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Dr Kenzo Tenma is a genius surgeon working in post-Cold War Germany who has a bright future ahead of him. He is admired by his colleagues, loved by his patients, and due to marry his boss' daughter, the beautiful Eva Heinemann. One day, when two patients in desperate need of emergency surgery are wheeled into his hospital, Tenma faces a terrible choice of saving the orphaned boy who came first or the mayor of Düsseldorf, whose recovery would raise the hospital's profile and boost his own career. Against the demands of his superior, Tenma does what he believes is right and saves the child. However, his decision not only damages his prospects, but unleashes a chain of events so horrific that it might have come from the depths of his worst nightmares. Laden with guilt, Tenma begins a journey across Germany in search of a formidable young man who will challenge his morals, his love for life, and his very sanity.

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Pantha's avatar by Pantha on Dec 1, 2007
Score: 8.5/10

Allow me to reveal a cold, hard, and very ugly fact: This past year has been nothing but a plethora of the Annoying (Madlax, Samurai Champloo), the Average (Elfen Lied, Midori no Hibi), and the Awful (Gantz, Konomini). As the year wore on, I worried that maybe only Koi Kaze lingered on the side of good. Fortunately, I was wrong. There is one other title, just one, that is not only good, but... read more

vivafruit's avatar by vivafruit on Mar 30, 2007
Score: 8.5/10

I’ve written about this several times now, but for the sake of completeness, allow me to complain once more on the general quality of lengthy series. The simple fact that long series tend to be filler-ridden, asinine and childish wastes of time is not a difficult one to realize. When it comes right down to it, a profitable 50+ episode series needs a big audience and a small budget, and thus... read more

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