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Minky Momo

Alt titles: Gigi

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2.628 out of 5 from 219 votes
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Minki Momo is a teenage magical princess from Fenarinarsa, the mysterious land of the dreams in the sky – a place where all fairy creatures live; but because humans have less and less place in their lives for dreams, Fenarinarsa is bound to disappear. In order to prevent that from happening, The King and Queen send their daughter to Earth where she is to live with foster parents and give back hope and imagination to the people. With the help of Sindbook the dog, Mocha the monkey, and other friends, Momo will use her ability to turn into an adult and her charisma to win over humanity and restore its faith in dreams!


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Name Role
Hitoshi WATANABE Character Design
Kunihiko YUYAMA Director
Takeshi SHUDO Original Manga Creator

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Both anime are about magical girls, and were done around the same time (late 70s earlt 80s), so both the tone and style are very similar. Minky Momo is the better of the two, but both are diglthful series for those who like magical girls or old-school animation.