My Beautiful Girl Mari

Alt title: Mari Iyagi

Movie (1 ep x 80 min)
2.673 of 5 from 276 votes
Rank #4,621

My Beautiful Girl, Mari is a story of two childhood friends, Nam-woo and Jun-ho, who are growing up in a fishing village full of unwanted change. With the discovery of a glowing marble, Nam-woo sometimes finds himself in a lush, dreamlike world, inhabited by a beautiful girl named Mari. With more change inevitable, Nam-woo and Jun-ho struggle to cope with reality, even when tragedy strikes.

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vivafruit's avatar
vivafruit Mar 30, 2007
Score 8/10

There is a kind of universal appeal to the storyline, which is part slice-of-life and part sheer undiluted fantasy. The two seemingly contradictory elements combine into a heartwarming tale about mismatched romance, dreamy nostalgia, and poignant farewells. For those who have seen Only Yesterday, there are definite similarities between the two plots, and... read more

sothis's avatar
sothis Aug 6, 2005
Score 6.5/10

Rather than starting out this review telling details of the plot, I feel it would be more appropriate to discuss the type of anime this is. First of all, My Beautiful Girl Mari is Korean, not Japanese. This influences both the animation style and the music, though the story itself could have been something you’d see in a Japanese anime. The most important thing to understand about the story is... read more


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