Murder Princess


Quizap's avatar By on Aug 22, 2010

Very fun to watch. I enjoyed this quite a bit. Fast paced, semi-decent story and a decent amount of blood, I really wish this had more episodes to it, another season or set of OVAs but after the last 5 or 6 minutes of the sixth episode, I realized why. I thought it was pretty sad but it put a closing to the series and I’m very content with that.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
7/10 overall
galacticdude7's avatar By on Dec 4, 2009


The story in Murder Princess was very action packed and kept you on a thrill ride throughout all six episodes. However this thrill ride did have its problems, which I felt that the series needed more episodes to properly explain and portray the plot line given. I was kinda iffy about the whole cross genre aspect of the story, combining elements of fantasy, medeval, Science Fiction, and action. This may have provided a stunning story, but it did get a little too complicated. Supossedly Murder Princess takes place around 600 years after the earth was "Burned to the ground" Which I interpreted to be world war 3. A common theme of the series was that human nature could not properly handle advanced technologies, which I find to be udder bullshit. But if you ignore the major theme and the confussion around the details of the story, It really turns out to be an excellent story.


The animation in this series was pretty good for the main characters, but it was lacking for most of the minor and background characters. The designs for the main cast were decent but with the whole body switching thing, it can seem wierd to be introduced to one character looking one way, and then she changes into a different form, yet she still looks like she reflects her personality, which makes little sense but was probably done for sanity's sake. The background characters looked generic at best and made it feel like a crowd of the same two people over and over again. I really disliked how in some scenes, the background characters are not moving around in a place like a busy street, and it makes them look like cardboard cut outs. The animation overall was average, but at least they focused more on the main characters.


Now I usually dont cover sound in my reviews due to the differences between the dub and sub versions, but I want to make a quick statement about the opening theme music. It was like the group who did the music couldn't decide if they were a rock group or a rap group. You would hear an electric guitar and then hear what sounds to be ghetto Japanese. I did not like the opening theme, but that rarely has any effect on the story itself, so I'm just complaining about it.


Only a couple of the main characters in Murder Princess made any personality shifts, and they were limited to the 2 main girls in the story. This is most likely due to the fact that they dont have much time to develop the characters and they had to jump in and introduce the characters and then get into the action. However it seemed at times that the characters were two dimensional in personality, and they only seemed to have one thing that makes them who they are and what separated them from everyone else. If this series were longer I'd rate the characters lower, but ill forgive them for only having six episodes to work with.


Murder Princess is an average Anime. It has a remarkable story, which can be confusing and rushed at times, but still remarkable. The animation was average but scored really low with me on background characters. Overall I'd say its an ok anime, that I would suggest skipping and watching another series which is better, but if you want to watch it, I'd suggest putting it towards the bottom of your watching list.

7/10 story
5/10 animation
?/10 sound
6.5/10 characters
6/10 overall
Lucifer's avatar By on Oct 28, 2009


Sometimes I browse through anime looking for something that has a short run, manages to be pock marked with gaping plot holes, lathered in poorly drawn blood, strung together with an unsatisfying yuri relationship with a single scene that attempts to titillate with a violet haired maid with boxy cleavage… I guess its for those who find pointy breasts “titillating”.

Well I just happened to find Murder Princess on a recent excavation to fill the above void in my life. The concept seemed interesting enough, a lovely princess with a well endowed bosom, Alita, switches souls with a ‘bad-ass’ female bounty hunter, Falis, and together they must save the kingdom and eventually the world.. Now the disappointment begins early on, the said bounty hunter having no ass to be ‘bad’ to begin with. To my dismay, my frustration with series only grew threatening, to blossom into a deep seated depression. In my head all I could think about was coming up with a proper metaphor in my review for why this show was so terrible. So I came up with this: Instead of stringing together sentences in a cohesive fashion I’ve decided to list them in order of the number of times that specific bullet point has the letter ‘T’ in it. Please note, that sometimes this rule is broken for no apparent reason. (Instead of bullet’s I’ll be numbering them):

-    Omniscient characters that seem to know everything.

-    Acrobatic logic has the viewer bounding over inconsistencies with the actual plot.

-    They know everything.

-    A story with a foundation of Jello

-    Everything… I mean…

-    Characters interact predictably and relationships are barely explored

-    Every diet needs a little wiggle room.

-    A plot twist so opaquely foreshadowed, it hits the conscious like a sack of “D’oh”.

-    They have eyes everywhere… looking for you.


The colorful art of Murder Princess is appealing to say the least. Bright hues of the castle live vividly against the blue shades of the outdoor realm. Character designs follow, just as varied and attractive, some characteristic of the composition used in Soul Eater, ranging from the gothic-influenced cyborgs to more typical anime fair of Victorian tailored android lolis.

The strong art struggles with poor animation though. Emotional inflections are broadcast through the height of the eye socket and the narrowing of pupils. Wide eyes are a sign of delight, those drawn thin are indicative of sadness. This sort of tepid aesthetic is reflected in the combat, which overindulges in cutaways and close-ups. Action starts seeming like a stuttered afterthought, even though it is clear this program aims to be an excuse to see a girl fight in a dress. I’m heartbroken it didn’t deliver, but sometimes dreams just don’t come true.


An excellent Opening graces Murder Princess. "Hikari Sasuhou" by BACK-ON is a fantastic mix of punk rock and rap, a hectic collage that entertains. The tempo is complete opposite to the Closing theme, a simple melody that rides on the backbone of a single violin and guitar. Soothing, but "Naked Flower" by Romi Paku fails to enrapt the ears like the fantastic OP.  Beyond the two songs the rest of the soundtrack is mediocre at best, piecing together electric guitars and a bland orchestral score. It works, they could have just put BACK-ON on repeat, and I would have been happy. Sadly,  The overembellished voice acting made me miserable though, the seiyuu’s efforts seem forced. Falis at times speaks like a woman trying to sound like man trying to sound like a woman. I know, just the thought of it makes me shiver.


All bow down to the Princess! Falis, the lead, is a source of raw carnage. For most of the six installments, purple and crimson blood is smeared across her features, revealing her carnal side. But behind this fierce visage, locked behind closed doors, she is kind and compassionate to her subordinate Alita. Both are mildly interesting at first glace, but become annoying caricatures, lacking any sort of substantial development. The narrative tries to reconcile this in the last two installments through the use of flashbacks. These don't really offer any sort of insight, just inspiring a dull, "I expected that" feeling. These ailments plague the antagonists of Murder Princess as well. Their motivations remain a mystery till the very end and even then the viewer has to ask why. No explanation is given, and these villains just fall flat.


There are a few things one must come away with when watches such an excellent program:

-    Don’t get your hopes up

-    There are eyes everywhere

-    Every diet needs a little wiggle room.

3/10 story
5/10 animation
7/10 sound
3/10 characters
4.5/10 overall
Najaraja's avatar By on Jan 7, 2010

After her father is murdered and her kingdom overthrown, Princess Alita finds herself on the run for her life when she, quite literally runs into the bounty hunter Falis. A bizarre set of circumstances, including a near death experience, the two women wake to find they have switched bodies. With a skilled swords woman trapped in her body, Alita convinces Falis to work for her and take back her rightful throne.

If any of you have ever seen the anime Bastard and you enjoyed it, then you definitely need to check this one out. It is a non-pretentious anime with a female lead who kicks ass (and does it very well) and there isn’t anything much deeper than that. It did not take a lot of convincing for me to watch this. At all.

Down to the nitty gritty, the story is to the point. This is a 6 episode series so it gets right down to it by necessity. However, I found myself wanting more! It is pretty action packed and does not leave much room for pondering the deeper meanings of life (or death, since we’re on that subject). Any hint at a serious, heartfelt moment is whisked away immediately by either death or humor.

Speaking of humor, there is plenty. I mean, the initial bad guys are two little girl robots. Its silliness is surpassed only by its hilarity.

The music is just as kickass as the action. A bit on the metalish side, but it fits well.

Now, to the problem. And it really isn’t as much of a problem as one would think. Murder Princess, in spite of the gushing blood and severed body parts, looks like…well…a cartoon. It lacks any sort of realistic appeal in the character design and backgrounds and while at first I found that the colors were bright and the lines were clean and everything was really pretty, it really kind of takes away from the series as a whole.

Despite its cartoony appearance, I do not recommend Murder Princess for anyone under the age of 16. It is pretty bloody.

Overall, I give Murder Princess an 7/10. Enjoy.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
7/10 overall
Bronia's avatar By on Oct 24, 2011

Story: This was an early anime I watched. To be quite honest, the story was solid, however the way it was told would've been vastly improved if there'd been more than 6 episodes. After the finale, I found myself thinking how abrupt it was and how much I wanted to see what happened after, or perhaps a bit more meat in between the beginning and end.

The good thing about it being so short was that there was no filler and the story was anything but slow paced.

Animation: I am no judge of good or bad animation. The movements were smooth and the character designs were memorable (in a good way.) My only problem was that there were moments when blood seemed like it was coming out of a firehose instead of a person.

Sound: The OP was awesome! The ED wasn't memorable. The voice acting I can only judge the dub, but all the actors were great for their roles.

Characters: More could've gone into them. I wish we'd had more time to hear about Falis's childhood or Cecilia's reason for being a Big Bad (although some might argue that was explained fine) They were good characters, however, who all served their purposes to the story well.

Overall: Murder Princess is one of favourite animes, no real reason why. Of course I will always feel that they could've told a bigger story even though the manga doesn't tell a bigger story. Being only 6 episodes it's worth watching for anyone who likes action, but romance is only ever hinted at so hardcore romance fans may want to pass on it.

7/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
8/10 characters
8.5/10 overall