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Though the world may seem to be a normal place, in the midst of shadows lies the supernatural and terrifying. Beings from the shadow world known as Kokuchi have begun to invade the human world, and it’s up to certain people to defeat them; Akira Nikaido is one such person. Though his life used to be ordinary, one day, the bishounen and affectionate Shirogane asked Akira to form a pact with him; and consequently, Akira became Shirogane’s shadow partner. Together, the two hunt down stray Kokuchi – but more importantly, Akira must fend off Shirogane’s advances and try to make his classes!

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Hinotori's avatar by Hinotori on May 1, 2010
Score: 5/10

Monochrome Factor is a shonen-ai fantasy that squanders a promising storyline and ends up leaving the viewer bored and frustrated.The plot premise is surprisingly good. Nikaido Akira, the Chosen One (in an alarming deviation from the norm, a Japanese schoolboy!) is attacked by demons, forced into a contract by a mysterious stranger, Shirogane, and subsequently battles the forces of evil along with his school... read more

lelouchllover's avatar by lelouchllover on Apr 3, 2011
Score: 6.2/10

Before watching this show, be aware that it is a shounen-ai series. Based on the manga of the same name, little it does to demarcate itself from others pitfalls of the genre. The story is somewhat simple and previsible. It is REALLY episodic and this is a no good. Some episodes just fell like fillers who follows the same pattern. The main character meet a someone. That person succombs to darkness. The main... read more

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