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Moero! Top Striker

Moero! Top Striker
2.494 out of 5 from 43 votes
Rank #3,769


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Name Role
Nobuhiro OKASAKO Character Design
Ryo YASUMURA Director
Junnosuke YAMAMOTO Music
Shunichi KOSAO Producer

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Fave Animes junmisugi84 38 Sep 22, 2011

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Captain Tsubasa

Tsubasa Ozora is a young boy with a dream: become a famous soccer player. Through countless adversities including tough rivals and difficult championships, Tsubasa will see if he has what it takes to be a winner. Now, Tsubasa must learn new skills and face his fears to become the best that there is and ultimately reach his goal: the World Cup!


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They both started about a boy who loves football, afterward the boy join a team and become a captain to win the tournament cup.