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Ink Nijihara, who does very well in her high school English class, has a crush on her classmate Nao; but as she is both shy and clumsy, she finds herself unable to get closer to him. Furthermore, since he does poorly in English, he does not intend to go to a university, crushing Ink's dreams of going there together with him. Out of the blue, a talking duck who turns out to be a polymorphed (and perverted) wizard exiled from a magic kingdom falls from the sky and lands in front of Ink. He offers her magical powers in return for helping people in need. Ink sees the magical girl transformation as a chance to help Nao with his English without feeling embarrassed about it, and thus she begins her adventures as Magical Teacher Pastel Ink!

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HarioSagara's avatar by HarioSagara on Nov 7, 2012
Score 6.5/10

 Magical Change! Two loli girls do their magical transformation meanwhile two magicians polymorphed into a duck and a cat drool and get nosebleeds from watching. Yep, basically what this show is about is taking the mahou shojo genre and creating a hilarious parody. If you find a klutzy girl teamed up with a perveted duck who practically swims in pools of his own drool funny then you'll enjoy this... read more

roriconfan's avatar by roriconfan on Aug 8, 2012
Score 5/10

Once more the Japs prove what kind of weird people they are by taking an English learning franchise and turning it into a perverted series of complete randomness and loli-fetished situations.

ENJOYMENT SECTION: 8/10 [Learning English while fondling the boobies of 10 year-old girls… Yeah, like that would work!]

What I liked in the series was the parody of the mahou shojo genre, boosted... read more

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