Monogatari Series: Second Season

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The bee apparition is now gone, and summer vacation where the phoenix apparition averted harm is over-- Around Koyomi Araragi and the girls who started a new trimester, apparitions, or perhaps threats even worse, were creeping in ever closer. Tsubasa Hanekawa, Mayoi Hachikuji, Suruga Kanbaru, Nadeko Sengoku, Shinobu Oshino, and Hitagi Senjyogahara. Their soliloquies, confessions – and farewells.

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  • (Sub) Tsubasa Tiger Part One image

    Episode 1

    (Sub) Tsubasa Tiger Part One

  • (Sub) Tsubasa Tiger, Part 2 image

    Episode 2

    (Sub) Tsubasa Tiger, Part 2

  • (Sub) Tsubasa Tiger, Part 3 image

    Episode 3

    (Sub) Tsubasa Tiger, Part 3

  • (Sub) Tsubasa Tiger, Part 4 image

    Episode 4

    (Sub) Tsubasa Tiger, Part 4

  • (Sub) Tsubasa Tiger, Part 5 image

    Episode 5

    (Sub) Tsubasa Tiger, Part 5

  • (Sub) Summary One image

    Episode 6

    (Sub) Summary One

  • (Sub) Mayoi Jiangshi, Part 1 image

    Episode 7

    (Sub) Mayoi Jiangshi, Part 1

  • (Sub) Mayoi Jiangshi, Part 2 image

    Episode 8

    (Sub) Mayoi Jiangshi, Part 2

  • (Sub) Mayoi Jiangshi, Part 3 image

    Episode 9

    (Sub) Mayoi Jiangshi, Part 3

  • (Sub) Mayoi Jiangshi, Part 4 image

    Episode 10

    (Sub) Mayoi Jiangshi, Part 4

  • (Sub) Summary Two image

    Episode 11

    (Sub) Summary Two

  • (Sub) Nadeko Medusa, Part 1 image

    Episode 12

    (Sub) Nadeko Medusa, Part 1

  • (Sub) Nadeko Medusa, Part 2 image

    Episode 13

    (Sub) Nadeko Medusa, Part 2

  • (Sub) Nadeko Medusa, Part 3 image

    Episode 14

    (Sub) Nadeko Medusa, Part 3

  • (Sub) Nadeko Medusa, Part 4 image

    Episode 15

    (Sub) Nadeko Medusa, Part 4

  • (Sub) Summary Three image

    Episode 16

    (Sub) Summary Three

  • (Sub) Shinobu Time, Part 1 image

    Episode 17

    (Sub) Shinobu Time, Part 1

  • (Sub) Shinobu Time, Part 2 image

    Episode 18

    (Sub) Shinobu Time, Part 2

  • (Sub) Shinobu Time, Part 3 image

    Episode 19

    (Sub) Shinobu Time, Part 3

  • (Sub) Shinobu Time, Part 4 image

    Episode 20

    (Sub) Shinobu Time, Part 4

  • (Sub) Hitagi End, Part 1 image

    Episode 21

    (Sub) Hitagi End, Part 1

  • (Sub) Hitagi End, Part 2 image

    Episode 22

    (Sub) Hitagi End, Part 2

  • (Sub) Hitagi End, Part 3 image

    Episode 23

    (Sub) Hitagi End, Part 3

  • (Sub) Hitagi End, Part 4 image

    Episode 24

    (Sub) Hitagi End, Part 4

  • (Sub) Hitagi End, Part 5 image

    Episode 25

    (Sub) Hitagi End, Part 5

  • (Sub) Hitagi End, Part 6 image

    Episode 26

    (Sub) Hitagi End, Part 6

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ratchet573's avatar by ratchet573 on Mar 24, 2014
Score 8/10

A series as long as Monogatari typically loses a lot of the original energy and entertainment value as it progresses. With four iterations thus far, Monogatari shows no signs of letting up and I’m happy to eat up whatever is thrown at me. While this season provides a lot of what made the previous seasons so successful, it also is plagued with some weaker arcs, some bad characters, and a loss of the... read more

Xplayer's avatar by Xplayer on Dec 30, 2013
Score 9.5/10

There's really only one reason why you should watch Monogatari Series: Second Season (Monogatari II). Figure 1: Mai waifu In all seriousness, Monogatari II has catapulted the franchise to new heights in terms of its legacy as a post-modern anime. In my opinion, Bakemonogatari on its own was simply an intriguing experiment, an anime that featured unique animation, a quirky set of characters, and way too much... read more

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