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Nana Komatsu is on her way to Tokyo; now she can finally be with her boyfriend after a year of dating long-distance! On the train there, Nana Komatsu meets Nana Osaki – a girl who shares her name but seems to be everything Nana Komatsu is not; cool, street-wise, and a punk rocker. The two hit it off and spend the entire journey getting to know each other, but when they get to Tokyo, circumstance separates them seemingly forever. However, fate is not finished with these two. Whilst hunting for a place to live the two Nanas again cross paths. They decide to share a flat and become best friends in no time. Nana K. must learn to be independent and mature, while Nana O. works on becoming famous with her band; but together, they will learn about love and loss, and the growth that comes with it.

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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Nana Recaps TV Special 2006 TBD

related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Nana 2000 Original Manga
Name Role
Kunihiko HAMADA Character Design
Morio ASAKA Director
Tomoki HASEGAWA Music
Ai YAZAWA Original Manga Creator
Masao MARUYAMA Producer
Toshio NAKATANI Producer

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Paradise Kiss

Paradise Kiss

Yukari is a typical high school student on the fast track to attending a university, but her boring life leaves much to be desired; that is, until a motley crew of fashion design students ask her to model their new clothing line: Paradise Kiss! Now, Yukari must choose if she will reject the life her mother has laid out for her, and start making choices on her own for the first time. While taking her first steps into adulthood, Yukari also begins to realize that with freedom comes responsibility; a life in the fashion industry isn't an easy one, especially for someone unsure of her own intentions…

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Paradise Kiss is written by the same writer as Nana, Ai Yazawa. It has kind of the same theme as Nana but with fashion i guess. The characters are similar to Nana.


If you liked Nana, you'd also like Paradise Kiss because it's also about a young woman who is trying to find a place in the world. It's also by the same author as Nana, so all the more reason to watch Paradise Kiss! =]


Both series are from Ai Yazawa-sama. They both have the same taste, though Nana is a little bitter while ParaKiss is a little soft. They are both great!!!


Both Nana and ParaKiss have the same feeling to them. So if you've watched either one and are looking for one just like it here it is. The stories vary but have the same attitude in them.


Ai Yazawa’s work is so distinctive that no one could mistake Nana and Paradise Kiss as being written by anyone else. While the series aren't perfect, they can be considered one of the frontrunners of modern shoujo romance.

I emphasize modern because of how backward and traditional other romance anime seems when compared to Yazawa’s work. While other shoujo series are still mucking about with idealistic conceptions of the One True Love, the feelings of Yazawa’s characters are much more complex, layered, and believable. Nana and Paradise Kiss are amazing not only for convincing us that its characters love each other, but for convincing us that we know why they love each other.


Both series are about growing up, facing difficult circumstances, making difficult choices, finding love and maintaining friends. Both series are post-high school which makes them even better. If you liked one then you will surely like the other.


This is certainly a guaranteed recommendation. Paradise Kiss and Nana are the main works of Yazawa Ai. She's an expert in portraying human relationships, and in both cases, as usual, she delivers without fail. You'll probably see some of the coolest and best portrayed characters ever in romance anime. The mentioned characters push the stories forward and while you watch them grow, fighting the hardships of life and love, you often completely forget they aren't of flesh and bone. Yazawa Ai also manages to do this with style, since the aesthetic part is particularly rich showing the author's personality. Also in both cases the sound department is excellent - in Nana you can almost call it perfect. They have the best seiyuus out there, an awesome op/ed compilation, and equally impressive OSTs!


These two anime simply come as a pair. If you liked the well drawn characters and modern romance of one and were left wanting for more of Yazawa's work, then the other is a must.


Nana and Paradise Kiss are like two peas in a pod. Both are products of Ai Yazawa, and both contain some of the most realistic yet larger than life characters you will ever see! Both anime have an amazing fashion sense, the clothes the characters wear have a distinct feel and reflect largely on their personalities. Although sometimes the characters seem to be duplicates, lilke Nobu (Nana) & Arashi (ParaKiss) and Misato (Nana) & Miwako (ParaKiss), it is in a more "Wow! Similarities!" way rather than becoming dull or boring. Both Nana and Paradise Kiss have brilliant soundtracks with kick ass music, humour that will bring a smile to your face, situations that will pull you in and characters you will root for (and boo) the whole way through the series!


While the story lines are different, Paradise Kiss and Nana both gave off the same feeling to me while I was watching them. If you enjoyed watching one then I think you would enjoy the other.


Created by the hopelessly romantic Yazawa Ai (Ai = love in Japanese), both series depict realistic situations and tend to focus more on character development than the action itself. If you appreciate shoujo series with a flavor of realism and do not serve your anime all covered in sugar, especially if you're familiar with Yazawa's art, you'll certainly love these.


Both Paradise kiss and Nana are centered on main characters that put all their efforts into making their dream come true, sometimes against their family and friend's advice. The decisions they will have to make both regarding their professional and love life will be hard on them, and the series give a real insight in their respective reasons and thoughts, leading to the choices they make. The characters of these anime are really complex and symptathetic, which makes it even more interesting to follow their life story.


Well, what should I say.... I am what?! ... the 1852nd person to make this recommendation! Well, things are simple, if you trust Ai-sama, creator of Paradise Kiss and Nana, and you have watched one of those 2 anime, watching the other is simply a MUST! There is no way you will not like it!


Both of the original manga series are written by Ai Yazawa. They also both deal with the forming of romantic relationships that are very realistic and true to real life.


These animes both deal with a womans 'coming of age' in a mature yet entertaining manner, and have alot of character similarities.


Like Nana, Paradise Kiss was created by Ai Yazawa, so they both have the same unique feel and animation to them. They also have very similar themes and characters (both have the theme of love [in many aspects], and, in my opinion, each character brings something special to the series'). Though they have different plots (Nana being about two girls who are very similar yet very different, and how their differences unite them; Paradise Kiss is about a normal girl being introduced and falling in love with a very different way of life than her norm), both are very enjoyable animes with breathtaking animation, wonderful characters, great plot, and much more! The only downside? Paradise Kiss is only 13 episodes long, so if you were hoping for another long series like Nana, you won't find it with ParaKiss. It's very short, but finishes off quite nicely - if it were any longer it might become too drawn out and not as enjoyable. If you liked Nana for its quirky charm, you'll definitely enjoy Paradise Kiss - it contains that same quirky charm, and vice versa.


Ai Yazawa is a great mangaka artist.I strongly recommend Nana and after that Paradise Kiss.

The feeling that these 2 anime series left in my heart is quite the same,although the stories aren't 100% the same. The plot of these two anime series is amazing,the graphics are perfect,although the graphic from Paradise Kiss might look a bit strange,with time i began to love it.

The endings are quite bitter,in my opinion.

These two anime series are also the main,and best,works of Ai Yazawa,and are a must see.The only bad thing about Paradise Kiss is that its very short.If youre looking for something long you wont find it in ParaKiss but i strongly recommend this anime series because it could easily be a real story,nothing supernatural,science fiction,its like a slice of life,very realistic.


The similarities between these two shows are many, which isn't suprising considering they're written by the same person. Both share stories of bittersweet love, growing up, building friendships and entering a "new world" (fashion and music) among other things. The animation is basicly the same as well.


Nana and Paradise Kiss while being created by the same person are very complex and have very layered feelings of the characters.  There is something more typical of the real world than in a more fantasy based one true love type of anime.  There is an edgy animated fashion in both series and a very trendy and interesting artistic style.  Both series are about young women trying to make it in the world, facing difficult choices and harsh circumstances, and who strive to make the best of their lives.


Nana and Paradise Kiss have angsty romance, counterculture types, and edgy fashion. The love in both of these anime is bitter-sweet and none of the characters can quite figure out what it is they want. The elements that make one of these series strong also exists in equal measure in the other.


Although Paradise Kiss deals with the world of fashion and Nana deals with the world of music, both series are similar. The main characters in both series try to find out what they really want and do not hesitate to sacrifice their love in order to fulfill their dream.If you liked one, you would surely like the other. Both series are close to real life and you may already know that you cannot have everything and that the excellent career usually doesn't go together with happy love.


Paradise Kiss and NANA are written by Ai Yazawa, so they have very similar painting style. Both anime have a girl, looking for love and happiness, as a main characters. They also have very similar themes - in Nana it's the world of music and in Paradise Kiss - the world of fashion.


Josei at its best. Both Paradise Kiss and Nana are character-driven stories about a part of society regular people don't get to see (the world of Punkrock in Nana, Fashion in Paradise Kiss). Character development is THE forte of both shows, along with a fair dose of drama and romance. The character development goes a little deeper in Nana (naturally, seeing its length) and there is more emphasis on extravaganza in ParaKiss, but nevertheless, these shows are two of the same.


Two great Josei stories of life, love, and friendship. Nana and ParaKiss both feature the same themes, great music, and "real" situations- they're even by the same mangaka. If you enjoyed one of these shows make sure to check out the other!


I have no doubt that if you love Nana, you'll love Paradise Kiss, and vice versa. Both are made by the same author/artist, Ai Yazawa, and consequently have her unique spin on design and storyline. Nana is more rock-n-roll and the life of newly-minted adults making their way in the world, while Paradise Kiss is about falling in love and the world of fashion. There will be tears and realistic relationships, sex, and general love all-around. Can't miss either one if you're a slice-of-life fan.


Nana and Paradise Kiss were written by the same author - Yazawa Ai. The style of drawing and characters are simmilar, and the general storyline is basically the same.


These 2 anime are the same but instead of music being the main theme in Nana replace it with fashion for Paradise Kiss. Lots of drama to be had and people actually have sex in both shows. Check out one if you enjoyed the other


I think everyone above me has pretty much covered the reasons! They're very similar. Any other similarities would be spoilers.. Trust me, if you love one, you'd love the other! 


Both animes hold a specific sophistication and gravity to their story while keeping moments of humor and intrigue. 



Koyuki is a downcast fourteen-year-old boy who feels disconnected from life. Socially unpopular and lacking confidence, he takes some solace in his fandom of fluffy J-Pop. However, when he saves a strange dog from a group of cruel young bullies, his life changes forever; for through this encounter he meets a genius guitarist named Ryuunosuke and subsequently is introduced to the world famous rock band Dying Breed. Now, he uses his innate singing talent and beginning guitar skills to join with the indy startup band Beck, learning to live a life unlike anything he has ever known...


my list:

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Nana and Beck are very similar. The band Beck is trying their hardest to make a debut like Black Stones. In both anime they mention a lot of different bands (mostly rock). If you like music go watch it!


Both Beck and Nana deal with the hardships that certain people face as they attempt to make themselves and their music known, as well as deal with other day-to-day conflicts.


Both Nana and Beck deal with the lives of musicians and how people can be changed by music. In each of the series there is a band that is trying to get started up, and become a group that everyone knows. If you like rock music I think you will enjoy this anime.


Both anime deal with a group of young people who create a band and try to become famous. Beck is more centered on the world of music, whereas Nana gives more importance to the relationships within the band; this makes the two anime very much complementary. If you like one, you'll probably also like the other.


Nana and Beck tell us about the musical industry and everything concerning the creative process. We'll meet naive novices and tycoons of record labels, rookies and stars. Although in Nana the story is focused on love and relationships, it's also about the life of musicians, including live shows in small clubs, the recording process, promotion and music videos. If you want to know more about the musical industry you'll enjoy watching these series.


Nana and Beck are charming coming-of-age dramas framed around the highs and lows of the talented bands' struggle to get signed to a major label. While differences stemming from the shows' intended audience--Nana, a josei; and Beck, a shounen--are clear, both believably chart the growth in its main character's maturity with wonderful relationships to supporting characters, love interests, and the abstraction of the music business as an antagonist. These anime are top notch in the music genre.


In both series they show the sacrifices that need to be made while in a band as well as relationships and hardships that must be dealth with in everyday life. If you enjoyed one of the series because of its writing as well as music concepts you will no doubt more than enjoy the other.


Both animes are about band, love and their life problems and how they handle them. I'm sure if you liked NANA you will like Beck and vice versa.


Both this anime are music based anime. One (beck) more centred on the music and the relations between the bandmate and the other (nana) is more shoujo but i think the music predominant.

The OST of both anime is made by professional musicians and it isn't so bad for j-rock!


How does one rock group get from singing in forgotten pubs to performing in front of tousands? How is the life of a rock star in making? If you want to know, both these anime have the answer. Filled with great music, realistic, romantic and entertaining, both Beck and Nana are sure to keep you chained to the chair.


In Beck you can meet group of people who created a band, just like in Nana. The band has own up and down, maybe the love thread isn't very expand in comparison with Nana but other staff like life shows and great music are very silmilar. It's almost obvious that if you liked Nana, you'll like Beck too.


Anyone who has ever been in a band, had a friend in a band or been a fanatical groupie will find something appealing in both Nana and Beck.

The shows follow a band from the ground up; from the bickering arguments, romance, record deals and break-ups. Nana, being a significantly longer series, is much more character orientated and probably aimed more at a female audience. However, Beck explores each character well but is firmly rooted in the music.

As similar, and as different as these shows are, I think they will both appeal to the same crowd.


I think that Beck and Nana are similiar, because of their unquestioned ambiency.Both animes are showing extraordinarily passion for music, ambition, and hard work for making dreams come true.Beck and Nana tell us also that our exertions aren't giving us any safety, that sometimes in our life we must resign for sake of other people. Against they are showing how important and beautiful frendship can be.If you like one, I'm sure you will enjoy the other.


Both are jrock joy to the ears.  Altho I much prefer Nana shoujo over Beck shounen since i'm a girl.  Beck is engaging but Nana is addicting.  Watching one reminds of the other for its story ambience, rock music, romance sacrifices, band hardships and life dramas.  Guys may say Beck is good whilst girls will say Nana is the greatest.  Must watch jrock appreciation for all bandmates!


One word sums it up really: Music!

Yup if you are a fan of music and enjoyed either one...you simply have to watch the other! Agreed the stories have hardly anything in common, the animation sytles vary a fair bit as well but again, both animes are built around music and as such, if you like music, both are must-watch!

On the other hand, if you don't enjoy music...well why are you even reading this? :)


Each of these series have much in common, being focused mainly around the hardships accompanying starting a band, some complex romances, and growing up in general. If you liked either of these series you'll surely enjoy the other.


Both are about music and starting from zero, finishing with being pretty known :)! Love both!


Growing up is hard. Especially when your goals involve music in some way. Both of these shows explore being young and wanting to make it big in the music industry and the drama attatched to it. Nana is more aimed at girls where Beck is more aimed at boys which is why I probably enjoyed the drama in Nana way more than Beck. Check either out if you are wanting to explore a music drama.


Nana is far more relationship forward. Romance, hookups, multiple relationships happen. Beck is far more slice of life in that aspect. I don't think you'd get you romantic anime fix from Beck, however you will get your good anime fix. Beck has a rare setting for anime that is a real world. No oversized eyes with mini skirted school uniforms in Beck. Instead you get references too The Beatles, the whole British invasion, and a band that sounds like Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Nana's drama comes from the relationships, Beck's happens more within the band. Both have unique animation styles, great music, good characters, and a rather realistic world.

Nana more feminine, Beck more masculine. I enjoyed both.


both have romance beck not fully focuse on love like Nana< but both focus around music as well, both great anime to watch

watch it online now!

Honey and Clover

Honey and Clover

Art college: cradle of romance, home of bittersweet moments. Takemoto is struggling to find his direction in life, while his roommates Morita and Mayama are moving confidently - or recklessly - towards their goals. Enter Hagu-chan, the childlike and beautiful prodigy whom everyone admires; and thus the love triangles begin. Together, the trio explore the pain of first love, the trials of romantic conflict, and our loyalty to those annoying people who happen to be our closest friends.

my list:

not rated
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13 people agree

If you liked Nana, you would also like Honey and Clover because both series are character driven and in the perspective of people in their 20's. In Nana, the viewpoint changes from one Nana to the next. In Honey and Clover, each character gets to tell their side of the story and each story you really fall in love with. Both of these anime have really great music. Nana is more Jrock and Honey and Clover definitely has some great Jpop songs, especially in the opening and ending.

I think both of these series tell the stories of young adults really well. They incorporate romance, first love and finding your place in the world as an adult. There are a lot of laughs, and a lot of heartwrenching moments you can relate to.

Each title really works the anime cliches perfectly. They have very unique, beautiful animation. The animators did a great job combining stories, visualizations and music together in Nana as well as in Honey and Clover.


Nana and Honey and Clover have different genres but are similar in some ways. Both anime give you that ooo feeling after watching them. Kind of nostalgic in a way. I dont know how else to explain it. Go watch it and find out, you won't regret it.


Honey and Clover focuses on the same age group as Nana, and focuses on the intricate relationships between friends as they grow older and hopefully wiser. It has an end that wont keep you guessing.


Honey and Clover and Nana skillfully deal with the transition from life inside of to out of school. They efficiently mix warm and hilarious comedy with heart-wrenching drama to create pathos that further draws the view into the lives and relationships of the characters. The art style also rounds up the similarities between the three; the only major differences arising from the color palette.


I realized that after watching NANA, I haven't watched such a deep and complex story since H&C.  Only after thinking a bit, did I notice how similar they are in plot twists and complexity in their stories.

In terms of plot and characters, everyone is different.  However, both stories had a very strong group of characters that you get to know very well.  Every single one of them has issues, troubled pasts and gradually you follow how they deal with these problems. 

The only difference is that H&C is complete with a second season while NANA kinda leaves you hanging in the end.  Nevertheless, they both leave you with a feeling of cherishing the present that might not make it to your future =)


Both Nana and H&C are about beautiful frendship, not easy choises, groving up, and finding personal way of life.Characters in both animes are showing diffrent ways off thinking, diffrent problems and very similiar needs - they want to find themselves, love and be loved. They are similiar because of ambiency, masterly animation and great story. For me Nana and H&C are full of intelligence and great humor. I think, that if you liked one, you will enjoy the other.


While having forms of struggling artists in the background, each series focuses on trying to get used to the "real" world, while dealing with drama and love. While Nana's love would probably be considered much more mature, each series fits well together, blending drama, love, comedy, and portraying a sense of despair many feel when getting into the real world.


These two shows feature touching relationships of the romantic variety and otherwise, along with young people trying to make their way in this world while still trying to discover who they really are. I think if you found one of these thoughtful shows to be enjoyable you would also be interested in the other.


Both Nana and Honey and Clover are about young adults trying to find their place in the world. The characters all face their own drama and heartbreaks in the course of their journey. But both series are really good at alternating the funny and heartwarming moments with the more serious dramatic moments. Both shows feature great sound tracks.


Both shows are about a group of college age friends who are trying their best to make it in a harsh world and who fall just a bit short of their goals.  The shows are both very hopeful and sad at the same time and emphasize the fact that you can't always get everything you want, but that doesn't mean that you can't get anything out of life along the way.  The shows have a similar feel and are both very serious and sad with many funny, light hearted moments.  If you liked one, I definetly think you'll like the other.


Both Nana and Honey & Clover revolve around a group of college-age students who get very close as the series' progress.  They are both definitely josei, which makes them more realistic than most shojo romances.  The problems they face could happen to anybody (well, almost), and that is what makes them so beautiful.

The art is very different, but both are very well-done, especially Nana's.  I will say that H&C had better closure than Nana, simply because the mangaka behind Nana cut the story short for health reasons.


Both Nana and H&C are josei anime that focus on the main protagonist/s goals and especially puts a lot of emphasy on romance. Both feature comedy as much as drama so fear not, you won't receive more from one than the other. Both shows also feature characters that strieve to find their own place in the society. If you like one, you will definitely like the other one as well.


Both animes are very slice of life through a growing up age. Although romance is important, it doesn't completely rule the show. In real life romnce is an important factor, but we still have other things going on. Both deal with relationships of all sorts and growing up in general.

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Skip Beat!

Skip Beat!

Kyoko moves to the big city with the prince of her dreams Shotaro; he wants to make it big in the entertainment business, so she works hard at many different jobs to support him as he achieves his dream. However, one day, Kyoko accidentally discovers the horrible truth: the love of her life thinks of her as a 'plain and boring woman!' Outraged, Kyoko swears revenge – she will make it even bigger than Shotaro in the entertainment world. The only question is, how will she fulfill her desire?

my list:

not rated
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11 people agree

Both Nana and Skip Beat! have strong female characters that are trying to get their dreams come true, and delvelop a close relationship with another female along the way.


Both series are very encouraging, showing girl's struggles in showbusiness. There are touching moments that make your heart tremble as well as comedic scenes that make you laugh. If you liked one, you would surely like the other.


There are so many similarities between these two anime that I don't know where to begin.  On the surface, they both star strong-minded determined girls who want to make it in the entertainment business.  The whole story is about how they rise to the top and how they learn to grow and triumph over all the obstacles that come their way.  If you want more, they both feature plenty of romance with lots of good looking guys everywhere!

However, underneath it all... both anime are still very similar.  Skip Beat! leans more towards comedy and NANA deals with more mature subjects, but their lessons and issues that the protaganists face are still essentially the same.  There is the underlying romance, but each anime still has the goal of the starring females in mind.  How they grow up, how they overcome their difficulties and the realism of their stories really make it easy to empathsize (with a hint of luck of course!).

If you enjoyed one, I highly suggest you try the other.  These two stories are very unique for their genre and definitely one of the best from the pack.  And if it leaves you wanting more, you have the manga to look forward to!


The most important thing that is similiar in both animes is passion.Characters are not very alike, but I think their lust for art and people around are very cheering up.Nana is more mature but Skip Beat show a lot to think too. Both gives a big portion of laugh too.Creators gives us two great shows. You should try both.


Each series focuses on a female trying to make it in showbiz, while maintaining a high level of drama and comedy. Each series is extremely well done, so if you enjoy the story in one, you're likely to love the other.


NANA and Skip Beat! are anime's that involve strong, female lead characters and the entertainment industry.  Kyoko, from Skip Beat!, is an interesting mix of Nana and Hachiko from NANA, as well as having her own personality - this leads the anime to be a funny, enjoyable ride.  NANA has the same comedic humor and focuses on the music side of the industry for J-Rock.  If you loved one, you're likely to love the other.


Both shows are about strong women that follow their man to make it big in the entertainment industry. Both shows are full of drama, laughs and heartache. Both are worth a try!


Both series have strong female characters trying to make it in the world , and find themselves.


Both Nana and Skip Beat are very similar as the main character is trying to fullfill their dream throughout meeting guys and having a close female friend.

They are both very good animes :) some of my favourites! If u like one your'll love the other ^^!


the whole time i watched skip beat i couldn't help but feel like nana was the more adult version of the show. both are about the rise to fame and growing up plus both are funny.


its because both tells about somehow lfe of idol howerver nana plot is somewhat dark and more mature skip beat is light and enjoyable from bottom

watch it online now!

Bokura ga Ita

Bokura ga Ita

Yano Motoharu is the most popular guy in class, the school’s basketball ace, and highly charismatic to boot! No wonder Nanami Takahashi can’t resist falling in love with him. When Yano returns Nana’s feelings, things seem too good to be true and the two begin a relationship; but Yano has a contradictory personality which confuses Nana most of the time. On top of that, tragic events in Yano’s past won’t stop haunting their relationship. Unable to halt their passionate feelings, are Yano and Nana heading for disaster or can they save each other from irreparable hurt?

my list:

not rated
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9 people agree

Bokura ga Ita takes a closer look at a relationship between two teens. Just like Nana, you'll look seriously at the situations from the character's point of view. Though Bokura ga Ita doesn't rock out like Nana, it is sure to be an interesting watch.


The depth of the characters in both Bokura ga Ita and Nana can really help you to relate to them, and also enjoy their romantic sides.


Beyond having one too many characters named ‘Nana', both NANA and Bokura ga Ita are realistic romance dramas that don't need bizarre premises to create believable relationships. The female leads of both series are sympathetic and very real- they make some poor decisions, but not strained such that it feels like the writers just needed them to be momentarily stupid to progress the plot.


Character designs are some-what alike. Nanami (Bokura ga Ita) reminds me of Hatchi (Nana). Their faces are alike, and both of them are very sweet.


Both stories' main character name is Nana, who has a lot going on her mind at time - difficult relationship for instance. These anime follow young girls' life and more and more hard choices that they have to made while searching for their own happiness.


Tragic confused romance. If you liked that about either Nana or Bokura ga Ita and wanted more, then I suggest you try the next one. Bokura ga Ita takes a far more high-school approach, whereas Nana is more mature and complex, But for good ol' fashioned romantic drama that's packed with anguish and difficult choices, you can't go wrong with either.


you cannot beat the dramatic realistic romances such as that of Nana and Bokura ga Ita!  With strong female leads who get themselves thrown into tough and hard to deal with situations faced by many a girl out in the world, viewers take the rollercoaster journey with them through their hardships.  All of the main characters in these two series are named Nana (ironically) but their tragic romantic troubles also are mirror images of struggles they have to go through and push through to strive on.


The worlds of the characters of Bokura ga Ita and Nana are very different, but it is the quality of the relationships that made me love them. Regardless of what kind of lives the characters lead, the way they interact and develop with each other is incredibly realistic. Both anime have storylines are very well put together, so if you liked one, definitely give the other a try.


Both animes are similar.. Nana shows relationships and heartache with different couples that the main character comes across, and Bokura Ga Ita however focuses on one couple but still has heartache and how they deal with it along their journey :)