Alt titles: Tales of Agriculture

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Silver Spoon (2014)

Silver Spoon (2014)

Yuugo, Aki and the rest of the gang continue their studies at Ezonoo agricultural high school, handling chickens, grooming cows and learning all about a farm worker’s duties. Change is in the air, as the group is becoming more skilled, and the equestrian club has even asked Yuugo to become the new vice president, much to his dismay! Whether Yuugo and his friends are adopting a stray puppy, watching jumping competitions or learning the intimate ways to check if a cow is pregnant, they’re sure to have a fun time at Ezonoo.

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krukky krukky says...

i absolutely agree. the setting of both moyashimon and silver spoon in university, oriented towards agriculture and the animation design (style) is quite similar in both.