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4.488 out of 5 from 11,658 votes
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It isn't unusual for a person to feel that the world around them is strange and has unexpected secrets lying just beyond their sight. However, for most people this is just an occasional sensation that greets them upon awakening or chases them into sleep. For the mushi researcher Ginko, it isn't a feeling at all; it is a knowledge which guides his travels and motivates his life. Found in the cracks between what is conceivable and what is not, are the varied life forms collectively known as mushi. They surround us and affect us, but their intensely different nature makes them unrecognizable to most. Ginko brings these life forms into perspective for the lives of those most affected and most in need of an explanation.

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Mushishi Zoku Shou TV 2014 TBD
Mushishi Zoku Shou 2 TV 2014 TBD
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related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Mushishi 1999 Original Manga
Name Role
Yoshihiko UMAKOSHI Character Design
Hiroshi NAGAHAMA Director
Toshio MASUDA Music
Yuki URUSHIBARA Original Manga Creator

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Mushishi vivafruit 9/10 Apr 3, 2007

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Mushishi Moparty 9/10 Nov 23, 2013
Mushishi LimeCultivist 9/10 Aug 15, 2013
Mushishi Anime1123 9.5/10 Jul 10, 2013
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Favs AsDk 27 Jul 9, 2014
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Great animes ShinySunshine 9 Jul 9, 2014
Kristalia watched Mushishi at 26 of 26 episodes
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Zarratul stalled Mushishi at 7 of 26 episodes
Bakushi stalled Mushishi at 5 of 26 episodes
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Master Keaton

Master Keaton

Taichi Keaton, a former British special forces operative, now works as an insurance investigator for the world-renowned insurance agency Lloyd's; but his true passion is history and archaeology, which he fulfills by teaching at universities and visiting various ruins. Make no mistake though, there is far more to Mr. Keaton's job than simply filing insurance forms and writing reports! His investigations take him around the world and into situations ranging from run-ins with the Russian mafia to solving murders and even foiling terrorist plots. There's never a dull moment, much to Keaton's dismay!

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Admittedly Master Keaton, while slow-paced, is rather dull and not even half the depth of Mushishi's expertly executed, complemative beauty, but both are serious, mature-minded and slow-moving series of an episodic nature where a protagonist moves from location to location aiding various people in their problems.


Master Keaton and Mushishi star an adult man with a pretty unconventional job as he travels around to help various people with their various problems. Both are mature and very slow.


They're both slow-paced, rather contemplative shows that feature a male protagonist traveling around solving problems for people using his unusual skills. While the settings are wildly different they have a similar feel and atmosphere.


Both of these episodic anime share a simlar relaxed atmosphere that is perfect for more thoughtful episodes that focus more on developing the characters and various themes than the actual plot.

While the settings for these shows and kinds of stories they tell are completely different, it's really the characters that drive both of them.  Each episode features the protagonists meeting and helping new people while actually getting to know and understand those people.

Also they share similarly likeable protagonists. Both Keaton and Ginko are masters of many different arts which helps to make the plots varried and interesting.

If you want a break from the usual frantically paced anime and want something a little more thoughful then both of these shows fit the bill.



Both Mushishi and Master Keaton are intelligently scripted episodic shows that take you through the personal adventures of a variety of cast members. To anchor each episode, however, there is the recurring main character, a neutral actor that possesses the skills to help them through their problems. The two series have very different settings - Mushishi is a fantasy, while Keaton is a drama set mainly in Europe - but the pacing and the general approach is very similar. Furthemore, they both can be very touching and profound despite presenting brief, stand-alone stories.



Shizuru and Mizuki are two quiet sisters who have a foot in the world of the supernatural. While Shizuru can see the spirits and monsters who haunt mankind, Mizuki can't help but become possessed by them. Together, the duo live with their grandparents and are taught about the spiritual world from their grandfather, a powerful exorcist. In the serene countryside, the girls will learn about the ghosts and goblins that co-exist in our world, while also learning about themselves and their abilities.

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Where Mokke deals with the traditional kami of Japanese Shinto mythology and folklore, Mushishi conveys a story of a different kind of beings, the mushi, not so much supernatural as simply belonging to a different order of nature -- "hypernatural", if you will. Nevertheless, both anime have a similar atmosphere, and feature the attempts of humans to deal with the intersection between normal human life and these other entities. If you like the one, you will probably enjoy the other.


Mushishi are similar in many ways. Both have a calm atmosphere as they deal with the hidden side of Japanese folklore. If you liked one, you'll absolutely like the other too :).


Both of these focus on supernatural creatures that are neither good nor evil. It's just that the existence of humans and these creatures sometimes overlaps and cause incidents: dangerous ones, pleasant ones, and some that have no real effect on either party. They both feel like a poetic reflection on life and death.


Dealing with supernatural beings and their effects on innocent peoples everyday lives, both Mokke and Mushishi are a slow paced amble through these worlds. Fascinating story telling and outstanding characters make these two shows the perfect partners.


Both are shows about some form of supernaturality and they both a bit slower pacing than most shows and they also have bit of a dark mood surrounding their stories.

Sarai-ya Goyou

Sarai-ya Goyou

Akitsu Masanosuke is a shy, self-conscious and slightly cowardly man with a goal of becoming a great samurai. However, when he is dismissed from his job after two days he must live the life of a ronin until he can return to service. So when a man named Yaichi approaches him offering food and a job as his bodyguard, it all seems too good to be true - that is, until Akitsu learns that this confident stranger is in fact a gangster of the Five Leaves who specializes in kidnapping and lives in the city’s red-light district. While the ronin’s sense of justice makes him think twice about accepting the offer, Akitsu’s grumbling stomach, his growing familiarity with the rest of the Five Leaves, and Yaichi’s determination to recruit the budding samurai, may well have other plans...

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House of Five Leaves and Mushishi are slow-paced, mature, and insightful series that never feel heavy-handed. They share similar settings and color palettes, and have a subtley mysterious atmosphere. They would certainly appeal to the same audience.


Echoing AirCommodore's recommendation and comments on style ; both Mushi-shi and Sarai-ya Go-yo have a similar feel as far as color, pace, characterization, and sound.  While Mushi-shi is about para-natural organisms and how they interact with humans, Sarai-ya Go-yo is more of an Edo-period underworld drama.  If you like the atmosphere of one, you'll probably find the other quite enjoyable even though their topic-genres are totally different.


These two anime bare pretty much no resemblance to each-other as far as their story or characters, but they share a similar feel, atmosphere, and pacing.  Both are slower paced and unique stories with interesting, well-developed characters.  They're also both set in fairly similar time periods.


Both of these anime titles are beautiful works of art and both work at a bit of a slower pace. It is a blessed relief for people who need a break from shrieking main characters. The scenery is stunning, the characters are interesting and the stories are worth watching.


Both series have a mysterious, quiet man whose past slowly becomes the central focus of the plot.  Watching Yaichi from House of Five Leaves, I was constantly reminded of Ginko from Mushishi.  Both have similar atmospheres, slow-paced and thoughtful.

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Aria the Animation

Aria the Animation

Neo Venezia, the pride of planet Aqua, is a quaint city filled with canals and easy-going people. Many companies operate their gondolas on the canals, giving tours to tourists and locals alike, but the most famous of them is the Aria Company. Follow the adventures of Aria's young apprentice, Akari, as she learns the tricks of the trade from her beautiful senior, Alicia. Together with her friends Aika and Alice, apprentices of rival companies, and their seniors Akira and Athena, they train their skills as gondoliers, meeting new people and learning new things about the city each day.

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Even though there aren't many similarities in the story or characters, the flow and unusual topic of both Mushishi and Aria make them different from your everyday anime. If you're looking for another relaxing story, check this one out


Both these animes are amazing. They both have an underlying romance (shoujo) aspect, as well as a relaxing mood throughout the episodes. The main chatacters are interesting enough to keep your attention, and yet, they don't steal the show. Both animes are well written and will leave an impact on you.


Both are unusual anime in lacking a proper story line and not caring about it. They are "more about the travel then the destination", and the scenes, poeple and colors (blue for Aria and green for Mushishi) in them will follow you for a long time. 

Also they are equaly good for sleepless nights... not because you will fall asleep watching them :)  (never!) but because you will feel much calmer and at peace then before.


They are both episodic anime which has a mysterious calming feel. Both show alot of scenery and the world around them. The music is calming in both.

Ghost Hunt

Ghost Hunt

Mai Taniyama is a first year high school student who lives a carefree life telling ghost stories with her friends. One day, she meets Kazuya Shibuya, the head of Shibuya Psychic Research (SPR); and together, she tags along to help him investigate paranormal activities in a haunted school building. His assistant Lin was hurt during an incident to protect Mai from danger, so what more can Mai do than to take the job as Shibuya's assistant? Along with a team of other ghost hunters, they will uncover the mystery of a strange case coming their way, while Mai starts to discover her own abilities.

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Ghost Hunt is another anime dealing with those who can see the supernatural helping those in need of their help. It is also similar in story structure, in that it is a string of stories, connected by the main characters. It is much darker in subject matter, but equally sympathetic to its characters.


Both Ghost Hunt and Mushishi are a lot about the spiritual world. The characters and plot differs heavily in the two series, which some people might say makes up an anime but let's not forget the mood and atmosphere, shall we? As these are something that is excellent in both series, since they both manage to have that persistent creepy feeling you get out of a true ghost story.


It's the feeling, yeah, the feeling after watching them. I won't describe it. :P It's just the same in Mushishi and Ghost Hunt; maybe it's because of the unnatural phenomenon.


They are similar because they both have the concept of finding and getting rid of ghosts/spirits/Mushi. Ghost Hunt is set in a more modern day, where as mushishi is set in ancient times, so if you don't mind the difference in time and like a spirit type mysterious anime that is episodic and liked one, you will probably like the other

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