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Alt titles: Future Diary TV, The Future Diary TV



PinkyIvan's avatar By PinkyIvan on Sep 23, 2012

Well let us see, did I enjoy this anime? The answer is no, this is by far the worst anime I have ever seen. No other anime gets close to it.

The story revolves around Yuki and Yuno, 14 year olds who need to kill 10 (11) other people (all of which have diarys that tell them the future in different ways) to become god of time or something like that. Sound interesting? It sounded good to me. But then I watched the series, and I regret that. The plot is so badly written it is well a masterpiece in bad writing. The amount of plot holes is simply amazing, I was actually stunned. Since an essay could be written about the plot holes and I don’t want to bore you I will move on to the animation.

There is not much to say about the animation except the character design was terrible. That little god/moe/fat kid? Why does it exist? Well it’s there for the plot holes I think.

The sound…. People with accents as bad as that should be forbidden to sing songs in English. Seriously people if you have retarded accents don’t sing in English! Is that so hard? Also like everything about Yuki his voice was annoying as hell!

Well… Yuno was sometimes fun to watch. Everything else was just terrible! We have the fake terrorist who tries to kill a police officer twice and then marries him, we have the 5 year old who knows how to use gas masks and military poisons, we have the Nazi mayor, fake Kaworu who is here (unlike Kaworu) only for the yaoi flavor, Yuno, a stereotypical yandere who wants to have loads of sex and Yuki. He is THE WORST CHARACTER EVER MADE! He is like Shinji but without any sensible character development, any cool moment, lines, basicly anything cool. He is annoying in every way you look at him.

All in all I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone, unless I was trying to show him/her I hate him/her. DO NOT WATCH THIS ANIME! You have been warned!

For extra detail check out the video I linked on my profile!

1/10 story
6/10 animation
3/10 sound
2/10 characters
2.5/10 overall
charvisioku's avatar By charvisioku on Jun 18, 2014


The basic gist of Mirai Nikki is that God (or Deus) is dying and he needs to choose a successor; to do this he chooses a group of people and gives them 'future diaries' which hold various different properties (e.g. Random Diary; Investigation Diary; Picture Diary...). He then gathers them together and informs them that they are involved in a sort of Battle Royale in which the last survivor will take all and become the new God.

Although this sort of storyline is fairly popular and has been done before (Battle Royale, Hunger Games...), Mirai Nikki adds a certain flair to the whole formula. As well as being an action-packed emotional rollercoaster with great psychological tension and some big plot twists along the way, it's also a Romeo and Juliet style love story in that Yukki and Yuno aren't really supposed to be fraternizing because one's always going to have to kill the other eventually. Unlike a lot of more mainstream animes, Mirai Nikki isn't afraid to slaughter your favourite character after lulling you into a false sense of security, and the knowledge that characters can actually stay dead (unlike D. Gray Man, for example) does make the whole story feel a lot faster-paced and more interesting.

It's definitely worth a watch just for the story, especially if (like me) you love action and psychological thrillers. This is one of the better anime love stories I've seen as well - although they're extreme, the characters still seem somehow more human than your usual "Oh god she's wearing a short skirt I'll get a nose bleed and never talk to her other than when I bump into her and make her drop all of her stuff" rubbish.

I didn't see the end coming, and I'd advise paying attention to who's who and what happens with each person, because although it's not TOO confusing, I did have a bit of trouble keeping track of what the hell was happening near to the end.


This is where (for me, at least) Mirai Nikki lets itself down a little. I like the essential art style and the colour schemes are nice (especially once Yukki loses that stupid hat); I found it very easy to watch for the most part and the artists have used shadowing and sillouhettes really well in some of the more threatening scenes.

However, there are some very dodgy attempts at 3D-style graphics in the scenes involving Deus - I feel like they should have just left out that whole aspect. I think I can see what they were trying to do - God is 3D whilst the ordinary world is 2D - but it just didn't seem very well-executed. Another issue I had was the clumsy attempts to censor serious injuries; I can't give many examples here without spoiling some of the story; at one point somebody gets stabbed and there's really blocky censorship fuzz over the wound, which just takes away any realism or brutality for me.

Overall, though, Mirai Nikki's animation is pretty good - those 2 issues are the only things that really bugged me whilst I was watching it. I particularly like the insane facial expressions some of the characters pull; if nothing else these writers and animators know exactly how to do 'nutcase'.


The voice acting for Yukki and Yuno was a bit off - I felt like I was watching a pair of really tall five year olds a lot of the time - but it wasn't unbearable by any means. Yuno's constant cries of "YUUUKKKIIIIII!!!" grated after a while and I really considered dropping the anime near to the middle because Yukki just kept wailing and screaming and crying all of the time, but he stopped doing it as much eventually.

The other characters all have good voice actors, and even Yuno and Yukki's actors were good - the annoying mannerisms and high pitched squeals did actually suit the characters' personalities down to the grouns. It was mainly just an issue with my personal tastes - I really don't like anime characters who could genuinely be mistaken for babies if you weren't looking at the screen.

A major good point for Mirai Nikki is the OT. Easily one of my all time favourite anime opening tracks (and the 2nd one is really good too) and the ending credit songs are also great. The 1st is the best in my opinion though... it really just captures the whole feel of the series. It sets the mood for a psychological thriller about such a twisted girl/relationship.


Character development was very good and I felt like I really understood the main characters once the anime was over. I grew very attached to Minene and Yuno; especially Minene. She was (weirdly) probably one of the more balanced characters in Mirai Nikki - she didn't have any specific obsessions, she was fairly a-moral and she had character depth and development all of the way through the series.

Yukki drove me absolutely insane until about the last 5 episodes or so, but I get the impression that's intentional. I did keep wondering what on earth was drawing Yuno to him so much though; the series does sort of explain the whole situation but I still just think "Why Yukki, really?".

Yuno was an incredibly difficult character to get my head around - I just couldn't decide if I loved her, hated her, pitied her or felt like she was just beyond help. Over time you do start to get your opinions a bit more defined but even now that I've finished the anime I still feel a little confused about whether that ending is good or another would have been better.


Mirai Nikki is a fast-paced psychological thriller which, if you're anything like me, will have you on the edge of your seat and not wanting to stop watching. There's a (twisted but still there) love story for those of you who like the emotional side of these stories and there's more than enough action to make up for it for those who don't. I would recommend this anime to most anime-watchers I know and I feel like it's a must-watch.


*Death Note (this was the first anime that came to mind when I started watching Mirai Nikki. Gasai Yuno and Misa Amane bear more than a passing resemblance in their 'love' for Yukki and Light, and there's a running theme of wanting to become a God (albeit in different ways and for different purposes) which just makes these two anime series fit together for me)

*Boogiepop Phantom (although I don't think there are any direct links between these two, I felt like the atmosphere in Boogiepop was similarly dark to that of Mirai Nikki)

*C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control (although the players in this game fight with their minds, it still bears a decent enough resemblance to Mirai Nikki for people to enjoy them both)

8.5/10 story
6/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
Jehowi's avatar By Jehowi on Jan 5, 2013

Mirai Nikki


10. 14-year old Yukiteru Amane is a strange fellow that doesn’t have any real friends and writes down everything he sees or does in a diary on his mobile phone. One day the god of time gives his mobile the power to predict the future. Yuki can see what will happen in his future, and it can even predict his death! Soon Yuki finds out that there are eleven other people with similar diaries, each with their own special powers, like deduction, escaping, and so on. They don’t know each other’s identities, but only the last one alive will become the new God of time. First, Yuki is scared of these new powers, but when he's being chased down by one of the diary owners, he gets saved by his classmate Yuno Gasai, a girl that owns a diary as well and loves him unconditionally, although she seems to be hiding something. From this point on it’s kill or be killed. Oh, and one more thing: if your cell phone breaks, it’s game over for you!

Plot and pace

10. There are so many mysterious things happening in this story that certainly gave a boost to the grand finale of Mirai Nikki. Therefore the plot is one of the strongest part of this Anime, and it will develop at a high pace, especially the last episodes are very intense and a lot of - sad - things happen in them.


9. Mirai Nikki has a lot of cliffhangers, like one part where someone gets to show Yuki some information he didn’t know about before he disappears. Of course you have to wait until the next episode to find out what it is, and this happens a hell lot in Mirai Nikki. That’s why I couldn’t wait to see the next episode.

Satisfying ending

8. Let me already tell you that the end is astonishing and that the developers did a great job in building up to it. There are clues about the ending scattered throughout the Anime, but you will never be able to guess it! In fact, the ending will turn your whole world upside down because of its originality and its impact on the story.


10. YES! I can’t wait already to watch it again, and the only thing keeping me from it is that I still got loads of other Animes to watch. You will want to watch this again, knowing how it will end to look for clues and because the strange parts in the story will be clear then.


9. Yuno and Yuki are great characters. A shy and friendly boy that has to kill to survive, and a mysterious girl that doesn’t hesitate to kill anyone that puts Yuki’s life in danger. There are other characters that I also liked a lot, like the police officer and Akise, a clever guy and friend of Yuki.


7. The conversations are short and nothing special. The most important things to read are actually the diary entries.

Art Style

9. Very nice and modern. One of the best I’ve ever seen.


8. Yuki keeps spending time at school, although he’s being chased down by the other diary owners, and at his home, but the backgrounds are often pretty various.

Music and sounds

8. Great soundtrack, good voice-acting, nothing more to be said. I just can’t repeat enough what a must-see this anime is.

Overall score


10/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.8/10 overall
AverageJoseph's avatar By AverageJoseph on Mar 9, 2014

Still on an anime kick...

...I searched a couple of forums mentioning any kind of radical genre or intense story-lines - Mirai Nikki - or Future Diary, was one that stood out. I had no idea what I was getting myself into plot-wise though, as this series' reputation relies on on of its characters - spawning an internet meme, in the form of a facial expression, common place among various sites, even those non-related. At 26 episodes, It's a tad too long, so you can guarantee there's filler episodes not integral to the plot... That being said, they're not exactly delving into character development either...

Mental (Plot)

Yukieteru is a weird chap. Happy as an observer, he barely talks to anyone at school, only opening his mouth to respond to teachers and eating, I presume. Constantly jotting down daily activities in his diary, he documents absolutely every happening in his day - this in turn, becomes the beginning of the story - which initially starts as some kind of pathetic imaginary game. In his mind, he conceives 'Deus' - some kind of God of time and space, as well as his little assistant/pet/I have no idea what - Murmur. The game - Last man standing shall become the new God. Along with 12 other unknown participants, Yukiteru is gifted a 'Future Diary' - each offering different abilities - all generally to do with time alteration and preventing/causing lethal outcomes. So this school boy dreamt up this game and yet has zero idea of what to do as player one (referred to as 'First' by the other players). Luckily or... not so... Yuno Gasai - the most beautiful, smartest, ideal student role model etc etc is no.2 in the game, however unlike the remaining 11, she allies herself with Yukiteru, creating a formidable team as her diary is strictly to do with Yukiteru and his actions.


Yukiteru Amano, AKA First
As said before, this guy's very much a loser. His super high pitch voice exacerbates most situations. Has one 'skill' if you like, which is darts. Offers extremely little input to the game and is heavily reliant on Yuno Gasai. A terrified little boy - not exactly a self insert character like the majority of anime's, eh? At least not a willing one.

Yuno Gasai, AKA Second
This girl is bat-sh*t crazy. In every sense. The pink hair is like a decoy at first - as if she's some fun loving cute and innocent girl, when in reality she she's a psychotic monstrosity of a character. Brutally possessive of Yukieteru (whom she secretly spied on/stalked in real life) she'll cut down anyone in his/her way or if anyone so much as looks at him wrong. She's also a dab hand with various types of weaponry and despite her calm, dedicated demeanour, she is an unstable, calculating, cold hearted killer.

Minene Uryu, AKA Ninth
Looks like a carbon copy of Batman's 'Harley Quinn' character to being with. Tries to blow a school, so she's decent with explosives and has the 'Escape Diary'. She has her own little backstory and pops up fairly often, which is always a treat as she offers a more mature vibe to the show... even if she's a bit harsh, she definitely has a heart of gold in there.. somewhere..

Aru Akise
The only non-diary owner worth mentioning, this guy is a smart-arse wannabe detective. He tags along with Yukiteru alongside 2 other nobodies, but due to his background and intelligence, is a decent threat to everyone involved.

There's also a policemen, a cult leader, a blind vigilante, a 4 year old prodigy, a dog breeder, a schmaltzy married couple, a fat lady and the mayor :S


I can't honestly recall any of the soundtrack other than the always repeated intro and outro themes - which both odd, the first sucked, the latter was ok. It's surprisingly violent in places, which can be a shock considering the pink pigtailed main heroine. For lack of a better word, almost every single action by Yuno Gasai is disturbing. Her lack of relatable traits, undying/unfounded dedication to 'Yuki', messed up family life... what.a.psycho. I can't really recommend this anime, because of 2. solid reasons: 1. Anime is like a guilty pleasure for me right now, just like it was when i was 13 and 2. this anime is in sync with that - it feels really childish at times with its fast paced fighting, violence and hollow/stereotype characters. Despite all the glaring negatives, it held my attention with its lack of sense and seriousness.

6/10 story
7/10 animation
5/10 sound
6/10 characters
6/10 overall
Tinydestiny's avatar By Tinydestiny on May 4, 2012

Did you think Mirai Nikki was good? Do you think it's going to be a good watch? If one of these are true then please heed my words.

This anime takes a massive runny diarrhea crap on your expectations. The diarrhea is so runny it's pouring over your expectations. And the worst part is: you don't even know it.

It's a tragic trick. It's a trick that pisses me off to the core and the trick f*cks with everyone, giving it an unbelievable amount of undeserved credit. The trick is to make you "fall in love" with the first episodes and god DAMN I swear 90% of the "good" new animes now a days do this. It's not the kind of love where you think "this is a good anime" however, but the kind of love when you spend almost every day of the week waiting for the next episode. By making you fall in love with it so hard, the creators use your naive love to their advantage and exploit that love until the bitter end when you finally realize your love was a mistake. You wish you could reject your premature love and take back all the time you spent because of your naivety, but the harsh truth will always be out there, the writers cheated on your expectations and got away with it for most of you!

Well, I guess this is only MY opinion, but I'll be damned if I'm wrong. It's the only way I can explain how it reached the top 86 rated animes on here.  I only managed to keep going because I, like many other fools, fell in love with it the first episodes. I was extremely happy (and I know I'm not the only one) to have a dark psychological mind game involving a pathetic character and a psycho bitch. SO much potential, so much room for development and interesting plots. But no. I kept the illusion that it was a great show until the end when I finally was able to snap out of it and realized it was absolute crap and a mass of ruined epic anime potential. It was beautiful and magnificent on the outside, but the inside was hollow, dull, and disappointing.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
4/10 overall