Millennium Actress

Movie (1 ep x 90 min)
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What starts as a simple interview of a legendary actress becomes a journey through the history of Japan. But this is no ordinary lesson; from the perspective of this actress, we learn of the beauty and sadness of love, the pain and regret and joy of the Japanese people and their film, through this film: Millennium Actress.


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JumpMaster13's avatar by JumpMaster13 on Sep 20, 2007
Score: 9/10

Millennium Actress is, first and foremost, an art film. However, for those who shy away from art film as a category, don't stop reading quite yet, because I'm going to attempt to show you why you'll still love this movie. Millennium Actress is art in all the very best possible ways. Indeed, I see it as a neo-Romantic masterpiece that is aware of and informed by all of the... read more

gearheadofmeh's avatar by gearheadofmeh on Feb 8, 2010
Score: 8/10

While I didn't really like the story of this movie, the execution was brilliant.  I'm not much of one for the love-at-first-sight thing, or the "you're the only possible one for me forever" thing either.  However, the storytelling was inspired, the art was interesting, the script was brilliant, the characters popped off the screen.  Music was fine, but nothing great.  I loved the... read more



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