Alt titles: RIN ~Daughters of Mnemosyne~

OVA (6 eps x 45 min)
3.875 out of 5 from 7,088 votes
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Rin is a private investigator with an advantage: near immortality. Thanks to the spores of the Yggdrasill tree, both she and her assistant Mimi have lived many years longer than the average person. That isn’t to say that being immortal doesn't have its problems. With 'angels' wanting to devour them, the being Apos sending wave after wave of professional assassins to kill them, and constant hangovers from long nights of drinking, being immortal still has its downsides. With Apos' attempts at removing them from the picture increasing, can Rin and Mimi figure out what he is after so they can return to their morning shots of Vodka?

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aritentd's avatar by aritentd on Oct 4, 2009
Score: 6/10

Mnemosyne I picked this up because of VivisQueen's review and I was pleasantly surprised. First thing that caught my attention was the awesome OP song by Galneryus (ED too), Yama-b's vocals are just epic. Other songs of theirs are worth checking out too. Apart from the 6th ep the plot was interesting enough and I especially liked that apparent flow of time between episodes. It might have been developed... read more

VivisQueen's avatar by VivisQueen on Aug 26, 2008
Score: 7.5/10

Just to cut to the chase: the answer is yes, Mnemosyne involves a lot of sex and a lot of violence; however, for those who don't mind that kind of thing per se, there is much more to discover than meets the eye. While Mnemosyne has an explicit S&M theme, the presentation style is fairly sophisticated and makes it surprisingly palatable. Don't get me wrong, it's as sexist as ever - sexual... read more



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