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New Years Resolutions!by xamberchan

Anime I plan to watch or finish this year :3

Must-See Animeby kyndyleizabella

Anime that any anime fan has to watch.

Anime Challenge 2016by mnroe

Scarlet Rain`s 2016 ANIME CHALLENGE

Scarlet Rain's 2016 anime challengeby eladar

Check out Scarlet Rain's profile for more info. Basically watch all these to completion within 2016

ScarletRain's 2016 Anime Challengeby Loadster

50/51 (One show has not aired yet)

ScarletRain's 2016 anime challengeby Edock

Challenged to watch these in 2016 by ScarletRain

Anime CHALLENGE 2016 (by ScarletRain)by AnnBlue

Complete all series before 2017! ...Completed: 20 ...Watching: 2 ...Stalled: 4 ...Need watch: 24

ScarletRain's challange 2016 !by Bimpy

The challange is about complete her list of recommended anime shows ! Though since we do not need to rewatch those I have already watched (though I might - but anyway) I'm already a good way in there :3 Challange accepted 3th january 2016 ...

Anime Challenge SouIEater

Suggested by ScarletRain.