Midori Days

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Sawamura Seiji is the most notorious delinquent at his high school -- always getting into fights and causing problems, leaving him single and unlucky with the ladies. After another long day of rejection, Seiji discovers that the love of his life might have finally appeared, but in the unlikeliest of places... his right hand?! Now, in addition to dealing with daily fights and the gossip of his classmates, Seiji must handle a new problem of embarassing proportions: Kasugano Midori, a pretty young girl in place of his hand, who happens to have fallen in love with him!

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flyboy42's avatar by flyboy42 on Oct 2, 2009
Score: 8/10

It's school rumble, only crazier. If you don't know what school ruble is, then you might want to pay attention. By the way, this has no relation to green day, so if you were looking for them, go somewhere else.So the main character is one of those delinquent types with a heart of gold, you know, like Harima Kenji from school rumble, except Seiji Sawamura is not very good at drawing, since he's got a girl... read more

Aranneas's avatar by Aranneas on Dec 23, 2014
Score: 5.5/10

Secret Santa 2014 Review: Midori Days Story 5/10 Teenage delinquent Seiji Sawamura goes to bed lamenting his inability to get a girfriend... and wakes up with a cutesy girl attached to his famous Demon Right Hand, bane of bullies everywhere. Coincidence? Probably not. But you'll never find out, really, since the supernatural elements are never gone into in depth or really even speculated on very much. Instead... read more

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