Morita-san wa Mukuchi TV

TV (13 eps x 3 min)
2.722 out of 5 from 1,140 votes
Rank #3,644

Mayu learned everything she knows about manners from her mother – most importantly, that in any conversation, she should make eye contact at all times and let the other person finish their thoughts completely before responding. Unfortunately for Mayu, this advice is difficult to follow when your friends are a bunch of talkative high school girls, and has left everyone thinking she's overly quiet and shy instead! With good friends such as chatty Miki and shy Hana beside her, Mayu will silently navigate her high school life and have plenty of fun in the process!

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Peyton's avatar by Peyton on Sep 22, 2011
Score: 7/10

Morita-san wa Mukuchi is a prettey average slice of life/comedy anime. Overall This show is nothing speacil btu it is worth watching in between more srioeus anime the storys are pretty mellow limited drama and each episode is only about three minutes long. Like most slice of life anime each episode is a stand alone, usally thers an overall gag for the episodes and the seires dose well delivering each one... read more

maladox's avatar by maladox on May 31, 2012
Score: 8/10

i had no idea this was a "short" anime series until after the first episode, in fact i thought the video player had just screwed up and cut me off :P however the anime short thing was new to me but i honestly enjoyed it. when watching this keep in mind that there's not really supposed to be a story, just short videos leading up to some cute joke or something along those lines "like reading a... read more

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