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Alt titles: Future Diary TV, The Future Diary TV



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This is a spoiler-free review.

Overall: 5.5/10 (Mediocre) - Mirai Nikki, while it had a lot of potential, doesn't seem to know what it wants to be. Extremely dark topics such as rape, child abuse, and mass murder alternate rapidly within the same episode with absurd, entertaining, and theatrical enemies. In addition, the two main characters are, quite frankly, terrible people who barely develop during the vast majority of the show. The plot is largely sequential and has some significant errors in it. That being said, Mirai Nikki is still entertaining, unique, and somewhat emotional. 

Recommended for: Anybody who wants an entertaining and somewhat memorable show without too much thinking involved.



Story: 6/10-Slightly good

Creativity/uniqueness bonus points +1.5: The premise is quite good and had a lot of potential. It is a very memorable series.

Humour bonus points +.5:. The little clips after the credits with Mur Mur (the catgirl god) can be very funny.

General Plot and Structure 1.5/4The plot itself turns out to be not particularly complex and somewhat mediocre due to how they tended to present one fight after another in succession instead of having more complicated conflicts. This wouldn't have been a problem necessarily if it wasn't for several significant plot-holes and continuity errors.

Pacing 1/2 - The pacing is mediocre. Some parts are very slow and seemed to just be wasting time while others rip by way too fast. Not terrible, but easily could have been better.

Emotional impact: 1/3 - Mirai Nikki has a serious issue with rapidly alternating between extreme violence and dark topics (such as child abuse, mass murder, and rape) and theatrical, bizarre villains. This transition can occur abruptly several times within the same episode and really reduces the emotional impact on the viewer. I found it quite funny when the dialogue itself summed up that feeling for me during one of the best examples of this problem:

Conclusion .5/1 - The conclusion, while not really bad, felt like a bit of a final kick in the teeth for character development.

Annoying/mindset-breaking negative points - None 


Animation: 8/10-Very good

Artwork 2.5/3 - Artwork was reasonably good. The small CGI sections were mediocre, but not too bad for the time and were luckily not very frequent. The general setting was uninspired but still well-portrayed.

Character Designs 2/3 -The characters were easy to differentiate and fairly unique looking. Unfortunately, some of the villian designs were just plain silly and reduced the seriousness of the plot significantly.

Action Animation 1.75/2 - Fight scenes were usually very good and there wasn't too much repetition in them.

Other animation 1.75/2 - Animation was also good outside of fight scenes.

------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------ -------------------

Characters: 3.75/10-Slightly poor

Personality 1.25/3 - The peronalities of most characters are acceptable and a couple are quite interesting. That being said, Yukki (the MC) is very annoying throughout and in fact it is frequently acknowledged by both him and the other characters that he is "weak and pathetic". 

Development .5/3 - This is by far the weakest point of Mirai Nikki. The two main characters, Yukki and Yuno, don't develop at all until about 3/4 of the way in and even then development is weak at best. While I normally don't mind when characters are slow to develop if they start out alright, both of them were terrible people in their own way throughout. It was also frustrating when so much serious stuff happened that should have knocked some sense into at least one of them and then two episodes later the development you thought had occured just comes crashing down. I will give .5 because a lot of the side characters had decent development.

Uniqueness 2/4 - Quite a few characters are unique, though this isn't always a good thing (as in the case of some of the enemies).


Sound: 6.25/10-Slightly good.

Voice Acting (Sub) 1.5/3 - The voice acting of Yukki is pretty jarring, and Yuno is pretty mediocre. Most of the side characters are good.

Music 4/6 - The first opening and both endings are rock songs with female singing and are quite good. The second opening is also a rock song with female singing, but it is in English and the singer can't speak English at all so it's fairly comedic. Music during the show was decent but not spectacular.

Sound Effects .75/1 - Very good.

6/10 story
8/10 animation
6.3/10 sound
3.8/10 characters
5.5/10 overall
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*Warning: This review may contain spoilers and is actually a rant*
Mirai Nikki is yet another anime with extremely interesting premise that completely wasted its Potential. It's about 12 people who have to fight against each other until only one is left with help of diaries (usually phones).

I'll start with the easiest things to write. The Animation in this anime seems really weird to me, the character designs are incredibly weird, bold and sometimes the character movement looks ridiculous. The colour palette is full of too bright and shiny colours which ruin the atmosphere (why couldn't they use darker colours?). Both opening and Ending themes byYuusei Teikoku and Faylan are simply very catchy and great songs and I find myself listening to them sometimes even now. The background music and voices are however average at best. (With exception of 5th's voice, which makes me want to punch kittens.)

Now the characters:
-1st, Yukiteru Amano is one of the most hated anime characters in recent anime history and is basically product of recent anime trend of pussy protagonists usually protected by insane girls (e.g. Ganta Igarashi, Shuu Ouma and that Accel World fatass, but the first real one is Shinji Ikari). At first I didn't know why every body hated him (C'mon, he's 14 year old, you would be scareed too!), but the thing is that even though some characters like Jacuzzi Splot are crybabies, they become stronger over time or grow balls when it's needed, but Yukiteru never does! He's always the same stupid pussy who never learns from his mistakes and tries too hard to save everyone and ends up killing lots of people. But that's not the worst thing! What absolutely pissed me off was when his father betrayed him several times and killed his mother and father told him it was for his good and wanted to see the stars with him and Yuki forgave him like nothing happened! WHAT THE ACTUAL F_!:$ô,cK?!?!
-2nd, Yuno Gasai is probably the reason why you're watching this show, she's a psycho girl obsessed with Yuki and a part of the trend of yandere characters, I honestly don't like her because she's absolutely braindead and doesn't think about anything other than Yuukii and killing everybody (and everything) that comes close to him. Lame.
-3rd, Takao Hiyama is absolutely stupid and irrelevant character who dies in the first episode and has incredibly ridiculous outfit.
-4th, Keigo Kurusu is the most important side character of the 1st half of the show, he's a detective with ridiculous hair and incredibly indecisive.
-5th, Reisuke Houjou is one of the most annoying characters I've seen in a while, he's a 5-year old boy who's extremely selfish and he's got access to lethal weapons which even most adults don't.
-6th, Tsubaki Kasugano is just a whiny insane bitch. (Even though it's not really her own fault.)
-7th, Ai Mikami and Marco Ikusaba are a boring girl who throws knives and a douchebag with the stupid haircut.
-8th, Kamado Ueshita is a character with arguably the 2nd most powerful diary and the ugliest character design I've seen in some time. Even though she's powerful, she is irrelevant to story herself and dies absolutely stupid way.
-9th, Minene Uruyuu is the only diary holder that I kind of like for her craziness and liking to blow up stuff, but that doesn't mean much.
-10th, Karyuudo Tsukishima is a crazy man obsessed with dogs (probably some PETA activist?) who dies almost immediately after he is introduced.
-11th, John Balks, the most important character of the 2nd half (is it just me or does he look like a Jew?) who is obsessed with power. Meh.
-12th, Yomotsu Hirasaka is a totally braindead character who is blind and pretends to be a superhero who dies absolutely stupid death even though he knows he would.
Other Characters:
-Deus Ex Machina and Murmur, almighty God of time and space with terrible hairstyle (how come he doesn't know the winner of the game, he could have spared the lives of all the stupid people who senselessly died) and the most annoying loli I've ever seen with some retarded comedy specials.
-Aru Akise, The only character I really liked, even though he is a Near ripoff and Yaoi fangirls fanservice character, but he's at least kind of smart unlike everybody else.
-Ouji Kousaka, retarded douchebag.
-Hinata Hino, another useless girl.
-Mao Nonosaka. If Akise was fanservioce for yaoi fangirls, this girl was just a stupid fanservice for yuri fanboys
-Kurou Amano, Throw. him. into. FIRE. I so wanted to see this guy die violently.
-Rea Amano, Yuki's mother who obviously doesn't give a damn what her son is doing so she just designs some (eroge?) games. (probably PS3 exclusives)
-Masumi Nishijima, another police officer who's in love with Minene, also useless. (why the hell am i writing about him?)

The story basically consists of lots of interesting but incredibly lame and extremely anticlimactic twists. (Take the death of the 11th for example.) But there is just something that keeps you watching it even though it makes mostly no sense.
The thing that makes absolutely no sense is that since 1st killed 3rd everyone is just going after him, which seems really stupid. more "free for all" approach would have been welcome. There is also some stupid forced romance.
And the conclusion totally reminds me of Madoka Magica because it uses that Deus Ex Machina Time-leaping bullcrap again. As much as I disliked both Eden of the East endings, they were still better than this crap.

To sum it up, Mirai Nikki is dumb fun, it is bad, but if you turn of your brain, you might enjoy this.
*Excuse some typographic mistakes*

5/10 story
6/10 animation
8/10 sound
6/10 characters
6/10 overall
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This anime would be great if YUKKI WASN'T IN IT! But,seriously.He is such a pain,he asks Yuno to kill someone,she does and she slaps her.Yukki sucks!

10/10 story
7/10 animation
4/10 sound
6/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Critic’s Diary - Earthdate: February 14, 2015. Review #93: The Future Diary

People assume that time is a straight progression of cause to effect, but actually. From a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, it’s more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly...timey-wimey...stuff. This anime is nothing like Doctor Who, Here’s The Future Diary!

Yukiteru Amano is a loner who never really interacts with people and prefers writing a diary on his cell phone with his only companion being an imaginary friend named Deus Ex Machina, the God of Time and Space. However, Yuki soon learns that Deus is not a figment of his imagination when Deus makes him a participant in a Survival Game with other contestants, the participants are given special diaries that can predict the future with each diary having unique abilities that gives them both advantages and disadvantages.

The Future Diary is animated by Asread and I have to be honest here. The animation is a mixed bag. The Character designs are ok I guess The 3D Animation shortcuts look awful and the movements can look a bit cheap at times. When the plot goes balls to the wall, the animation sometimes has its highlights. the animation will vary your mileage. Asread has not done a whole lot over the years as a studio and I can’t really say that Future Diary is their best show since… one, I have not seen a lot of their animation productions, and two… I stated before in my opinion that the animation is a mixed bag. However, there is a highlight... The First opening.

Now I usually mention the soundtrack first before mentioning the opening and closing themes, a but The Future Diary is an exception. Most of you may find the first opening to be a highlight in the soundtrack and I would agree. It is pretty catchy. The first closing “Blood Teller” Is alright, but I sometimes skip the closing since it really doesn’t click for me. Halfway through the show, Future Diary just happened to replace its catchy first opening with a second opening and I didn’t like it as much, that and the song “Dead END” was pretty average at best for an opening. As for the second closing “Filament”. I found myself skipping it after seeing it after a few episodes. I didn’t like it that much. So...How does the soundtrack fare out. It sounded pretty average. I can’t think of one theme that is worth listening to outside the show except for the first opening.

The Japanese casting is pretty average. Misuzu Togashi as Yuki may not be your cup of tea but it’s a fitting voice considering the character. Tomosa Murata is okay as Yuno but I don’t have much to add on that. I will give Future Diary some credit on the side of the Japanese casting for actually having a few seiyus that are not big names. However, there are some notable seiyus that did get to play a part here. Akira Ishida is fine as Akise and this anime also has Norio Wakamoto in it too, and he’s listenable here too like most roles he has had. I don’t have much to say about the Japanese Cast but I do have quite more to say about the English Dub of Future Diary. The adaptive script took major liberties with the original dialogue and I am totally okay with the adaptive script as is because not much of the context is lost in translation. As for the performances *sigh* I thougth Josh Grelle was the lowlight of the dub. This is because the original character intent of Yuki felt reduced. This is similar to his role as Armin in Attack on Titan except he played the part while the adaptive script of Attack on Titan kept most of the original character intent of Armin faithful. In regards to Future Diary, I did not care much for Josh Grelle’s performance as Yuki. Brina Palencia is not a bad voice actress but I think Tomosa Murata does Yuno better. Interestingly enough, Yuno was not tinkered around much in terms of the adaptive script . There are some noteworthy voice actors in the dub such as Kent Williams who is decent here and there’s Todd Haberkorn. I will admit that I think he’s the highlight of the dub but in all fairness. Like the Subbed Version, I do feel that the Dub is average as well. But because of the main leads in the dub, I do prefer the Subbed Version on this one but the dub really isn’t absolute shit, it’s just not one of Funimation’s strongest dubs since some casting choices were hit or miss, and Zach Bolton was responsible for ADR Direction here and it seems he has average dubs in his resume but Soul Eater is perhaps the best he has done with ADR Direction. Future Diary could have been fixed in a few areas if it could but it is what it is.

The characters in Future Diary are an interesting case but first… I would like to address that I do not like Yuki. he’s a pussy. Sure, I understand the fear he goes through during this whole Survival Game, but he takes a while to get used to. Oh and as development goes, it’s not convincing. Yuno is… well...I don’t want to bring her up. The one decency in this show is that there are a variety of characters which most of them are the participants of the Survival Game. most of the participants has their own backstory, ideals, and goals and these characters did make the ride watchable. However, the characters are one of the things that makes Future Diary a bit predictable and this is after a few instances with the Diary Users. Then there’s Minene Uryuu. She is actually one character I had no major issues with. Oh, and Deus Ex Machina…Where do I begin with this guy? Oh, I don’t know… His full name doesn’t make sense!, I think a simple Deus would suffice. I do have a problem with the characters as a whole in this show but it’s not the majority of characters’ fault. Oh no, This brings up the major problem I have with Future Diary.

I could not take the plot seriously and here’s why. The setup of the first episode was unplausible and when the plot goes full circle, it does not explain everything and there are some things that never get explained, leaving some plot holes that time and space cannot be altered to fix them. The Cell Phone “Diaries” are a bizarre plot device but assuming a god of time and space could make it possible, I suppose it makes sense, right? Oh who am I kidding. Some of the shit that this anime has makes no sense. Fortunately, this anime wasn’t too boring and to be honest. I actually enjoyed it to a degree despite the completely implausible plot. But there are some moments that really come in at the wrong time. From what I can tell you without spoiling anything is that when something bad happens. there was one time where an instance of that came along and the following episode starts off with something attempting to be funny. I am actually not joking about that. This kind of directing will induce slapping or at least thoughts of such a thing and Naoto Hosoda should have known better. Oh but the bigger problem is that this show has a “DEAD END”, since the show is implausible with no direction. I was not surprised that the ending wouldn’t redeem the show by any stretch of the imagination and it’s a clusterfuck.

The Future Diary is available by Funimation. The Future Diary: Redial OVA was never licensed which means...no dub has been made for it. It is currently unlicensed which is a shame. The manga of the same name written by Sakae Esuno is available by Viz Media after Tokyopop went under.

With everything said and done, The Future Diary was an amusing series with or without direction but it ends up being not as fun later on and it gets to a dead end. And  I don’t regret using that pun. It’s animation is a mixed bag, the soundtrack is average, the characters are what made this amusing at first but the story is a complete bloody mess.

That being said, I give The Future Diary a 4 out of 10, it is NOT REALLY GOOD!

Feel free to leave a comment.

Critic’s Diary - Earthdate: February 14, 2015. Supplemental Review: Future Diary: Redial.

The Future Diary: Redial OVA is actually made as an epilogue to the show which was left open. The animation looks somewhat improved, nothing’s different with the characters or the soundtrack. The plot to Future Diary: Redial is also implausible and I don’t care to explain it because I did not like the epilogue’s ending to it either and I’m glad i’m done with it.

2.6/10 story
6.5/10 animation
6.1/10 sound
4.5/10 characters
4/10 overall
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This is only my second review, but I couldn't let this anime go without voicing my thoughts. For some reason this anime is popular, but for me it might be the worst one I've seen out of a couple hundred. I'm not going to write a full review right now, so I'll try to finish later.

First of all, I'll say that for me, this anime is about a depraved, schizophrenic "relationship" that senselessly dissolves the individual worth and wills of both people in it. Even so, there are still some pearls of wisdom we could have gotten out of that. Nope, just kidding. It is also about how that relationship devalues  friends, family, true love, humanity, and...pretty much everything in the world...often times for no reason. 

I initially thought the plot would be a strong element of the show.The premise is interesting, and the first few episodes made me wonder where they were going with things, which was good. But it seems the anime also wondered where it was going with things, which was bad. Where at the beginning, there is a discordance that causes you to question how they will bring things together or make sense of things, by the end, you realize there IS no sense. Neither is there an attempt to compensate us with something worthwhile after wading through an inane plot and enduring what I can only describe as torture from keeping the MC's (Yuki's) company for 26 episodes.

As for the plot twists? Most of them were cliche, and those you didn't see coming, you still kind of saw coming...and they still wound up being cliche. Which would have been one thing: cliche can still be enjoyable sometimes. But here, the twists were quickly negated once you learned the characters weren't really going to respond to them. Like, at all. Why throw in a shocking murder or deception when it has zero effect on the characters' emotions and decisions?  It was like watching a cycle where the plot and characters kept trying to do something really edgy and go somewhere surprising and instead just kept defeating themselves.

I'll try to give some examples that won't spoil things, but I've probably blocked the worst ones out by now. There's the police detective who finds corpses in someone's house, meets with that person, and tells that person he's fine with it, he just wants to know who one of the corpses is. There's no interrogation or arrest, and no explanation is ever given as to why. He has no special relationship to that person, he's not a dirty cop, and he has no ulterior motives we're aware of: we're never given justification for him doing the exact opposite of his job. It just IS that way. And that describes so much of the anime. 

Then there's the problem of emotional cause and effect. The main characters consistenly respond to things as no reasonable being would. I know it sounds dramatic, but at times it was an offense to human consciousness. It basically felt like someone said, "let's play spin the wheel to determine how the character will react to THIS!" So there's no continuity or justification for most of the characters' actions and responses. One episode, people are stabbing and trying to kill each other because they have different agendas or don't trust each other or...just 'cause, and the next they're best friends--without ever addressing or resolving all the crap that happened just two minutes ago! That's not edgy. It's not slightly psychotic. It's bad writing. 

Now, there actually is a psychotic character, and I'm not talking about her. There's a REASON she's all over the place. In fact, she might be one of the most cohesive characters in the show--sick as she is. Yuki, on the other hand, alternates between terror, repulsion, and love for his counterpart. At the drop of a hat. One moment he's so crazy-eyed terrified of her that all he can think about is how to escape and whether he'll make it out alive, and within a matter of moments, he's blushing and falling for her. WHAT?! Really? You can't have both. If you expect me to believe he's scared, you can't make him lovey and comfortable at the same time. You just ruined your scare-effect...and your love effect. They're both ruined! And that was the first half of the show. The second half, they threw out the random emotion wheel and just had everyone make the stupidest decisions possible at every chance. Yuki continues to get information, ignore it, and do the exact opposite (the thing that will have the worst consequences). For no reason. He doesn't ask questions. He doesn't investigate. He doesn't even THINK about the information. He just pulls out the stupid and spineless. Which brings me to the worst part. 

Yuki is by far the most worthless, unredeamable character I've ever encountered. Anywhere. He's not just the weak MC who never grows a pair. He's the weak MC who can't speak or think unless he's whining or screaming like a 7-year-old girl, who consistently portrays himself as the victim--SPOILER SPOILER...........................................even after killing friends who try to help him


who literally cries and leaks snot from his nose when he's scared (which is always), and who uses others so he doesn't have to take responsibility for anything--including himself. If we were to measure his character or merit as an individual on a scale from 0-10, he'd be a negative 10. In his best moments, maybe a negative five. He doesn't have bad character, he has a character void. I mean, even depraved villains and psychos have the decency to own their personalities. Even weak MC's usually have the decency to balance out their flaws with something like being nice or cheerful or smart or innocent (stupidly innocent, but innocent, nonetheless). But Yuki has none of these things going for him! He has NOTHING going for him. He literally doesn't have one redeeming trait. And I'm being honest: if anyone can think of one, please let me know--I'm willing to admit I was wrong. I just can't think of any. Ugh...now I'm thinking of him. And I want to smash things. Anything so I don't have to picture his pathetic figure and hear his wailing voice in my head. His voice!!! Right, well, that's all I'm saying for now. I'll try to come back to assess the elements of the anime and point out some positives as well (there were some characters I actually liked).

3/10 story
6.5/10 animation
2/10 sound
1/10 characters
2/10 overall