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Yuki is a disaffected middle school boy who has no dreams or goals in life; in fact, the only thing he has is his diary. Writing down everything he observes and documenting every thought, the young boy uses it as an outlet for his imagination. One morning, however, Yuki wakes up to find his cell phone filled with diary entries for the next ninety days. Thinking nothing of it, he continues his morning until he begins to realize that everything on his phone is rapidly coming to pass, and it isn't just mere coincidence. Now, Yuki suddenly finds himself thrust into a survival game against other future diary owners to become the new Lord of Time.

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ratchet573 May 7, 2012
Score 6/10

There are a lot of “high stakes game” anime out there that really don’t seem to be that high stakes, nor contain the kind of drama I’d expect of something executing that genre. I’m looking at you Eden of the East. And while I have had a few run ins with series with great ideas for these games, but terrible execution, Mirai Nikki has broken that trend and given me both an... read more

roriconfan's avatar
roriconfan Apr 15, 2012
Score 3.5/10

Mirai Nikki is a supernatural mystery / horror / survival regarding an antisocial boy named Yukiteru (Yuki henceforth) receiving from his imaginary friend a magic cell phone that has a diary with all his future actions. Thus in effect he knows the future and can be prepared for anything. At first he adores how he knows all the answers in the tests at school, or how he can avoid meeting the school bullies... read more

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