Mizu no Kotoba

Alt title: Aquatic Language

TV Special (1 ep x 9 min)
3.348 of 5 from 1,794 votes
Rank #2,712

In a cafe, people spend their time talking to each other about what’s on their mind. They talk about troubles with love, spread gossip about a friend of a friend and tell about the time they saw a flying fish. The waitress of the cafe tries to teach a lesson to a boy that just broke up with his girlfriend that relationships don’t end when the people involved part ways. Overall, the other people in the cafe also become influenced by what tools of humanity and the human language can do for relationships between lovers and friends. The unbelievable is always tested by science and our own imaginations...

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    Episode 1

    Mizu no kotoba / Aquatic Language (Japanese)

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Theta's avatar
Theta Sep 6, 2011
Score 5/10

It is easy to see the connections between Eve no Jikan and this early work by Studio Rikka.  It is very similar in theme, set, and setting.  While it shows the potential that later Studio Rikka films have, Mizu no Kotoba is still pretty rough around the edges.  Watch Eve no Jikan first, if you like that then give this one a try. read more

Merryberry's avatar
Merryberry Oct 18, 2009
Score 8.5/10

Intro...Getting just small snippets of conversation in a cafe and a tiny window into the lives of those who are there.Story: 8I must admit that sometimes shorter animes tend to be better at conveying more information across than those which continue on for the standard length of time.  In the same ways that Pale Cocoon, Voices of a Distance Star and Eve no Jikan are each short series that give barely... read more



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