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Mobile New Century Gundam X

Mobile New Century Gundam X main image
3.376 out of 5 from 2,383 votes
Rank #1,980

User Stats - Dropped

Username Status Eps Rating
majerror Dropped 3   not rated
manjikengo Dropped     not rated
Marik Dropped 2   not rated
Master17X Dropped     not rated
MasterThief1412 Dropped 1   1 star rating
MavSkipper Dropped 1   not rated
MCBiohazard Dropped 3   2.5 star rating
mdluffy360 Dropped 2   not rated
memotoko Dropped 7   2.5 star rating
MiCk3Y Dropped 26   2 star rating
Mion Dropped 5   not rated
monty845 Dropped 1   not rated
Musou Dropped 25   not rated
MyAngelWings Dropped     not rated
nachtwoelfin Dropped 12   not rated
Navolrac Dropped     not rated
nax Dropped 5   not rated
Nev06 Dropped     2 star rating
Nimmersatt Dropped 13   not rated
NonOmnisMoriar Dropped 5   2 star rating
NoOneCares Dropped     not rated
nosehead Dropped     not rated
Nruto Dropped     not rated
Nyuchan Dropped     not rated
ogreslayer Dropped 1   not rated
OldIron Dropped 2   not rated
olvios Dropped     not rated
Ominous Dropped 17   not rated
orion2025 Dropped     not rated
Oriyn Dropped 8   not rated
Path Dropped 7   1.5 star rating
paulapp Dropped     not rated
PepperedHam Dropped 22   3 star rating
phantomhart Dropped 1   1 star rating
Phydias Dropped 5   3 star rating
plasmaslashx Dropped     not rated
pockynomiko Dropped 10   not rated
preybird Dropped 10   2 star rating
PrincessSakura Dropped     not rated
principalityofdragon Dropped 2   not rated
purplemo Dropped 11   not rated
Quizap Dropped 3   2.5 star rating
radicaledx Dropped 2   not rated
Raoul Dropped 15   0.5 star rating
RavenAlucard Dropped 4   2.5 star rating
rhapsodos Dropped 8   not rated
rheide Dropped     2.5 star rating
RoboKyMKIII Dropped     1 star rating
rose1223 Dropped     not rated
SakuHKT Dropped 20   2.5 star rating