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Dr Kenzo Tenma is a genius surgeon working in post-Cold War Germany who has a bright future ahead of him. He is admired by his colleagues, loved by his patients, and due to marry his boss' daughter, the beautiful Eva Heinemann. One day, when two patients in desperate need of emergency surgery are wheeled into his hospital, Tenma faces a terrible choice of saving the orphaned boy who came first or the mayor of Düsseldorf, whose recovery would raise the hospital's profile and boost his own career. Against the demands of his superior, Tenma does what he believes is right and saves the child. However, his decision not only damages his prospects, but unleashes a chain of events so horrific that it might have come from the depths of his worst nightmares. Laden with guilt, Tenma begins a journey across Germany in search of a formidable young man who will challenge his morals, his love for life, and his very sanity.

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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Monster Extra TV Special 2004 TBD

related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Monster 1994 Original Manga
Name Role
Shigeru FUJITA Character Design
Masayuki KOJIMA Director
Kuniaki HAISHIMA Music
Naoki URASAWA Original Manga Creator
Masao MARUYAMA Producer
Manabu TAMURA Producer
Hiroshi YAMASHITA Producer
Takuya YUI Producer

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Official Editorial Reviews

Title Author Score Date
Monster Pantha 8.5/10 Dec 1, 2007
Monster Arcanum 9/10 Jun 13, 2007
Monster vivafruit 8.5/10 Mar 30, 2007

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Title Author Score Date
Monster elrond99 9.9/10 Jun 25, 2013
Monster iiT3CK 7.4/10 May 24, 2013
Monster PinkyIvan 8.2/10 Dec 12, 2012
List Title Username Entries Date
Explus yasar 447 Apr 17, 2014
Good Dubs Kruszer 203 Apr 9, 2014
Plan to watch soon Bryce325 5 Mar 31, 2014
zanemaster98 is watching Monster anime at 18 of 74 episodes
dirk rated the Monster anime 2.5/5 stars
dirk watched Monster at 74 of 74 episodes
akkamaru rated the Monster anime 1/5 stars
dirk dropped Monster at 2 of 74 episodes

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In an experimental city of despair and carnage, ORGAN will do anything necessary to gain power and wealth. Unfortunately for one underground boxer who was mutilated, a rogue doctor has given him what ORGAN specializes in and he despises: Texhnolyze body parts. Will these cybernetic appendages help exact his revenge upon the one who made him this way?

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Monster and Tehxnolyze are certainly dark. They are really more mature than the average anime and will make you think! Both are well done and have a certain psychological tension. If you like one of these, I'm sure that you'll like the other!

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Witch Hunter Robin

Witch Hunter Robin

STN is a secret organization charged with capturing witches of all ages who misuse their inate ability of the Craft. Its newest recruit is a young girl named Robin, who wields the same power that she is helping to control. While skillful at their ability to detain quickly, the number of witches keeps seeming to increase, and the misuse of power grows stronger, casting a shadow of doubt as to what is really going on. For STN, there is much work ahead, and for Robin, her troubles are just beginning...

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WHR has kind of the same unfolding mystery feel. Not quite an action series, not quite horror, but nicely in between.



In present day Japan, during what should have been a routine training exercise, Captain Umeza and the battleship Mirai are suddenly hit by a storm, sending them back in time to the middle of World War 2. Armed with state-of-the-art technology, the Mirai could alter the course of history; but for its crew, the situation presents a moral dilemma: do they have the right to meddle with history, even to stop the most dreadful tragedies of the war, when even the smallest acts could have unforeseen consequences?

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Both Monster and Zipang are mature, serious stories which feature a protagonist who saves someone - and that person's ideals and intentions play a major role both in the series and in his relationship to his saviour.

Each series also has a historical concern, Monster looking primarily at Germany after the fall of Communism, Zipang looking at Japan during the Second World War.