming difficuilt obstacles lying on the way to total succes. Both series contain a lot of blood that may disturb younger audience. There's a lot of killing and assasin actions. It's hard to belive that both series have 11 years old boys as main characters.


Naruto and Hunter x Hunter both follow a stubborn young boy striving to achieve a goal which leads them through numerous trials and perils. While Naruto longs to be recognised by his village as Hokage (strongest ninja), Gon aims to become a top hunter in order to meet his father.

Both of these anime have a similar feel and theme to it with both serious and comedic moments including an examination to proove one's worth, and periods of training. However, while Naruto has better storyline development and animation, HxH has no fillers and definitely holds your interest. If you enjoyed one, you can almost definitely be guaranteed to enjoy the other


Both have the "never give up, try your hardest, reach for your dreams" theme, and both are about the story of a young kid trying to overcome the odds and become what they want to be, no matter how impossible it seems.


I am watching both of these series with my son. I find them both to be age appropriate for 8-12 years with a plot line and enough action to satisfy my tastes for such anime as Black Lagoon that I won't let him watch yet. These series are sophisticated enough to keep your interest. Later episodes of Hunter X Hunter as well as Naruto may not be appropriate for the younger viewers. I prescreened and fast forwarded through some of the more intense scenes found in both series.


Both series are about young up-and-comers in their own feilds, who want to become the best and catelog the story of an "underdog" throughout the series.


These shows have so many similarities that it would take too long to list them here. But some of them are that they have similar characters, exams, occupations, fighting techniques, backstories and story structure.


Both animes go through the same objective, where the two main characters are fighting for their goal with all his strength. We see a similar style, whether in fighting techniques as in the backstory. The fights are intense. Naruto is a story of ninjas in action, while Hunter x Hunter is more real, but both good stories worthy of being seen.


If you enjoyed the anime and manga series Naruto, then you will most definitely find some solace in Yoshiro Togashi's Hunter X Hunter. Both display themes of courage, friendship and sacrifice, as well as catering to the complex aspects of classic "coming of age" stories.


Each series on about a young that is trying to make something of him self. On their journey they make meet new friends and teachers which they train under. Both heros are also very nice people who love their friends!

Flame of Recca

Flame of Recca

Recca dreams of one day becoming an excellent ninja, but in this day and age ninjas are only talked about in history lessons. While playing his ninja games, he meets a mysterious woman that reveals to Recca his past, his bond with the powerful Hokage clan, and the special flame power that resides within him. Meanwhile, the evil Kurei has plans to gather the madougu from the Hokage clan so that he may take control over the elemental powers, but Recca is determined to master his flame and stop Kurei’s evil plans. Does he have what it takes to live up to his own expectations and put a stop to Kurei himself?

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Ninja, Ninja, Ninja! Recca and Naruto are similar in that they're both "fighting" series about ninjas (to a point). Both have great action, and if you like one, chances are you'll like the other.

Like Naruto , it is a light hearted fighting anim.
Recca is similar to Naruto (the characters). Both have an iron will and limitless determination. If you enjoy Naruto, I believe you would enjoy this anime.
The way of the Ninja! Recca must protect his Hime at all costs with his flame all the while laughing his ass of at Domon. This I'd say would be a good anime series to watch if you like naruto.
A great ninja kid anime with some of the same elements of humor. The graphics aren't quite as polished however, and the main character is not weak like Naruto.... so I'm biased, but for just fighting it's better.
To become a ninja isn't always the easiest thing Naruto knows that but will this guy Recca figure it out? Flame of Recca is a alot like Naruto. Funny and alot of fighting. I saw Flame of Recca before I started watching Naruto and the first thought that went trough my head was: Wow this is exactly like Flame of Recca. But I think Flame of Recca is abit more serious than Naruto. Not a spoiled kid who will become a ninja this time.
Have the same sort of feeling boy searching for more power.
For the really hardcore fans of Naruto, Flame of Recca might feel a little flat in the beginning. But it will pick up a lot as it moves along. If you're looking for something similar to Naruto this is basically something you have to see. You can expect to see somewhat samekind of action as in Naruto.
They have the same type of fighting, both with shinobi jutsus and they resemble each other alot. Both with a dash of comedy just perfectly inserted :) Watch FoR if you like Naruto!
These two series have several components in common, ninja, "magic" and fighting. Flame of Recca is no were near Naruto in any aspects. But if you are a ninja or naruto fanatic, it could be worth to check em' out.

Though I did see Naruto before Flame of Recca, they do feel very alike. Naruto is sort of like a newer version of Recca. Both have ninjas who use elemental powers. If you like one, you should like the other.

Ninjas. Fighting. Supernatural powers. Ah, the world of shounen. If you are in the mood for a shorter, less fanboi populated show Flame of Recca is the choice for you. Recca prances about with an entourage that's remarkably similar to Naruto's doing well....much of the same business. A fan of one series is likely to be a fan of the other.

Both Naruto and FoR feature strong-willed characters that probably should learn when to stop and give up; however neither ever will. FoR isn't nearly as long as Naruto, but it still features an adventure element that a Naruto lover would like, as well as much of the same butt kicking.


Although they are not essentially similar, except for the fact that both anime has something to do with ninjas, I think that if you like Naruto you'll also like this anime. If you're a die-hard ninja fan Flame of Recca is also worth checking out.


Both anime is about fighting to protect the person you love and care about. But naruto has missions and have to protect that person becaue of the mission and Falme Of Recca they fight to protect the person they care. But both of these animes have a lot of  fighting.So if you like naruto you'd also will like Flame Of Recca.


Both series involve the main character wanting to become a great ninja. Where their greatest similarities lie, however, is in the fighting tournament they join with their friends. If you enjoyed the chunin exam story arc in Naruto, or the underground tournament story in Flame of Recca, you should check out the other.


Both Naruto and Flame of Recca are all about ninjas.

Both series' main characters are ninjas, and both main characters start out with little actual ninja ability; however, both main characters rapidly grow in their ninja powers and abilities throughout the series.

Both series also feature many ninja weapons and focus on ninja combat.

If you like either of these series because of the ninja aspect then you would likely be interested in the other.