My Neighbor Totoro

Alt titles: Tonari no Totoro

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Satsuki, her younger sister Mei and their father have just moved to their new home in the countryside, where grand adventures await them. One day while playing outside in the garden Mei encounters a small creature and decides to follow it. After chasing it through the bushes Mei eventually finds herself at the base of a large Camphor tree and as she drops through a hole in its roots, she lands on the stomach of a large, sleeping forest spirit named Totoro. The two sisters befriend the gentle spirit and are soon introduced to a world more fantastical than they could ever imagine, from playing with soot spirits to meeting a Catbus, to flying through the air and even making the trees grow. However when Mei disappears, Satsuki must call on the help of her new friends if she wants any hope of being able to find her sister...

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thesonicfan21's avatar by thesonicfan21 on Aug 17, 2010
Score: 8/10

This movie is definetely not one of Miyazaki's best films, but it's very memorable and if you watched it as a little kid, it would definetely bring you back memories as well as his other film, Kiki's Delivery Service. This time, it focuses on two little girls set in the 50s who live in a Haunted House with their father while their mother is ill in the hospital.Story: Its story is not one of Miyazaki's best... read more

PoeticHorrorShow5287's avatar by PoeticHorrorShow5287 on Sep 1, 2014
Score: 8/10

I really liked this film. I had never had the pleasure of watching it when I was a child which unfortunately leaves me without the nostalgia feeling I'm sure a lot of young people feel viewing this again as an adult. It was very good though and unlike any other film I've seen.  Story: fun, imaginative and slightly suspenseful, I found myself thuroughly interested the entire 86 minutes of runtime. I loved... read more

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