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Mobile New Century Gundam X

Mobile New Century Gundam X main image
3.377 out of 5 from 2,381 votes
Rank #1,970

User Stats - Watching

Username Status Eps Rating
JaimeAlonso Watching     3.5 star rating
jan Watching     not rated
jaredcamp83 Watching     not rated
JezusChrystus Watching 7   not rated
jjjjaaaacccckkkk Watching 15   2 star rating
jkun Watching 21   4 star rating
joerivanett Watching 7   3 star rating
Jogwe Watching 5   3 star rating
jollyrancher Watching     not rated
Jordanx Watching 3   not rated
Jumonji Watching     not rated
jupauchiha Watching 25   2.5 star rating
Kaboose Watching     not rated
KagomeAsakura Watching 20   not rated
Kairu64 Watching 15   5 star rating
kaosu08 Watching 6   1 star rating
karplusan Watching 30   3 star rating
kera667 Watching 6   not rated
KGB Watching     not rated
Kico7 Watching 9   not rated
Kientero Watching 9   not rated
kingzay Watching 1   not rated
kira148 Watching 2   not rated
klaestra Watching     not rated
Knave79 Watching 4   not rated
koganei231 Watching     5 star rating
Kortoph Watching 5   4.5 star rating
Krika Watching 5   not rated
kunoichizero Watching 3   2.5 star rating
kuritomaru Watching 3   not rated
kuroi1986 Watching 27   not rated
Kyon097 Watching 17   4 star rating
Lalachan Watching 10   not rated
Lancr Watching 10   not rated
lastangelz Watching 12   not rated
Lawlnut Watching 2   not rated
leaveit2me Watching 5   not rated
lemerande87 Watching     not rated
lilatta75 Watching 24   4 star rating
LotoKurosaki Watching 9   5 star rating
m364 Watching 5   not rated
Maskarada Watching 2   not rated
masterkiller36 Watching     not rated
matahachi88 Watching 1   not rated
Miashin Watching 18   not rated
micsoul Watching 15   3.5 star rating
Mightnare Watching 8   not rated
mikonarou Watching 18   not rated
minkman6 Watching     not rated
mordakleep18 Watching     not rated