Monster Musume

Alt title: Monster Musume - Everyday Life with Monster Girls

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Sep 24, 2015

Extremely successful, well-received, highly praised. These are three things I would not associate with Monster Musume, an anime that is extremely successful, well-received, and highly praised. If I were to rate anime entirely based on the number of Kleenex I used while watching, then Monster Musume may receive the highest score I’ve ever given. But alas, this isn’t a website dedicated to how easy it is to spank it to a show, this is a website dedicated to telling you whether something is a piece of shit or not. And Monster Musume, aside from providing cute girls and an occasionally funny moment, is nothing more than garbage.

Monster Musume is heavily inspired by a series of artbooks popular in Japan that showcase various monsters and give overly sexual descriptions of their personalities. These books are currently being used as the basis for a visual novel which was the inspiration for the manga that this anime is based off of. I don’t know how mainstream the monster girl fetish was before this anime, but it’s definitely going to be a lot bigger now. I’m guessing a few more monster girl anime are going to crop up.

So the story: Kimihito Kurusu receives a Lamia during a cultural exchange mix-up. That’s the extent of the plot. From here every episode brings with it a new monster girl he adds to his harem and new situations where he finds his face in their tits or crotch. Later on the series has a mystery where he receives a strange letter from someone designating himself D and, well, it doesn’t matter. Like seriously, the mystery is just a stupid attempt at adding some form of continuity to this show. And if you need further proof of how completely pointless this show is, it ends with a shopping trip.

Complaining about the plot in a harem show is a lot like complaining about the plot in a porno, I understand, but at least some harems try. Typically with little success, but it’s the thought that counts. Monster Musume is a series of loosely connected fapbait scenarios that are only there to give you a reason to touch yourself. If you have not touched yourself while watching Monster Musume, it has failed.

This kind of show presents so many questions to me because I don’t understand how it aired on TV, nor why a show like this sees so much success in Japan when anywhere else it’d be considered straight-to-VHS softcore porn. And the appeal of the show is especially lost to me when the television version does all it can to be as dirty as possible but can’t show anything. There are censored tits, shots of darkened vaginas, girls orgasming, tons of innuendo. This version screams “BUY ME ON BLU-RAY WHERE YOU’LL ACTUALLY SEE THE GOODS”. In a show like Highschool DxD, which I always praise highly, I don’t mind the censored nudity being a selling point for the Blu-ray because the show itself is good and stands on its own. It has substance enough without the tits. But a show like this is nothing more than a well-funded censored hentai.

Aside from the nudity, there is a romance of course! Every girl with a scaly vagina or tail growing out of their ass crack wants to fuck our hero despite his plain looks, plain personality, and inability to decide whether he’s a pervert or a hesitant romantic. It means lots of uninteresting fighting between girls who I barely know and barely care about. The continuous introduction of new girls in any other harem would be a nuisance, preventing the viewer from ever deciding best girl and who the male lead should get with. But this is a show that wants you to fap so it will do everything it possibly can to introduce new fapbait, no matter how forced it is. Random girl in love with Miia for no reason? Male lead should die so a Dullahan comes to take his life for no reason?

When the show shines is when it uses goofy, off-the-wall humor based on the species of the flavor of the episode. One scene has Zombina (I’ll let you guess what she is) losing her arm and needing it sewn back on. When she sees that the lead is not scared of her or the gore, she decides to rip off her tit and have him sew it on. It’s not exactly necessary humor, nor is it funny because the joke is good, it’s more funny because when the fuck did you think you’d ever see someone do that? And that tends to be where I laughed most: Parts that weren’t supposed to be totally funny but were because of how weird they were. Somehow, Papi the Harpy winds up with her cellphone in her panties and she gets a call. The phone’s vibrating, and she’s pretty much orgasming in public. This is supposed to be hot; my penis should have been singing a Billy Squier song and my hand was to oblige it. But instead, it was hilarious. Because in what fucking world would that happen?

And sometimes I wondered if this show wasn’t meant to be laughable in how it sexualizes the girls. Maybe that was meant to be the humor. Maybe this is actually a commentary on how wacky hentai are. Maybe I was looking at it all wrong…

No, I wasn’t. This show sucks.

From the opening, you can tell just what this show is trying to do. “Monster, monster” sings a chorus of prepubescent sounding Japanese women. “Monster girls!” the girls exclaim during the mid-episode title cards. It’s like a porno opening with a theme song “INTERCOURSE, INTERCOURSE” and then stopping midway to have someone yell “VAGINAS!”. I get it, I’m watching a show about monsters. And you’re super proud of it and have to exclaim it as much as possible.

In the show’s defense, it is catering to a demographic of anime fans who haven’t seen an anime with characters like this. It’s something new, and I can at least commend it for that.

Nonetheless, I have to say that even if the story is garbage…the characters are bad too. The animation is okay for the most part and the girls are definitely cute, but none get enough attention since the show is constantly shoehorning new girls in for no reason. Lilith? Hi cute demon girl. Oh, you didn’t have a point…bye cute demon girl! Even the main girls; Miia, Papi, Suu, and Centorea are underwhelming and your favorite will come down mostly to design cuteness or how well you like the one character trait associated with them.

Monster Musume wasn’t fun, it wasn’t refreshing, it didn’t really set itself apart aside from the choice of girls. If you replace the monsters with humans, this show would have been a mess with little praise and no fanfare. But because it uses monsters and is one of the dirtiest anime I’ve ever watched, it has garnered a fandom and will see continued success in the future.

But if you look beyond the fetishistic masturbation factor, it’s just a crappy wanna-be hentai with no substance.

Oh, and Papi’s best girl.

1/10 story
7/10 animation
5/10 sound
4/10 characters
3.5/10 overall
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Jul 14, 2015

First of all, I just wanna disclaim that I have never been a big fan of ecchi / harem animes, but I'm going to try to review it either way!

So this was the anime I got all hyped about. ''Yeaah anime monster girls with some ecchi in it, this is going to be nice!''

But this was not my cup of tea to be honest. I have watched a couple of ecchi and harem animes before, but this is definitly not one of the best ones. Most of the people who have rated this a high rate must have been the targeted audience (around 20 and cis male) so don't just assume that it's a great anime because of the star rating.

As a person who is biologically speaking a girl (who is attracted to females too), I have found enjoyment in ecchi / pantyshot animes (even though the targeted audience is men). But I've only enjoyed them if it was restricted and I wouldn't get unrealistic boobs shoved in the picture every second scene and there is still a reasonable story behind it with interesting characters. But so far, 2 epsodes in, I can't see any of that. It is sad how they threw away an amazing idea and amazing character designs on... this...

To be honest, the animation style gives me 2012 flashbacks, it feels like the ecchi style hasn't changed since then and it's just boring by now. I mean come on. I don't hate the style, and some parts are really well animated, but it gets boring to see animes with the same style over and over again. I haven't really been a fan of unrealistic bodies either.

I am not going to bash on people who enjoy this, but for me this is more like a porno where no one really cares about the story but just want to bust a nut and then wait a week for the next episode. The only good things I can find in this anime are the original character designs and that some parts are really well animated and cute, but only a couple of scenes. The characters all kind of react the same and it's annoying.

To finish this off, great character designs, the poster seemed great, but oh no you have no idea what you're actually signing up for. Nah, not my cup of tea.

1/10 story
4/10 animation
?/10 sound
2/10 characters
2/10 overall
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Aug 25, 2015

So, I like some ecchi and harem anime, when they are done well and have enough depth to keep the story going despite jiggling melons and awkwardly placed motorboating. I thought this would be pretty interesting given the monster girl Demi human take. I expected something light hearted and silly, and mostly that's what I got.

What I did not expect was practically soft core porn. There were grossly elicit awkward scenes that were very sexualized (laying an egg, peeling skin off a snake tail) in a way that made me feel incredibly uncomfortable. I was was embarrassed watching the show, even though no one was around. It was just weird. Now, I'm all about Japanese eccentricities and their weird openness, but I think that this was tailing a bit of a line for me. I'm not saying that this show is awful and no one would like it, but it's definitely not for me and I definitely wouldn't recommend it to others, not even my harem anime obsessed friend.

Overall the story was lacking depth and direction. The characters felt one dimensional and stale. Interactions felt awkward and forced. I was often confused as to why characters were acting certain ways, especially Ceria the centaur. Really I don't think anything made much sense and events weren't laid out in a linear story line. If there was any plot, I didn't see it. Animation was not bad and they really honed in on the more (ahem) intense moments of the show with detail and much more precise animation.

If you are more open and comfortable with the premise of such an anime then try it out and see if it's for you. If you think that semi-bestiality is not your thing then I would recommend you avoid this one and spare yourself the awkward moments.

2/10 story
6/10 animation
?/10 sound
3/10 characters
3/10 overall
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Dec 19, 2015

This show knows exactly what it is. It is fanservice surrounded by comedy. Or maybe the other way around? Comdey surrounded by fanservice. In any case, Monster Musume doesn't try to add in a plot where there shouldn't be one. So many other ecchi/romcoms have met their fate by way of a superfluous attempt at making an engaging story. This anime follows a simple story line and is filled with plenty of fanservice and gut wrenchingly funny moments.


The story is just enough to make sense without attempting to be anything other than a romcom ecchi anime. 


The animation is on par with just about all others released this year. It is beautifully done, just not anything special. That being said, however, this show did contain one of most stupidly beautiful scenes of any anime I've seen this year. It is in the last episode as Mia calls out to her love, pleading with him to not leave her behind. -not a spoiler


Sound effects were enought to support the story and give the animation life. The voice acting was far better than I had imagined it would be. The background music was nothing memorable. In the same scene that I mentioned earlier, Mia -- voiced by Soya Amamiya, from Aldnoah Zero (Asseylum Vers Allusia), Akame ga Kill (Akame), Plastic Memories (Isla), One Week Friends (Kaori Fujimiya), and the voice of Touka from Tokyo Ghoul -- delivered one of the most emotionally filled and believable laments I've heard! 10/10


My roommates and I got into many disputes upon which Monster Girls were our favorites! However much I loved the characters, I cannot say that they were well developed. The charactershad little in the way of backstory, but they each had a personality that was endearing in their own way. It is what it is, but for a Harem anime, this is about as much as you can expect.

Loved every aspect of this show! Be warned, unless you wish to have your eyes lose their purity, do not watch the uncensored version of this show. 



9/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Oct 14, 2015

I started with the manga, got caught up, and started this, all within a week.
I love the closeness to the manga; iteresting how ecchis tend to be the best manga-to-anime adaptions. the only complains I have are the fact that

1) the chapter with the extra species gym and Polt was skipped over, with Polt so far only appearing as a cameo character in episodes taking place in the park. Ep. 12 left out the catfish thing as well, which was mildly irritating to me.

3) The manga translation is better than the subs (subbed anime still using romaji words like "aruji" and "goshujin" in place of "master" and "husband")

2) only the first two episodes appear uncensored online (not that that's what I watch it for, but imo it takes away from the character of the manga).

other than that, i can accept the tiny differences. 
I hope that season 2 will be out in due time, cover more chapters than season one (since ch. 34 of the manga JUST came out).
I also hope thefull episodes (that is, blu-ray) episodes will be up by that time.

8.8/10 story
9/10 animation
8.7/10 sound
8.5/10 characters
9/10 overall