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In the distant future, the universe is under attack by robotic destroyers named Zeravire whose goal is to eradicate all of mankind. Enter Klein Sandman, a millionaire with a penchant for saving the world – or at least, one can assume. He’s built the mecha Gravion, a machine capable of destroying the Zeravire with the help of several young pilots, but piloting it comes at a high price. Along with sheltered Toga, well endowed Mizuki and a varied cast of pilots and maids alike, young Shigure Eiji must help lead Gravion to victory, else all of humanity will perish!

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sothis sothis says...

Granted, I didn't really care much for either Moekan or Gravion. Nonetheless, the two series reminded me of each other for more than just the maids in common. Super ecchi, fighting, and overall confusion accompany both of these, so I definitely think you'd enjoy one if you liked the other.