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Alt titles: Future Diary TV, The Future Diary TV



omnioblivion's avatar By on Jul 15, 2015


Hunt or become hunted (summary). The overall story is pretty good, but if you get too much into it, then it can be very confusing. The series has the potential to give a lot more background behind the games, but doesn't completely do so at times.


Ages well. Nothing appealing about body parts being chopped off, but it still does a good job of showing them.


Supposely a more gloomy and depressing atmosphere is expected. But sometimes sounds can be distracting during crucial moments of the show.


Defined by their diaries, the show does a pretty good job highlighting the characteristics of each diary holder to a certain degree. Although it is not greedy to say that even more effort could have been placed in their background in order to make all the characters truly likable.


An enjoyable series to watch the hunter or the hunted (also the defining Yandere character in anime in my opinion).

7/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
Gandeloft's avatar By on Jun 14, 2015

I love love, I love when characters are well executed.

This bites in to the paradox that is love, this story. This is a love story that takes a turn to making it a "grand" scale story. This is amazing.

Oh my God..

I am, as many would describe it, mind blown..

Not a single character is bad, perfectly empathises how if one was too see in to the mind of each other respective individual, one would realise there are no "bad guys" in existance.

Yuno is such a missfortunate character. The missfortune this story tells of is on a whole new level compared to every other story I've seen so far.
They are trapped in a paradox, that does get solved, but not with the two of them coming together..
This love, I want that, I would trade everything for someone like Yuno.
I don't want anything else in life except to have someone of my own such as Yuno.

I hope that Yukki and Yuno are happy, somewhere, in a parraler universe where their story had actualy unfolded, paraler to this reality in which their story is just a meer anime, a meer story..

Perfect. Just oh my God.

10/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
Animerica's avatar By on May 21, 2015

Everyone has one of those friends. S/he is pretty dumb and might even be offensive at times, but you love him/her anyway. S/he might really, REALLY piss you off occasionally, but you always remain friends because you’ve spent so much time together. Kind of like a socially acceptable Stockholm Syndrome. And that’s what The Future Diary is. It’s a disaster zone of overused tropes, character archetypes, and clichés. It’s chock full of contrivance, deus ex machina (literally), and macguffin. The story is a convoluted mess that devolves into an indecipherable mess by the end. And yet, despite all these facts… I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Future Diary centers around Yuki, who is the male protagonist of every anime made since 2005: An aimless high school student with no idea what he wants to do with his life. To find some sort of fulfillment from his… erm… existence (?), he catalogues things that happen around him rather than actually doing things. This includes a rock on the sidewalk and which way he walks around it each day. Somewhere, Tomoya Okazaki is shaking his head in dismay. By this point in time, this character type is an almost assured failure. And in all other circumstances (except Clannad) it really, really sucks.

However, what makes Yuki’s thin veneer necessary is the show’s premise. He is pulled into a deadly game by the universe’s ‘god,’ Deus Ex Machina and forced to become one of thirteen participants in an all-out murder battle to determine who the next ‘god’ will be. Yes, it’s all very legitimate. The wrinkle in this plan is that each participant has a ‘future diary,’ which is a record of what that person’s near future will look like from a certain perspective—one that relates specifically to the participant’s personality, or at least the closest approximation of a personality. Most of the diaries—which are essential to the game—are cell phones (*cough* Eden of the East *cough*) and Yuki’s records events from a disaffected observational perspective. Intriguing, I know.

However, as I said, this is all very necessary. It is necessary for Yuki to be a disaffected, “straight man” character archetype because every single other character in the game is a depraved lunatic. Oh, I’m sorry, did I say ‘every single other character in the game’? Better make that every single other person in the entire world. It’s a world full of sheer, unmitigated—and altogether very entertaining—insanity and Yuki is the vessel we need to enter and move around in this world that the writers have built. Without him, the entire exercise erodes into an unrelatable mess with no one to care about.

To further illustrate the point, let’s talk about another anime, Speed Grapher. Speed Grapher has its own kind of a world where everything and everyone is insane and evil/depraved in some way. However, what breaks Speed Grapher is the fact that even the main character is a depraved psychopath, even though he tries really hard not to be. No one in the world is even within throwing distance of any relative definition of ‘normal’ and so it’s completely inaccessible to any viewer that might want to actually care about anything happen to anyone in their anime viewing experience.

Yuki makes that all go away. As I watched, I found myself tethered to him. I experienced the joy with which this series throws its insanity to the wind because much like me, Yuki was apoplectic and in shock at everything happening—it wasn’t ‘expected’ or, even worse, ‘normal’ for him—the attitude of many male protagonists that makes a large number of harem anime intolerable. Instead, Yuki’s presence brought me into it and made it possible for me to care. Only then did the insanity of his girlfriend/stalker/pleasedie, Yuno Gasai, become interesting. I only cared about how obsessed she was with Yuki because of how it might affect him—positively or adversely. And it was then that I started to enjoy the story, despite all its faults.

The energetic animation, gleeful music, plentiful helpings of violence and gore, gay detective drama, and many other elements that fought for screen time wouldn’t have mattered or interested me in the slightest were it not for Yuki. He demonstrates that tropes are not inherently bad just because they’re tropes. And that’s really what sums up this series best.

Future Diary is sewn together into a patchwork quilt from tropes and clichés that are normally terrible on their own. Seeing an insane character in any other work might make you groan as they solely do random things because they’re SO INSANE! Being saddled with a psychotic girl obsessed with your protagonist might make for a frustrating, annoying experience all by itself. However, somehow, when you combine these things with a contrived god named Deus Ex Machina, a battle royale premise, and a gay high school detective voiced by Vic Mignogna, it all comes out smelling like roses. And actual God help me, I think I love it. Probably more than I should.

7/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
8/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
Ayanamisenpai's avatar By on May 18, 2015

I don't know why but I just love dark stuff. So I watched this. Did I like it? Well that's what we're going to find out today. Ladies, gentlemen and pink haired yandres my name is Ayanamisenpai and today I'm going to review Mirai Nikki.


The story focuses on Yukiteru Amano or Yuki, a 14 year old loner who dresses like a stoner, plays darts and talks to his imaginary friends one of which is the god of time and space Deus Ex Machina, ok he's more than a stoner if he's 14 and thinks he can talk to the god of time and space. One day Deus reveals to Yuki that he's actually real. Ok maybe Yuki's not a junkie. Yuki is then forced to compete in the Survival Game, a battle royale used to determine who will succeed Deus as he's dying even though he's a god. Yay for anime logic! Yuki is Deus's favorite by the way. Yuki's main way of surviving in the survival game is with help from his psycho girlfriend, Yuno Gasai. She's awesome. Yuki and Yuno then encounter a different diary user every week. All diary users want to become god for their own different reasons, usually due to a traumatic past that made them go insane. You feel sorry for them untill Yuno kills them and they encounter the next diary user. That's the story. 


The animation was good. But it was made in 2012, what were you expecting?


The first opening is BRILLIANT. Yousei Teikoku are an amazing band. The second opening isn't as good and people hate it. I don't hate it. I think it's a good opening but not as good as the first. So I think to say I hate it would be me being melodramatic. The endings are the same but reversed. The first ending is good but the second ending is better. The ost is good. It ranges from epic to emotional to creepy. The creepy ost factor ranges from a little bit creepy, Shit that's creepy! to if you listen to this late at night and fall asleep, be prepared for nightmares. The japanese version is good. The dub is also good but it's Funimation so it's obviously going to be good. The only problem I have with the dub is the casting of Josh Grelle of Yuki. Josh Grelle is a good actor but he does not sound 14 as such neither does Yuki. The best voices are Kent Williams as Deus, he does a brilliant deep voice and Leah Clark as Murumuru/Murmur , she just portrays Murumuru/Murmur spot on. The best japanese voices are Norio Wakamoto as Deus, come on this is the guy who voices Xemnas from Kingdom Hearts and Emperor Charles from Code Geass, obviously he's brilliant at doing deep voices and Akira Ishida as Akise. Yes I agree, Akise is a Kawaru Nagisa clone but getting the same seiyu was genius. 


Yuki is a little bitch at the start but as the series goes on his character improves. So I don't hate Yuki. Yuno is brilliant. She's the queen of yandere. She's also a meme. I love everything she does and why she loves Yuki. Minene is a badass who helps Yuki and Yuno throughout the series. While I like Deus's japanese and english voice as a character he's meh. He's the god of time and space and there's someone messing with the survival game under his nose. Does he notice? No. He just sits on his lazy ass. He still looks cool though. Murumuru/Murmur is brilliant. She may seem like nothing more than comic relief at the start but near the end she, well your just gonna have to watch it and see now aren't you. Akise has a lot of fangirls but me as a guy, finds him overrated and little more than a Kawaru Nagisa clone. A lot of the diary users are also quite intresting but then there's a few diary users who get no personality development and all I, as the viewer thought was, Oh that person died, moving on. 


I liked Mirai Nikki however it did have it's plotholes, for example, how does the fifth, a toddler know so much about static electricity and poison? Why does Deus favour Yuki? Why is Deus dying? Oh and the endings a complete mindfuck. It's still a good show. I enjoyed it and I think a lot of people will. I hope you enjoyed this review. Untill next time, stay awesome and beware of yanderes.

8/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall
thecrimsonclaw's avatar By on Apr 6, 2015

Note: This Anime is currently ranked number 30 in my Top 30 Anime. Woohoo!

Eww. The new format for review writing on this site is horrible. WHY IS THE BOX ALL THE WAY TO THE RIGHT HAND SIDE OF THE PAGE? AGH.

But enough of that nonsense, it is I Crimson, and today we're going to look at a little series that everyone told me to watch for the best part of two years.

"Future Diary", more commonly referred to by it's much less lame Japanese name "Mirai Nikki" (because again, Anime fans selectively decide to call specific series by their Japanese name, and others by their english name) is the Anime Adaptation of the Manga of the same name written and illustrated by Sakae Esuno. The Manga debuted in 2006, and ended its run in 2010, and always had a fairly big following, and with its debut in 2011, the Anime garnered a similar sized following, and is hailed by many as one of the greatest Anime series of the modern age of Anime.

But how is "Future Diary"? Does it live up to the hype? Let's go find out...



The premise of "Diary that see's into the Future" isn't the most unique, but it is certainly interesting and very cool. The story follows the a young boy named Yukiteru "Yuki" Amano, who is very distant from everyone around him, and spends most of his time writing a diary in his phone, that he records every detail of his every day life in, or talking with his imaginary friends Deus, the God of Time and Space, and his servant Murmur. However, one fateful day, Deus reveals to Yuki that he is in fact not imaginary, and that he really is the God of Time and Space, and gives Yuki a special diary that is filled with entries about what will happen to him over the next 90 days. Armed with the means to see the future Yuki is then thrust into a game by Deus with 12 others who also have their own diaries that tell the future, each one unique in some way, and the participants must kill each other, with the last one standing becoming the new God of Time and Space.

Yuki wants nothing to do with the game, until he meets another diary user named Yuno Gasai, who is completely obsessed with him and stalks him, constantly vying for his attention. Yuno explains to him that the other diary users will be coming for him, and with Yuno by his side, the two fight to protect themselves from the other diary users. But Yuno is not all she appears to be...

The premise in general is very cool. The set up is interesting, with the whole future concept being played very well in the beginning, and it provides a lot of intrigue, as the audience is not shown every participant of the game at once, or their powers, meaning there is a lot of mystery as to how things can go. However, despite this, the premise is not the most unique one. The story itself, feels very similar to the Japanese Live Action movie "Battle Royale", which is one of my favourite movies, and I couldn't help but feel it took various elements from this movie. A lot of things were very samey, albeit with more supernatural elements to it. The whole mobile phone concept also lacks uniqueness, as "Eden of the East" did a similar thing, and did it better.

On top of this, the plot kind of just happens out of nowhere and is initially quite confusing. We do not get told what's really going on until Yuki meets Yuno for the first time, so it was a little bit confusing in the beginning, which is bad.

Despite all these issues though, the premise is still fairly well written, and it does hold up rather well, meaning I didn't mind these slight issues. It was well executed for the most part, although it could have been more creative and lifted less ideas from other things.

Well written story... For the most part:

But how is the plot of "Future Diary: There's actually more than one of these"? Well, it's fairly well written... Mostly.

The plot contains a lot of unexpected moments and twists and turns that happen very unexpectedly and dramatically. This is a series where the viewer is surprised quite frequently, and it is this that makes the series such an enjoyable watch, even if the writing is not always the best. The main reason for this is due to the character of Yuno, as she is a very dynamic and unpredictable character, and thus causes a lot of unexpected things to happen in the story.

On top of this, the unpredictable nature of each characters diary keeps things fresh and interesting. Whenever a new participant in the game is introduced, there is a lot of mystery surrounding them. What kind of diary do they have? What actions will they take? What is going to happen to our protagonists? And it is these questions that keep "Diary of Future Events" interesting for most of its run.

However, there are a few issues with the plot as well, and it is by no means perfect. The first issue with the plot is that a lot of the diary powers feel very broken and possibly even "impossibly practical" in the sense that they act as plot armour for specific characters. While Yuki and Yuno's diaries are fairly balanced, and always have their weaknesses, there are some diaries that exist solely to keep a character alive for as long as possible or to extend the plot including the following:

- A diary that allows its user to "escape" from any situation, no matter how hopeless it may seem

- A diary that allows its user to create other diary users known as "apprentice diary users"

- A diary that allows its user to look at every single other participants diary entries, including apprentice diary users

Come on. How fucking unfair is that last one? I really didn't like that idea. It was lame and it was merely used as a plot device (along with the second one) to prolong the story and drag things out a little, which is bad writing.

The other issue with "Diary: Days of Future Past" is its last few episodes. Although there are a large number of unexpected plot twists, which are fairly well done, the series in general feels very off-tone, and almost feels like a completely different series. This is supposed to be a psychological mind-game like series, yet the last few episodes felt very reminiscent of a fighting Shounen. I wasn't keen on the last few episodes because of this.


The pacing is also fairly mixed. The series is 26 episodes in length, which isn't too daunting, but there are sections where the pacing could have been far better. There are several areas in the story where things feel fairly dragged out, especially in the later half of the series, and I just couldn't help but feel quite a lot of pointless stuff was going on sometimes in the form of slice-of-life-esque humour that just didn't fit the tone of the rest of the series. There is also a lot of episodic pacing, mostly because the diary users show up one by one, instead of all at once, which also causes the pacing to suffer, as episodic pacing is evil!

But despite this, the pacing is still fairly well paced. It's not the best, but it could be a lot worse. There are still several events that go by nicely, and fast enough. Plus at 26 episodes, it isn't that long.


The ending of the series is also fairly mixed. It is definitely an emotionally gratifying and taxing ending, where a lot of dramatic things happen, and a lot of plot threads are tied up nicely, and it does conclude things fairly well, but there was something missing at the end that made me feel a little empty inside. I didn't feel as satisfied as I wanted to feel after watching the series, and there is a cliffhanger at the very end of the series, where "something" happens, and we are not explained what the significance or meaning of this "something" is. There will be no season two either, since everything else was wrapped up, but I want an explanation god dammit! This is "Captain Earth" all over again! Remember "Captain Earth"? No? Oh yeah... I'm the only guy who liked "Captain Earth". Fuck.

So overall, the plot is a mixed bag. It is fairly well written, and is very entertaining, with some solid writing and a decent conclusion, but there are some pacing issues, and a few other little errors that prevent it from being perfect, most notably, the fucking plot armoured diaries. Dammit.


So now we have the characters. I will detail the main two below:

Yukiteru "Yuki" Amano: Yuki is the main protagonist of "Diary Nikki". He is a very timid and quiet young boy who takes note of his surroundings in his diary. Then he is given his future diary and is thrown into the Battle Royale to determine the new God of Time and Space.

As a character, Yuki is okay. He's your typical crybaby wussy character, who wants nothing to do with what is going on around him, and who always needs someone to protect him, and at the start of the series, it can be really irritating watching him piss himself every time something dangerous happens.

However, as the series progresses, Yuki becomes much more bearable as a character, and starts to realise how useful his diary really is, and eventually comes to grips with himself and realises he isn't in fact a useless crybaby. His crybabyness still exists, and it is still a part of who he is, it never really goes away, but he becomes a much more reliant and better character as the series goes on.

His chemistry with Yuno is also fairly well done, and is by far the highlight of his character (and hers). He is originally very wary of her, but eventually he becomes attached to her, and their chemistry is just so beautiful in it's own crazy way that I can't really bash it much.

Yuki also develops decently, although a lot of it feels rather forced, which is a bit of a shame, but it's not the greatest cardinal sin of all.

He's a decent character overall. He could be better, but he could also be much worse.

Yuno Gasai: Ahhh Yuno. Yuno is the second Protagonist of the series, and is Yuki's "stalker". She is completely obsessed and in love with him to the point that she will do anything and everything to protect him and their "love", including killing people who so much as look at him the wrong way. While she appears innocent and sweet on the surface, deep down she is a sadistic psychopath who revels in violence and killing, with Yuki really being the only thing keeping her sane.

However, it is Yuno's crazy and unpredictable psychotic character that drives a lot of the series' events and keeps things interesting. She is by far the most interesting character because she is so dynamic in how she acts. She also develops very well, and has a very captivating and interesting backstory. On top of this, her chemistry with Yuki is just fantastic, and their relationship is just handled so well.

Yuno is by far the best thing about this series, and without her, the series wouldn't be what it is.

As for side characters, they are very hit or miss. Some of them are fairly interesting, and have minor plot relevance, but a good number of them are just there as background characters, and are just there to "fill in the gaps". None of them are particularly memorable either, aside from one of them who's name I forgot for some reason. The detective kid. Him. A lot of the side characters just seem to be there for cannon fodder and nothing else though. Nobody but the detective kid and Yuki's dad receive any development either, which is kind of a shame.

Then we have the other diary users, who again are mixed. Some of them play prominent roles in the story, like Kurusu, Uryu and Bacchus, whilst others, like Tsubaki are just there to be "villain of the episode" and don't really have any real purpose. And because of this, some of them develop well, and several of them do not.

I should also mention that the diary users themselves aren't particularly interesting as characters. Instead, it is their diary that is interesting. I consider this quite poor characterisation, due to the fact that the diaries themselves should be an extension of the character, but in this case, the characters are an extension of the diaries! The opposite of how they should be!

All in all, characters are fairly decent. The ones who are well written, are done so spectacularly, but there are a lot of unnecessary and forgettable characters who just feel wasted and have little purpose for being there.

Art and Animation:

"Future Diary" is animated by Asread, a studio made up of old members from Xebec who left to form their own studio. They have produced very little works, and most of them have been entirely forgettable and not very good in quality. So how did they do?

Well, the general art style is okay, but it is fairly lacking in a lot of areas. The art is very colourful, but the colours themselves lack any real use of detail or tone to them, making them feel quite childish. Rather than use varying shades of pink for Yuno's hair for example, they will just use one shade of pink for the whole thing, making it look less detailed than it should. This unforunately plagues everything, from character figures, to backgrounds. Everything really. The general style however, although as simplistic as it gets, is still okay, but it's nothing groundbreaking.

The character designs are fairly mixed. As said before, the use of colour and detail in the character designs is rather poor, but even the details in areas such as the hair, eyes and even body shape and design are also fairly simplistic. I have a thing for incredibly detailed hair when it comes to characters, but Yuki's hair just looks blocky as shit. However, the characters do have very detailed outfits, which have a lot more toning, attention to detail and overall artistic quality to them, which is a little strange considering the rest of the artwork, but is otherwise pleasant.

The animation is also fairly hit of miss. Being a psychological series, there naturally isn't a lot going on animation wise to make things look spectacular, so the animation normally does its job fairly well. When things need to move fluently, things normally move fluently, especially towards the end, where the animation quality skyrockets to insanely good levels. However, there is a hell of a lot of ugly looking CGI throughout the series, which looks absolutely dreadful to the point it gave me a headache just looking at it. STOP USING CGI ANIME INDUSTRY! IT IS EVIL!

All in all, the art and animation are okay. There's nothing groundbreaking here, and everything is fairly simplistic, but it isn't the worst in the world.


And finally, we have the sound of the series. The music is pretty well done and is well produced to an excellent standard, and it always matches the appropriate tone and emotions that are being conveyed on screen. I have little to complain about on this series music, except that it can be a little repetitive at times.

The series has two Opening Themes and two Ending Themes. The first Opening is "Kuso Mythology" by Yosei Teikoku and it is absolutely fantastic. An excellent piece of music. The second Opening is "Dead End" by Faylan, and it isn't all that great. Mostly because it's just lots and lots of Engrish and sounds kind of stupid. The first Ending theme is "Blood Teller" by Faylan. It's not that great. The second is "Filament" by Yosei Teikoku, and it is very good.

The first Opening sequence is very good and conveys the series and its themes very well. However, the second is lacking, mostly because half of the sequence is simply lifted from the first one, which is lazy as shit.

The Ending sequences are both okay, but nothing I wouldn't skip.

The voice acting is good in both languages, although I watched the dub because I'm one of those dub faggots. The english version was dubbed by Funimation Entertainment, and although very good, it felt somewhat lacking in a lot of areas, and did not live up to Funimations usual standards. It's like they weren't fussed about this project or something. This is the first time I've watched a Funimation dub that wasn't better than the original Japanese version. However, it is still very good. The Japanese version slightly exceeds the dubbed version for once.

The sound effects are fine. I have no complaints about them in the slightest.

Closing Comments:

So how is "Future Diary"? Well, I think it is an incredibly overrated series that has garnered far too much praise than it deserves. But...

I was still pleasantly surprised. I dove into this one thinking it was going to be another mediocre show with very little merits, but it exceeded my expectations and was actually a very enjoyable and well written watch.

It is by no means a masterpiece, not even close, and it is incredibly overhyped and overrated, but that doesn't mean it's bad. Not at all. It is an above average show, something that is rare in this day and age. So well done for being average "Future Diary"! *claps*

This show has made my Top 30 list. It is number 30 on that list. Yay!

And now, it's scoring time:

Story: 6/10

Premise 2/3 - Interesting and captivating, but lacks uniqueness and comes out of nowhere.

General Plot 1/2 - Well written for the most part, with lots of twists and unexpected developments. Sadly there is a lot plot armour and the second half is some what lacking.

Pacing 2/3 - Some events feel dragged out, and there is a lot of episodic villains, but it is otherwise fine.

Conclusion 1/2 - An emotionally satisfying ending, but there is a stupid cliffhanger that we never get to see the result of.

Animation: 5/10

Artwork 1/3 - It's okay, but the colours and general tones feel very basic, almost primary school levels of detail.

Character Designs 2/3 - The character designs are incredibly simple, with very little detail to any part of them. However, their outfits are very detailed and look nice.

Animation 2/4 - The animation never does anything truly spectacular due to the nature of the series, however it has its moments. There is a lot of CGI that ruins the fun in a lot of parts though.

Characters: 7/10

Personality 2/3 - The characters who are important and serve significance are all great with their personalities and are very memorable, especially Yuno. But there are some side characters who feel generic and are forgettable.

Development 2/3 - Some develop fairly well, whilst others are tossed to the side.

Uniqueness 3/4 - Yuki isn't the most unique protagonist, he's been done before. Yuno however, is very dynamic and breath of fresh air. The rest of the cast are very hit or miss with uniqueness, but there is a lot of creativity.

Sound: 8/10

Voice Acting 3/4 - The voice cast are very good in both languages. The english dub however feels a little weak compared to the original Japanese. What the hell Funimation? You're supposed to be better!

Music 3/4 - The music is great but it is repetitive. Mixed opening and ending themes.

Sound Effects 2/2 - I have nothing to moan about here. Sound effects are great.

Overall: 7/10

It's almost great and you should watch it.

But hey, I thought "Tokyo Ghoul Root A" was a travesty, so my opinion probably doesn't matter to you people.

6/10 story
4/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall