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Mon Colle Knights

Alt titles: Rokumon Tengai Monkore Knight

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2.234 out of 5 from 278 votes
Rank #4,308


In a parallel universe called Mon World, there exist magnificent monsters with special abilities. After years of research, Professor Hiiragi has discovered a way to enter this fantastical place and explore it using his special monster detection device. However, he didn't count on the evil Prince Eccentro, who only wants to grab the powers of the Mon World creatures for his selfish purposes! To protect the freedom and happiness of Mon World, Professor Hiiragi employs the help of his courageous daughter Rockna and her boyfriend Mondo, who transform into the Mon Colle Knights whenever danger calls. Working together with the powerful creatures of Mon World, can Rockna and Mondo prevent Prince Eccentro from fulfilling his evil plans?

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related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Mon-Colle-Knights 2000 TBD
Name Role
Atsuko NAKAJIMA Character Design
Yasunao AOKI Director
Hiroshi SAKAMOTO Music

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List Title Username Entries Date
Serious Nostalgia Trip purplepineapple 21 Jul 8, 2012
Added Characters Kari5 241 Dec 9, 2011
Anime I watched as A kid Toyplay 60 Aug 2, 2011
pyrotechno76 rated the Mon Colle Knights anime 1/5 stars
pyrotechno76 watched Mon Colle Knights at 51 of 51 episodes
rexaszerouno rated the Mon Colle Knights anime 2/5 stars
rexaszerouno watched Mon Colle Knights at 51 of 51 episodes
dj8900 dropped Mon Colle Knights

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Flint, the Time Detective

Flint, the Time Detective

Through a series of events, the cavemen Flint and his father were turned into fossils in prehistoric times - only to be found in the 25th century and brought back to life. Flint becomes part of the Time Bureau, an organization tasked with finding time shifters that have been scattered throughout the ages by the evil Dark Lord. Alongside Tony, Sarah, and his still-partially-fossilized father in the shape of a stone axe, Flint will travel through time and find the time shifters before Petrafina - the Dark Lord's minion - can get to them first! From Christopher Columbus to ancient samurai, Flint and his friends will meet a variety of famous people and have plenty of fun along the way.

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Both of these children's anime are pretty similar. Both have a normal boy and girl, a scientist father, cute creatures, and a trio of fail-villains. The main teams travel around strange worlds collecting things.  If you enjoyed one, the other is something you'll enjoy as well.


Flint and Mon Colle Knights both have kid heroes traveling around while opposing a trio of ne'er do wells.

Duel Masters

Duel Masters

Twelve-year-old Shobu Kirifuda has one goal: to become a top-ranking player at the game of Duel Masters, a card game in which players use spells and summon monsters to break through their opponents' shield cards and subsequently defeat them. Shobu believes he's a great player, but he soon discovers that there is more to the game than he originally thought; true Duel Masters, he learns, are able to make the monsters on the cards manifest themselves during a duel. A mysterious group has taken a keen interest in Shobu, although their reasons are as mysterious as the group itself. Now Shobu and his friends not only have to win the championship, but also try to figure out who these people are and why they're so interested in Shobu.

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Both of these shows have a very similar feel to them. It's hard to pinpoint exactly what, but I think it's largely the overacting of the characters.