Nanatsuiro Drops

TV (12 eps)
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Masaharu Tsuwabaki ('Haru') had been living a more or less normal school life until, one day, he accidentally drinks a potion that transforms him into a tiny doll-like lamb at night. To lift this curse and return to normal, he must work with his "chosen girl" Sumomo Akihime, a very shy girl in his class. She is given powers by a magical ring, and together they must hunt down mystical artifacts called stardrops in order to return him to normal. At the same time, Tsuwabaki must keep his daytime identity a secret from Sumumo as well as keep their ability to use magic hidden. As he lives this double life, he grows closer and closer to Sumomo in both his human and sheep forms.

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Nanatsuiro Drops
  • Vol: 6
  • 2006 - 2010



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