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Meet the Minami sisters, three girls living on their own and doing their best to make it through life's little snags and adventures. Kana, the middle sister, has far more energy than common sense; Chiaki, the youngest, is more reserved, but her sharp tongue and devious mind often cause trouble for others; and Haruka, the eldest, acts like a mother to the other two, is beautiful and kind, but has a fearsome stern streak. Together, no obstacle can stand in their way, be it school, romance, or even cooking.

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Sheex Jan 11, 2008
Score 7.8/10

Fans of Azumanga Daioh rejoice; Minami-ke has arrived!  A brilliant show in which absolutely nothing substantive occurs, Minami-ke succeeds at being one of the funnier comedies produced in recent years, and I found myself amused on a consistent basis throughout all thirteen episodes.  It carries a distinct, inane sense of humor that continuously draws smiles and laughter throughout its... read more

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mahius Aug 11, 2015
Score 8.5/10

Minami-ke is a 13 episode slice-of-life, comedy anime. If you don’t like slice-of-life (lacking in overall plot or narrative) then this is just another to avoid. But for the rest of us and those who love comedy, my initial impressions were: I love it. It’s been a long time since an anime made me laugh so hard. While the jokes can get towards the iffy side of things, there’s nothing that... read more

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