Mister Ajikko

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Genjirou Murata, the most renowned food critic in Japan and leader of the Ajiou Group, discovers a boy called Youichi Ajiyoshi (known to his friends as Mr Ajikko), whose innate cooking prowess creates the most heavenly of flavors. Convinced that he might have just found the heir to the company, Mr Murata decides to immerse Youichi fully into the world of professional chefs, a world where cooking is not just a skill, but a matter of pride, honor, and reputation; if you can't even cook spaghetti 'al dente' then you better get out of town! However, not everyone is so sure of a wildcard boy’s abilities, and there are more than enough challengers queuing up to halt Youichi's climb to the top. Is a young, untrained chef truly prepared for what it takes to prove himself the best in Japan?

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