Monster Rancher

Alt title: Monster Farm: Enbanseki no Himitsu

TV (48 eps)
2.747 of 5 from 4,046 votes
Rank #4,096

Genki was playing a new video game when he suddenly found himself sucked inside of it - and now he finds himself in a land where the monsters are real! The evil monster Moo is trying to turn all the good monsters into baddies, but Holly and Suezo are trying to stop him by finding and releasing the legendary Phoenix. Genki joins these new friends in their quest to find the Phoenix. With his own monster, Mocchi, and the friends they make along the way, Genki and Holly will continue to seek out Mystery Disks until they find the one which contains the Phoenix and free the world from the evil Moo.

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  • In the Beginning image

    Episode 1

    In the Beginning

  • I'm Mocchi! image

    Episode 2

    I'm Mocchi!

  • Guardian of The Disks image

    Episode 3

    Guardian of The Disks

  • Eternal Worm image

    Episode 4

    Eternal Worm

  • Tiger of The Wind image

    Episode 5

    Tiger of The Wind

  • Hare's Trick image

    Episode 6

    Hare's Trick

  • The Courageous Seven image

    Episode 7

    The Courageous Seven

  • After the Rain image

    Episode 8

    After the Rain

  • The Iron Bird image

    Episode 9

    The Iron Bird

  • The Ruin's Secret image

    Episode 10

    The Ruin's Secret

  • Pixie'sDefeat image

    Episode 11


  • Monol's Story image

    Episode 12

    Monol's Story

  • Moo Revealed image

    Episode 13

    Moo Revealed

  • Holly's Rescue image

    Episode 14

    Holly's Rescue

  • A New Departure image

    Episode 15

    A New Departure

  • Great Battle at Sea image

    Episode 16

    Great Battle at Sea

  • Underground Adventure image

    Episode 17

    Underground Adventure

  • Our Friend Henger Forever image

    Episode 18

    Our Friend Henger Forever

  • Suezo's Secret Weapon image

    Episode 19

    Suezo's Secret Weapon

  • My Name Is Pixie image

    Episode 20

    My Name Is Pixie

  • The Mocchi Cannon image

    Episode 21

    The Mocchi Cannon

  • Run, Tiger, Run! image

    Episode 22

    Run, Tiger, Run!

  • Don't Give Up, Ducken! image

    Episode 23

    Don't Give Up, Ducken!

  • Undine's Lake image

    Episode 24

    Undine's Lake

  • The Warriors of the Ruins image

    Episode 25

    The Warriors of the Ruins

  • Melcarba image

    Episode 26


  • Tiger's Battle With Destiny image

    Episode 27

    Tiger's Battle With Destiny

  • Color Pandora, Guardian of the Forest image

    Episode 28

    Color Pandora, Guardian of the Forest

  • Farewell, My Friend image

    Episode 29

    Farewell, My Friend

  • Baby Bossy image

    Episode 30

    Baby Bossy

  • Amusement Park Ruins image

    Episode 31

    Amusement Park Ruins

  • Holly's Million-Gold Smile image

    Episode 32

    Holly's Million-Gold Smile

  • Battle in the Meadow image

    Episode 33

    Battle in the Meadow

  • The Town That Disappeared image

    Episode 34

    The Town That Disappeared

  • Battle With the Big Bad Four image

    Episode 35

    Battle With the Big Bad Four

  • Eve's Night image

    Episode 36

    Eve's Night

  • Holly's Happy Birthday image

    Episode 37

    Holly's Happy Birthday

  • Evil General Durahan's Challenge image

    Episode 38

    Evil General Durahan's Challenge

  • Good-bye Baku image

    Episode 39

    Good-bye Baku

  • The Secret of Holly's Magic Stone image

    Episode 40

    The Secret of Holly's Magic Stone

  • Tiger Meets His Match image

    Episode 41

    Tiger Meets His Match

  • The Warriors from Outer Space image

    Episode 42

    The Warriors from Outer Space

  • Renocraft, Slayer in the Sand image

    Episode 43

    Renocraft, Slayer in the Sand

  • Magic Stone Mayhem image

    Episode 44

    Magic Stone Mayhem

  • The End of Durahan image

    Episode 45

    The End of Durahan

  • Jill's Icy Secret image

    Episode 46

    Jill's Icy Secret

  • Tears image

    Episode 47


  • Blue Skies image

    Episode 48

    Blue Skies

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MAK2Hybrid's avatar by MAK2Hybrid on Aug 12, 2013
Score 3.5/10

So……usually, I don’t review anime shows this length but since I’m being blackmailed to it or a certain lynx will reveal my whereabouts to you-know-who, I should probably get started on this. Monster Rancher……Yes, I know the Japanese version of that is Monster Farm but today we are doing the English version that aired on the now-defunct (and fortunately) Fox Kids. Now... read more

angelsreviews's avatar by angelsreviews on Jul 22, 2013
Score 5/10

This is so a rip off of Digimon! I remember when I was younger, I liked it but seriously… now that I have watched so many anime shows and found out just how badly ripped off the other shows are, I feel a little like crying. Now please don’t take this the wrong way, it is a good show to a point but it takes so long to get to where it’s getting good that most people would probably conk out of... read more

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