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Mirai Nikki TV

Alt titles: Future Diary TV, The Future Diary TV

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4.366 out of 5 from 14,353 votes
Rank #163


Yuki is a disaffected middle school boy who has no dreams or goals in life; in fact, the only thing he has is his diary. Writing down everything he observes and documenting every thought, the young boy uses it as an outlet for his imagination. One morning, however, Yuki wakes up to find his cell phone filled with diary entries for the next ninety days. Thinking nothing of it, he continues his morning until he begins to realize that everything on his phone is rapidly coming to pass, and it isn't just mere coincidence. Now, Yuki suddenly finds himself thrust into a survival game against other future diary owners to become the new Lord of Time.

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Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Future Diary 2006 TBD
Mirai Nikki Mosaic 2008 TBD
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Name Role
Eiji HIRAYAMA Character Design
Ruriko WATANABE Character Design
Naoto HOSODA Director
Sakae ESUNO Original Manga Creator

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Title Author Score Date
Mirai Nikki TV AverageJoseph 6/10 Mar 9, 2014
The Future Diary TV AverageJoseph 6/10 Mar 9, 2014
Future Diary TV AverageJoseph 6/10 Mar 9, 2014
List Title Username Entries Date
My favourites GiraffeOfSirius 38 Apr 13, 2014
Good Dubs Kruszer 203 Apr 9, 2014
vida-anime Slendi 156 Apr 9, 2014
keinx watched Mirai Nikki TV at 26 of 26 episodes
Sallymayy is watching Mirai Nikki TV anime at 5 of 26 episodes
mattking18 is watching Mirai Nikki TV anime at 3 of 26 episodes
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22-year-old Ryouta is an unemployed good-for-nothing who spends his days living at home and playing Btooom, a wildly popular online game that's sold over three million copies worldwide. Alongside other teammates, Ryouta battles it out with others using powerful bombs and sonar that can reveal hidden enemies, and his dedication has earned him the title of Japan's top player. But soon, Ryouta's pastime becomes a terrifying reality, as he and many others are dropped onto a tropical island and forced to play Btooom – but this time for real. Now, he and the rest must fight to the death by whatever means necessary, as the only way to win this deadly game is by killing seven of the other players.

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  • Survival
  • High Stakes Games

Those are the main features, for me, to watch an awesome anime. I also like the mature themes in BTOOOM, they make it more "realistic", and seinen as well. Mirai Nikki is more shonen, but still you will like it.


What itoshiki94 said already. Both are survival game animes, where people are pretty much forced to kill each other off. Btooom! looks a bit more serious than Mirai Nikki though, which I like. Really nice action also.


Violence! Crazy people! Psychlogical breakdown! A high stakes game where only few can survive, both shows are about death games and the end goal of getting rid of the opposition. Randomized weapons and tools are given to them with the world (Island for Btoom!) as their stage.


are both games hwere people have to fight to the death and the boy anf girl fall in love with each other during the game


I would recommend both animes since they both have very close similarities. To begin, the goal in both is to kill everyone (in Mirai Nikki) and to kill 7 people to get their IC chips (in Btooom!).

The only difference is that when you win in Mirai Nikki you become god, while when you win in Btooom! you only get off the island (To get sent back later... [not a spoiler]).

Both have some sort of plot twist at the end, and will make you feel bad. They all have a touch of romance too.

I wouldn't recommend these two animes to younger kids, since they are both psychological and very violent.



best love story i have ever watched till now

it is amazing how everything happens so fast but it has its special impact and it is drawn amazingly and the openning is just ... 

ok just watch 

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Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied

For Kouta and Yuka, finding the bloody naked young girl on the beach would change their lives forever, for better or for worse. Unable to speak or function as a normal human being, she is named Nyu by the duo, and taken into their home in an effort to save her. But what neither teenager knows is that this innocent young girl is actually a killing machine -- an experiment gone terribly wrong -- and it is only a matter of time before the murderer in her awakens again...

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Both animes have a similar feel, and significant amount of blood and gore, although Elfen lied has way more (so far compared to mirai nikki) and is a lot more disturbing in nature/themes, but also both animes somehow manage to have this along with cuteness from the same main charachter that kills people - Yuno/Lucy and then they both develop a relationship with the main male charachter - yukki/Kota

so overall if you like gore/blood animes then you would like either, and even if you don't, you still might like them for the romance/cuteness!

 i was reccomenned both these animes from my friends, and despite not liking gore, i still liked elfen lied for the romance/cuteness, and mirai nikki as well, so far has a really interesting concept.


Yep! They are both about scary but cute girls that have no hesitation to kill people they think are in their way or are threatening to themselves or the person they love. :) There is a lot of violence and blood but you get used to it when the story grabs you.Elfen Lied surpass Mirai Nikki though in that area but the other have more psychologic approach. But to be honest, the show have a good storyline so you don't mind the gore and violence after a while.The connection between the two lead characters are the glue to hold the show together.

Mirai Nikki have an anoying and stupid main character that can drive anyone crazy but Yuno makes up for it somehow with here Yandere-style that is way of the scale! :)

(Mirai Nikki isn't finished when I write this so I can't say anything about the ending yet)


Like the twisted, morbid story? Like the voilence and the killing? Blood doesn't bother you? Crazy girls with pink hair that kill without batting an eyelash? Then this is the anime for you!


as mentioned by others, there's a lot of blood and gore in both animes and in both you've got twisted main female characters


If you like rivers of blood and serial killers than you will like this anime too! Total genocide and mysterious challenges don't let you go until the end.


Mirai Nikki and Elfen Lied have a lot of things in common, Elfen Lied has more gore but Mirai Nikki has more psychological warfare, they're both great to watch and if you like one, you'll definitely like the other one, the headcharacters are also pretty similar, Lucy/Nyu and Yuno both have a cute side as well as a murderous side, and then we have Yukkii and Kouta, both boys who, over time, learn more and more about what's happening

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Guilty Crown

Guilty Crown

In the near future, the outbreak of a terrible disease called the Apocolypse Virus places Japan under the military rule of a global organization called the GHQ - a group tasked with checking the spread of the virus and administering vaccinations. Apathetic high school student Shuu Ouma lives in Tokyo, spending his days editing videos and trying to be left alone. But things change when he meets the beautiful pop idol, Inori, who is on the run from GHQ soldiers. While trying to save her from her captors, he acquires a mysterious power called the Void Gene that allows him to pull items or weapons from anyone under the age of seventeen. Now, Shuu must decide whether to join the efforts of the well-funded radical terrorist group "Funeral Parlor" and fight against the GHQ, or shrug off his newfound power and resume his normal life - assuming that either the GHQ or Funeral Parlor's charismatic leader, Gai, will let him.

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I believe that these two animes are very similar in that both main characters are shown to be very weak in the beginning. Eventually they become turn into more of a better charter that most people like gradually. 

They also have the girl with pink hair by their sides. :)


both animes are similar, because in a way both main charakters need to struggle to stay alive. During their time, when they constantly need to fight they start developing and eventually become stronger charakters.


Both are thrillers that have a somewhat wimpy guy and a pink-haired girl of questionable sanity. In Guilty Crown I am not referring to Inori. You'll see.


They both sort of have a similar feel of a boy struggling to stay alive with the aid of a mysterious pink haired girl. Long story short, if you liked one you'll probably like the other.

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The Severing Crime Edge

The Severing Crime Edge

Kiri has been obsessed with cutting others' hair since he was a child, to the extent that he always carries a pair of shears with him wherever he goes. So when the boy accidentally meets Iwai, a young girl with floor-length hair, he's crushed to learn that due to a curse, her locks cannot be shorn by ordinary means. And what's more, she's an unwilling participant in a deadly game where psychotic wielders of powerful "Killing Goods" do their best to take her life in exchange for a prize beyond imagination. Wielding the shears he learns are his own Killing Good, Kiri must now keep Iwai safe from those who wish to murder her and help her survive this sinister game.

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Crime Edge and Mirai Nikki both revolve around a deadly survival game with unusual weapons. In Crime Edge, participants use possessed items known as "Killing Goods". In Mirai Nikki, they use cell phones that can predict the future in ways unique to the user. Crime Edge comes off as a bit silly at times compared to Mirai Nikki, but if you enjoy unorthodox games, survival, and a little bit of gore, and you liked one, you should give the other a try. 


Competition between a group of people sharing something in common, a power that makes them different from your average Joe. All of this in order to satisfy their own selfish desires. 


Both shows are about a killing game, with items that have special powers. In mirai nikki it's the diary's and in Crime Edge it's the killing goods. Both have tons of action are a bit gory but beware Crime Edge is full of fethishes other than that if you liked on you'll like the other as well.


It just has that sense that this select few people must kill each other to make there dream come true. Even though one uses sell phones and other media devices and the other uses weapons they both have varying ability of what they can do. It also shows just how crazy someone can be if it to protect the one that they love                                                             


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26 years ago, something terrible happened in a middle school’s third year classroom. A popular, talented student named Misaki suddenly died, and the ramifications of that incident have caused each third year class since then to live in fear. It is now 1998, and Kouchi Sakakibara has just transferred into the notorious classroom, curious about the mysterious secret that his peers are hiding from him. He’s drawn to one enigmatic girl named Mei Misaki, a quiet student who wears an eye patch and warns him about getting involved with her, and continues to seek her out against the pleas of his classmates. And that’s when people begin to violently die...

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Another and Mirai Nikki are similar in many ways. They both havesimilar animation, are horror, and have a similar feel to them.


Another and Mirai Nikki TV both have creepy mystery and horror elements, lots of bloodshed, great soundtracks, and great plots.


These two have an alike horror/bloody-gore aspect, very high up on levels of emotion with each character, and both can give you chills down your spine. I honestly fell in love with both animes from the first episode, they pull you in and make things very interesting right from the start. Both main characters are alike in reactions and even their attitude on things, yet reamin their own personalities all the same. Both are psychologically intense and bring out a huge level of emotion in times of dispare and death. In short, if you like one I HIGHLY recommend the other.

watch it online now!