Nadia: Secret Of Blue Water

Alt title: Fushigi no Umi no Nadia

TV (39 eps)
3.647 of 5 from 2,343 votes
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Fourteen-year-old Jean was just an ordinary would-be inventor, until the mysterious Nadia crashed into his life. With no family, a pet lion and a jewel known as the Blue Water, Nadia is constantly on the run from those who want to steal her most valuable gem. Now, with a trio of thieves and the nefarious organization known as Gargoyle on their trail, Jean and Nadia must struggle to learn the secret of the Blue Water and protect its powers from those who would use them to destroy the world!

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  • The Young Girl of the Tour Eiffel image

    Episode 1

    The Young Girl of the Tour Eiffel

  • The Little Fugitives image

    Episode 2

    The Little Fugitives

  • The Riddle of the Giant Sea Monsters image

    Episode 3

    The Riddle of the Giant Sea Monsters

  • Nautilus, the Fantastic Submarine image

    Episode 4

    Nautilus, the Fantastic Submarine

  • Marie's Island image

    Episode 5

    Marie's Island

  • The Fortress On the Solitary Island image

    Episode 6

    The Fortress On the Solitary Island

  • The Tower of Babel image

    Episode 7

    The Tower of Babel

  • Nadia's Rescue image

    Episode 8

    Nadia's Rescue

  • Nemo's Secret image

    Episode 9

    Nemo's Secret

  • Gratan in Action image

    Episode 10

    Gratan in Action

  • A New Student On the Nautilus image

    Episode 11

    A New Student On the Nautilus

  • Grandis' First Love image

    Episode 12

    Grandis' First Love

  • Run, Marie, Run! image

    Episode 13

    Run, Marie, Run!

  • The Valley of Dinictus image

    Episode 14

    The Valley of Dinictus

  • Nautilus' Biggest Crisis image

    Episode 15

    Nautilus' Biggest Crisis

  • The Mystery of the Island That Vanished image

    Episode 16

    The Mystery of the Island That Vanished

  • Jean's New Invention image

    Episode 17

    Jean's New Invention

  • Nautilus vs. Nautilus image

    Episode 18

    Nautilus vs. Nautilus

  • Nemo's Close Friend image

    Episode 19

    Nemo's Close Friend

  • Jean's Failures image

    Episode 20

    Jean's Failures

  • Goodbye Nautilus image

    Episode 21

    Goodbye Nautilus

  • Electra's Betrayal image

    Episode 22

    Electra's Betrayal

  • Little Castaways image

    Episode 23

    Little Castaways

  • Lincoln Island image

    Episode 24

    Lincoln Island

  • First Kiss image

    Episode 25

    First Kiss

  • King's On His Own image

    Episode 26

    King's On His Own

  • Island of the Witch image

    Episode 27

    Island of the Witch

  • The Floating Island image

    Episode 28

    The Floating Island

  • King vs. King image

    Episode 29

    King vs. King

  • The Underground Labyrinth image

    Episode 30

    The Underground Labyrinth

  • Goodbye Red Noah image

    Episode 31

    Goodbye Red Noah

  • Nadia's Lover image

    Episode 32

    Nadia's Lover

  • A Rescue Operation for King image

    Episode 33

    A Rescue Operation for King

  • Love to Nadia image

    Episode 34

    Love to Nadia

  • The Secret of Blue Water image

    Episode 35

    The Secret of Blue Water

  • The All-Purpose Battleship, New Nautilus image

    Episode 36

    The All-Purpose Battleship, New Nautilus

  • Emperor Neo image

    Episode 37

    Emperor Neo

  • ...To Space image

    Episode 38

    ...To Space

  • Inheritor of the Stars image

    Episode 39

    Inheritor of the Stars

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sothis's avatar by sothis on Jul 21, 2006
Score 4/10

The story of Nadia takes place in the late 17th century, when planes are just starting to fly and inventions are being discovered every day. Jean is one of these inventors; he's fourteen, and lives in France with his uncle and aunt. Things in his life were fairly normal until Nadia drifted through town. Dark skinned and companions with a lion, Nadia was not only unusual, but was a sight for sore... read more

roriconfan's avatar by roriconfan on Apr 23, 2012
Score 7/10

Full list of the review series can be found on this page, 3rd post from bottom:


There is no doubt in Jules Verne being the father of modern science fiction. His books became the... read more

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