Minori Scramble!

OVA (1 ep x 40 min)
2.638 out of 5 from 167 votes
Rank #3,920
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The story revolves around Tamaki Kakegawa, a fifth grade girl whose father is a penguin researcher. As such, Tamaki is constantly surrounded by penguins and has grown to hate them. In order to cure Tamaki's hatred of penguins, a 'penguinoid' named Minori is built to befriend her.

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DarkTemplarMark's avatar by DarkTemplarMark on Feb 14, 2013
Score: 5.5/10

With a sense of nonsense, ufotable brings us a piece of art in animation that reminds me the sense of humor of the 1990's Cartoon Network. The plot is simple: Trolldad trolls daughter. The settings: Penguins per kilo. The rest, can be deducted easily. This anime goes straight to the B type otaku, so if you love charming and cute characters, and don't care about the story, this OVA is for ya. read more



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