If you like dark/violent animes, this one is extremely good. It has quite the cast of characters each with a very unique style of fighting and appearance. There is also has a very large twist later in the story. It comes off as a simple concept at first with events being played out based on what is written on each persons diary (phone). The constant changes turn it from being predictable to resulting in something completely unexpected. This is what makes the anime so addictive as you constantly wonder what happens next and have to watch "just one more episode" over and over.

There is somewhat of a lack of dark/horror type animes so this one is very welcome and falls into the very top picks of these types. There is nothing I would change to this anime or ask to be different. It is indeed quite unique and there is nothing too similar as this anime plays out as a very dark game.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall

If you like twisted, bloody, and crazy, this is an awesome anime. If you like a good story with plot twists, surprises, and a variety of characters, it's got that too. Normally I only write reviews on my blog but I wanted to share this one on here. Going by the summary on this site and on several others, I hadn't really considered watching this anime any time soon. The only reason I did start it was because of a comment on another site describing it as "twisted, f'ed up, and bloody but at the same time beautiful and sad." My point is, if you are expecting something with very little gore and little insanity, go find something else. There is blood before the opening song even starts so that should tell you something.

The story isn't entirely unique, but that doesn't make it bad. It's a high stakes game that doesn't end till only one is left standing. Actually, it's kind of similar to the hunger games. People running the game interfere to keep it interesting. You have to find and kill the other players. And there is a boy and a girl in the center of it all. Some of the subject matter however, is more similar to the anime/manga Btooom. I don't recall ever reading about rape in the hunger games books, or about crazy psychos. The characters in this are rather insane. The game also ends up killing innocent civillians. The girl is seriously messed up. The one running the game is a God. The winner becomes the new God of Time. Oh, and if the game doesn't finish in time, the God of Time will die and the world will cease to exist. Pretty sure I haven't heard that one in any similar types of stories! The differences and similarities don't end there but those are the major ones I can say without spoiling the whole plot. I give the story and 8 because it isn't entirely original and it had some points that were rather confusing.

The animation isn't too complex and it isn't too simple. I don't know much about how all that stuff works so I can't say much about it. However, the scenes were clear about what was happening and the characters weren't drawn awfully or weirdly....well most of them anyways. My slightly lower score for animation is simply because there was one main scene that was very important to the story, but that I couldn't actually see because it was too dark. Perhaps it was intended to be that way. It really bothered me though because the characters kept going on about that scene and refering to it except I had no idea what they had seen as if I had walked away from the screen at that time. 

I don't really have much to say about sound either. I'm not very techy or anything, so as long as it's clear and I can hear it, that's about all I care about. 

I really liked the characters. They weren't one sided. I can't think of any character, except maybe the mom and some very minor characters, who were one sided and simple. They were well developed I thought. Some of them may have been a bit extreeme, and the guy with the mask that looks like an eye ball was annoying, but they were unique. They each had their own struggles, their own set of morals, their own abilities, dreams, and desires, and their own past. Some people really disliked the main character being so weak in the beginning, but I didn't mind. It gave him more room to grow and set up the story and the conflicts to come very well. It added depth and dynamic to the story. If he hadn't been so weak, the story would have been entirely different. Personally, I felt like it was also the more relatable character. The other characters could be relatable at times, and they made for great character interaction and story, but they weren't much like the common person in my opinnion. How he delt with things felt more similar to the majority of people. Most of us are not psychopathic serial killers, obssesed with explosives and escaping from the law, super smart child dectectives, geniusses, victims of repetitve rape and in charge of a cult, in places of high power, or living double lives. We are average. So I think having the main character be so average maybe even a little below average, but be pulled into such an extreem situation made it more interesting. 

Overall, I thoughroughly enjoyed the anime. The ending surprised me, for I was not expecting such a beautiful and touching ending given the nature of the story up to that point, but I liked it. Again, I don't want to spoil anything, but I will say, that it mostly ends well. Lot's of people think the ending is ttragic, and a small part of it is, but in large, it isn't. Well sort of. Dpends on the dimention.

I strongly reccomend this if you like action, high stakes games, bloody twisted stories, dark themes filled with insanity, or awkward romance......rather awkward indeed. This certainly is not some lame anime and is so worth watching!!

9/10 story
8/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
10/10 overall


The basic gist of Mirai Nikki is that God (or Deus) is dying and he needs to choose a successor; to do this he chooses a group of people and gives them 'future diaries' which hold various different properties (e.g. Random Diary; Investigation Diary; Picture Diary...). He then gathers them together and informs them that they are involved in a sort of Battle Royale in which the last survivor will take all and become the new God.

Although this sort of storyline is fairly popular and has been done before (Battle Royale, Hunger Games...), Mirai Nikki adds a certain flair to the whole formula. As well as being an action-packed emotional rollercoaster with great psychological tension and some big plot twists along the way, it's also a Romeo and Juliet style love story in that Yukki and Yuno aren't really supposed to be fraternizing because one's always going to have to kill the other eventually. Unlike a lot of more mainstream animes, Mirai Nikki isn't afraid to slaughter your favourite character after lulling you into a false sense of security, and the knowledge that characters can actually stay dead (unlike D. Gray Man, for example) does make the whole story feel a lot faster-paced and more interesting.

It's definitely worth a watch just for the story, especially if (like me) you love action and psychological thrillers. This is one of the better anime love stories I've seen as well - although they're extreme, the characters still seem somehow more human than your usual "Oh god she's wearing a short skirt I'll get a nose bleed and never talk to her other than when I bump into her and make her drop all of her stuff" rubbish.

I didn't see the end coming, and I'd advise paying attention to who's who and what happens with each person, because although it's not TOO confusing, I did have a bit of trouble keeping track of what the hell was happening near to the end.


This is where (for me, at least) Mirai Nikki lets itself down a little. I like the essential art style and the colour schemes are nice (especially once Yukki loses that stupid hat); I found it very easy to watch for the most part and the artists have used shadowing and sillouhettes really well in some of the more threatening scenes.

However, there are some very dodgy attempts at 3D-style graphics in the scenes involving Deus - I feel like they should have just left out that whole aspect. I think I can see what they were trying to do - God is 3D whilst the ordinary world is 2D - but it just didn't seem very well-executed. Another issue I had was the clumsy attempts to censor serious injuries; I can't give many examples here without spoiling some of the story; at one point somebody gets stabbed and there's really blocky censorship fuzz over the wound, which just takes away any realism or brutality for me.

Overall, though, Mirai Nikki's animation is pretty good - those 2 issues are the only things that really bugged me whilst I was watching it. I particularly like the insane facial expressions some of the characters pull; if nothing else these writers and animators know exactly how to do 'nutcase'.


The voice acting for Yukki and Yuno was a bit off - I felt like I was watching a pair of really tall five year olds a lot of the time - but it wasn't unbearable by any means. Yuno's constant cries of "YUUUKKKIIIIII!!!" grated after a while and I really considered dropping the anime near to the middle because Yukki just kept wailing and screaming and crying all of the time, but he stopped doing it as much eventually.

The other characters all have good voice actors, and even Yuno and Yukki's actors were good - the annoying mannerisms and high pitched squeals did actually suit the characters' personalities down to the grouns. It was mainly just an issue with my personal tastes - I really don't like anime characters who could genuinely be mistaken for babies if you weren't looking at the screen.

A major good point for Mirai Nikki is the OT. Easily one of my all time favourite anime opening tracks (and the 2nd one is really good too) and the ending credit songs are also great. The 1st is the best in my opinion though... it really just captures the whole feel of the series. It sets the mood for a psychological thriller about such a twisted girl/relationship.


Character development was very good and I felt like I really understood the main characters once the anime was over. I grew very attached to Minene and Yuno; especially Minene. She was (weirdly) probably one of the more balanced characters in Mirai Nikki - she didn't have any specific obsessions, she was fairly a-moral and she had character depth and development all of the way through the series.

Yukki drove me absolutely insane until about the last 5 episodes or so, but I get the impression that's intentional. I did keep wondering what on earth was drawing Yuno to him so much though; the series does sort of explain the whole situation but I still just think "Why Yukki, really?".

Yuno was an incredibly difficult character to get my head around - I just couldn't decide if I loved her, hated her, pitied her or felt like she was just beyond help. Over time you do start to get your opinions a bit more defined but even now that I've finished the anime I still feel a little confused about whether that ending is good or another would have been better.


Mirai Nikki is a fast-paced psychological thriller which, if you're anything like me, will have you on the edge of your seat and not wanting to stop watching. There's a (twisted but still there) love story for those of you who like the emotional side of these stories and there's more than enough action to make up for it for those who don't. I would recommend this anime to most anime-watchers I know and I feel like it's a must-watch.


*Death Note (this was the first anime that came to mind when I started watching Mirai Nikki. Gasai Yuno and Misa Amane bear more than a passing resemblance in their 'love' for Yukki and Light, and there's a running theme of wanting to become a God (albeit in different ways and for different purposes) which just makes these two anime series fit together for me)

*Boogiepop Phantom (although I don't think there are any direct links between these two, I felt like the atmosphere in Boogiepop was similarly dark to that of Mirai Nikki)

*C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control (although the players in this game fight with their minds, it still bears a decent enough resemblance to Mirai Nikki for people to enjoy them both)

8.5/10 story
6/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall

Well let us see, did I enjoy this anime? The answer is no, this is by far the worst anime I have ever seen. No other anime gets close to it.

The story revolves around Yuki and Yuno, 14 year olds who need to kill 10 (11) other people (all of which have diarys that tell them the future in different ways) to become god of time or something like that. Sound interesting? It sounded good to me. But then I watched the series, and I regret that. The plot is so badly written it is well a masterpiece in bad writing. The amount of plot holes is simply amazing, I was actually stunned. Since an essay could be written about the plot holes and I don’t want to bore you I will move on to the animation.

There is not much to say about the animation except the character design was terrible. That little god/moe/fat kid? Why does it exist? Well it’s there for the plot holes I think.

The sound…. People with accents as bad as that should be forbidden to sing songs in English. Seriously people if you have retarded accents don’t sing in English! Is that so hard? Also like everything about Yuki his voice was annoying as hell!

Well… Yuno was sometimes fun to watch. Everything else was just terrible! We have the fake terrorist who tries to kill a police officer twice and then marries him, we have the 5 year old who knows how to use gas masks and military poisons, we have the Nazi mayor, fake Kaworu who is here (unlike Kaworu) only for the yaoi flavor, Yuno, a stereotypical yandere who wants to have loads of sex and Yuki. He is THE WORST CHARACTER EVER MADE! He is like Shinji but without any sensible character development, any cool moment, lines, basicly anything cool. He is annoying in every way you look at him.

All in all I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone, unless I was trying to show him/her I hate him/her. DO NOT WATCH THIS ANIME! You have been warned!

For extra detail check out the video I linked on my profile!

1/10 story
6/10 animation
3/10 sound
2/10 characters
2.5/10 overall

      This is a review of Mirai Nikki TV/The Future Diary TV anime. This review has no spoilers; I will try my best to keep the inner plot points secretive.

       I am a big fan of psychological/metaphysical/gore anime. So naturally, I really enjoyed Mirai Nikki. Does this mean I am a little biased? Probably. But, as a reviewer, I will not refuse to hamper on some the problems of this anime. 

       The story is just magnificient. This is the type of anime with a very convuluted plot, more loosely wrapped than a ball of yarn, so expect plenty of surprises if you have had no exposure to the story or any of its plot points. I would compare the story's complicated nature with Madoka Magica, or with other such anime that cause your brain to feel like it is consuming itself. But on a basic level, the story follows Yukitero Amano (referred to as Yuki mostly), who receives a phone that can predict the future. A odd girl named Yuno Gasai (just as Yuno mostly) is also a owner of such a phone, but it has the trait of stalking specifically Yuki. So, there ends up being 12 total "Diary Holders", who are caught up in a enormous rat race to see who can be the next God of causality, after a god named Deus Ex Machina dies. So, all the holders, Yuki and Yuno, and even more characters duke it out until the bitter end.
         But you see, it is the way that the plot is executed that makes this anime's story so excellent. There will be many flashback and revelation moments, and even some sleuthing from some characters for clues on the mysteriousness of the overall death game situation. That, and if Deus Ex Machina dies, the world will cease to exist, so there is a strong apoctalyphic scenario boiling behind this anime's surface. But if you were to want to look at this anime's story in a simpler way, you will either watch it for the death game scenario, or for the characters and their interactions. This anime does a good job, though not perfect job, at covering both.

         It has to be addressed; this amine is not for the weak of heart. It is at times incredibly violent, gory, and vulgar in its rawness. It might just be from Japan, but nudity is not unusual either. Strong moral-ethical elements, like abuse for example, are included for shock factor and for a more intriguing narrative. In other words, this anime can sometimes be a rough watch. But, if you have a wanton desire for gore and explicit action in more of a horror context, then this anime is for you.

         Characters do not need to be touched on too much for this review, but one theme of their interactions does. Romance is the driving factor of this anime, even though it is definately not a romance genre anime per se. A lot of things will be driven by a mad motivation to love. But, the writers did an excellent job of incorporating many more elements to give a diverse experience.

          But no means is it a perfect anime. There are plot devices, "wtf" moments, and other instances that sometimes might not seem to make sense. But a good majority of the time, they do make sense, and when they do they will make you mind squirm with realization. Animation quality is above average, with attractive coloration and smooth frames. At times, it is an oddly beautiful anime. Sound is sort of average though. There is a certain track for dangerous situations that you will quickly tire of. But at least the voice acting is good; admittedly, I saw the Future Diary English dub, so someday I will need to check out the Japanese. The Sub versions seem to have better voice acting than the English ones do.

          Overall, Mirai Nikki is a superbly done anime. It does much more right than it does wrong, and if it makes your stomach curdle, it has succeeded at its horror mission. Sometimes the characters or plot can be shallow, but the overall story is very smart and well-executed. I watched it; it meat my expectations, exceeded some, and impressed me in ways I originally would have not thought of.

9/10 story
8.5/10 animation
7/10 sound
8.7/10 characters
8.3/10 overall
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